Morning Buzz: One Gets Away From USC

It might seem like Lincoln Riley gets whoever he wants but sometimes he doesn’t.

Dylan Raiola, the nation’s No. 1-ranked player for the Class of 2024, committed to Ohio State on Monday night. Raiola, a quarterback from Chandler, Ariz., chose the Buckeyes over USC, Georgia and Nebraska, among others.

He was the only QB offered from the Class of 2024. Some will say it doesn’t matter because USC already has a commitment from five-star Malachi Nelson of Los Alamitos. Nevertheless, Raiola so he was a player the Trojans wanted.

USC could still use a QB for next season, frankly, with Caleb Williams and Miller Moss currently the only healthy scholarship quarterbacks.

42 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: One Gets Away From USC

      1. And a clown in the White House who blames everything under the sun for contributing to it, except his own horrible policies.

        987 more days of this dumpster fire of an administration remain. Lord help us!


      2. Also off topic…another Trojan is getting a star on the Walk of Fame.

        Hong: Yeah, I just got a call. I yell ‘Cartwright! Cartwright!’, just like
        that. Nobody came up, I hang up.
        Costanza: Well, was it for Costanza or…
        Hong: Yes, yes, that’s it. Nobody answered.
        Costanza: Well was it a woman?
        Hong: Yeah, yeah. I tell her you not here, she said curse word, I hang up.


    1. But we need to cut some slack for our elders and our pets tho. Especially the ones like me who are getting senile. I can tell I’m losing it. Really. It’s so obvious.


      1. A) Seems as if you’re doing just fine to us.

        B) Even if you were losing it, it’s not as if 81M morons voted for you to lead the country.


    2. Who changed my avatar two posts above ?? I swear I didn’t do it. Are they trying to tell me something ???


      1. True. But Michael has a built-in advantage because he practices more than anybody else


    3. The kid went to a better program, and there’s just as much competition if not more at Ohio State. Lincoln Riley needs to put the pedal to the metal on players that control the line of scrimmage. Coaches don’t have the luxury of stacking the depth chart with 5 star talent at the quarterback position anymore thanks to the transfer portal, and NIL deals. 😀


      1. Good morning Charles. Nice link. I enjoyed the ad for Ukrainian women. And Jack is still around. Wow


    1. That’s really a long list Charles. Many are already committed. I hope we get Addison and a third QB. And some linemen. And a linebacker and a db. Maybe I ask for too much but I can hope.


    1. Since the post I’m replying to was posted at 12:35pm (according to the time stamp) I guess we are late sleepers, or Wolf is living on a boat in another time zone. Maybe the blog hosting company is located in another country. Does anyone know the time zone for Lichtenstein?
      I’m not too worried about a 2024 prospect, even if I don’t completely follow the Wolf 🐺 post. We have time to impress the kid or depress the fans (whichever Owns predicted)

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  1. Come on, let the Ohio States and Alabamas get a few good players so SC will have someone who can keep up with them.

    You can only feast on the Washington States and suclas for so long before the Trojan troops start to get bored.

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    1. P. T.
      In the 12th century knights kept two different types of horses in their stables –the powerful horse called a destrier was the one used for battle. The fast horse used in races was called a courser.
      We seem to attract coursers.


  2. If they need a 3rd and/or 4th QB why not go get one from the student body?

    I’m sure they can find someone who likely won’t play and will be happy being 3rd or 4th string just to say they play for the football team.

    If not for the team, at least a student can do it for all the coed attention.



      1. Just saying that not every spot on the depth chart needs to be filled through the portal. Especially one that will likely not be critical once you get down to 4th on the QB depth chart.


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      2. I was a walk-on and I still couldn’t get any girls
        (Part of my problem was I always went for the 10s)


      3. Hey Lawyer John,

        No shame in getting shot down by a 10. I’d be more worried if threes and fours were giving you the cold shoulder.


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  3. Serously- Jack Sears is available on the Trojan Portal. He is transferring from Boise St., and would be a perfect backup for 1 year as a 2 or 3. Would he be willing to come back for 1 year to SC I believe he graduated, but might be the perfect guy if he would accept a backup role.


    1. Would love it. But I would be shocked.

      With only one year left, he’ll want assurances he’s going to at least compete for a starting role. Ain’t gonna happen here.

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    1. Owns pinãta boy, don’t you have to clean your cardboard box?

      Walmart is hiring rents, GO GET $17.


  4. They need to get that D-Lineman from Arizona State who is in the portal. He’s from Long Beach Poly so he’s a local boy. He’s good. He’s an interior D-Lineman. We can’t let this kid get away.


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