USC Morning Buzz: Fast Times On Figueroa

USC had a basketball game that ended Sunday night around 6:30 p.m. A few hours later this took place in the intersection between the Galen Center and USC campus. Crazy.

I can’t believe USC security wasn’t able to clear the street before this happened with all the security that is usually positioned on the streets. Link here

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Fast Times On Figueroa

    1. Just good clean fun. Very minimal risk of life threatening injury. Reminds me of the Sunday Church Bake Sales my family used to take me to when I was a kid ….only with deadly weapons on four wheels driven by retarded people.


  1. Reminds of the Sunset Strip back in the Day. Trojan fans sure know how to party and celebrate a 23-4 season. Thanks Enfield for making basketball an exciting event even after the game is over.


      1. Here’s four names of USC Gould Law faculty that you should follow on Twitter: @niggatheory, @arielagross (Australian), @proftolson, @esouthersHVE (not Gould, but a Fed who can’t take the heat).


    1. How does a guy get elected as a DA who has never either been a judge or a trial attorney ? Soros money is why. I think many people are getting wise. The best campaign slogan in the next few years will be, “Unlike my opponent, I am not a George Soros plant. George, a man who fled a communist country with stolen riches, only to become a billionaire, and use a bundle of it to turn our country into the communist country he fled” So why did you flee George if you want us to be like it? If people can’t see that there is an another motive in bringing down this country then they are blind. He has thrown millions into each of the major cities DA campaigns. Bodine, Gascon, the OC race, the SD race and hundreds of others across the country. What is in it for him…does anyone wonder. We are asleep at the wheel. Our leaders are asleep at the wheel. To add to that, why do you think the Peoples Republic of China Sends female sex spies over here and also has their “corporations in bed with current and former politicians (Hunter /Joe), (Boxer a lobbyist for a major Chinese corporation with PRC govt and military ties. Nor Cal congressman on the national security commission, shagging the PRC She spy and the “responsible media says nothing”. Like all these things, if it really is fake then investigate it like real journalist do, and prove its wrong instead of saying its fake and not checking it out. Mainstream media are just shills for the dems and are probably the PRC has stuff on just about everyone from Bribes taken from the first family to sex scandals to misappropriations. Politicians, media, banking etc. China is the new Epstine. They have something on just about everyone who controls the info and power in our land. We did it to ourselves because most of our leaders are narcissistic sociopathic opportunists. Life time on the public dole and foreign self enrichment programs. We are being eaten from within. Wake up people and don’t be fooled by the socially conscious false work. Love your neighbor no matter what they look like, or what they believe in. Just don’t fall for the rhetorical bull S*#t. If you live in california I don’t want to hear anyone who votes for the same old hacks complain about anything. You have no right to. You keep putting in the people who have ruined this state for years.

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    2. No Confidence vote for Gascon.

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  2. hi folks, this l james recommended a college coach dambrot this guy has a 16 game losing string going and one of his players transferred but his abouts is unknown dissappeared !!!??? Regards , E ps sports is a good way to track and spot evil !!!!


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