Lynn Swann Makes His Appearance

Sooner or later, you knew Lynn Swann would pop up at the Masters. Here he is with his wife at the 18th green watching Rory McIllroy finish his round. Golf is king!

35 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Makes His Appearance

      1. That upped his net worth to $20 million according to publications.
        Add that on to his Social Security monthly checks and the guy is doing alright.

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    1. Come on, Ed, you know how Scott is, he wants to keep the conversation going and so he changes subjects before we even have a chance to fully digest them.

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      1. When you think about it — Scott & Ed are very much alike…
        Here’s a thought: I’d like to see you remake the “Clifford” scene [with you as the Charles Grodin character and Ed as the Martin Short kid] where Charles is supposed to be reprimanding Clifford at the dinner table– no matter how many times they shot it, Grodin couldn’t pull it off cuz Martin Short made him laugh….

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  1. After dealing with Swann over many phone calls about honoring my 1969 undefeated football at the scheduled 2019 Salute to Troy event, it became apparent to me that he was a complete DickHead with a pompous attitude.
    He totally failed in our event. It was a minor sideshow in the Coliseum ahead of a so called football scrimmage.
    I had a bundle of non complementary words for this twit in my last phone conversation with him..
    Good riddance to thus Jerk!!
    BTW, many of my football teammates who went on to play in the NFL, had similar non complementary things to say about him!!

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  2. Flow. You really gotta let this go. We all got played. None more than the athletic program and kids. It’s long been over. Time to let it go. The man enjoys golf. And better yet, he attended both my high school and college. So he and I are both legends.

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    1. Agree. Haden-Swann-Helton are yesteryear, and someday in the future they will be but a beep, an insignificant hiccup, on the long SC football trail that began in 1888.

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    1. Given that Clay Helton is such a pissant compared to Jimmy Sexton’s other clients, do you think Sexton just throws a blank contract at whomever inquires about Clay and tells them to fill in the blanks?

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    2. The fact that Sexton represents Clay in the first place proves every conspiracy theory out there….


      1. Clay Helton’s signed contract might be valuable someday. It’s probably the only document at USC where both parties signed using crayons.


      2. Sexton’s just thinking of his sizable cut. Don’t get caught up in whether or not Hugs can coach or whether or not the AD is an idiot.


  3. Seeing Swann in a green jacket at the Masters is like seeing me in a football Jersey at the Rose Bowl. Walmart had a sale on green jackets if you ask me.


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