USC Adds Defensive End Via Transfer Portal

Solomon Byrd, a defensive end from Wyoming, committed to USC today.

Byrd had committed to Georgia Tech but changed his mind and will now play for USC. He played in eight games last season with 37 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 2 QB hurries.

18 thoughts on “USC Adds Defensive End Via Transfer Portal

      1. Charles,
        It depends on his speed. If he is fast, then keep him as weakside de. Put about 10 lbs on him and let him come hard and fast. He should be able to blow up the rb who would block him on passing downs.

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    1. Also says he is originally from Palmdale which might explain why he switched from GA Tech to USC. A bit of a homecoming for him.


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      1. Parcel,

        I agree with Eddy, he is a de. Even though he is technically a dlinemen, we need the big guys to stop the run and plug up holes. His specialty is a pass rusher.


  1. The guy that they really need is that guy from Arizona State. This guy really gets into the offensive backfield and destroys the timing of their plays.


  2. Hey Solomon, what can brown do you you???
    “Not much, that’s why I am coming to USC! I can maximize my football potential and set myself up for a lifetime of success well after football winds down.”


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