A Jordan Addision Update

Pitt wide receiver Jordan Addison is visiting Texas.

Steve Sarkisian said this week he could have 35 new players on an 85-man roster for 2022. That is something you might expect in Year 1, not Year 2. But Sarkisian is under a lot of pressure in Austin.

Addison is getting a lot publicity but it also demonstrates the way the transfer portal favors bigger teams.

  • Is the portal making the gap between haves-and-have-nots wider?

If you look at the Pac-12, how are Washington State, Oregon State, Cal, Arizona, Arizona State or even Washington supposed to compete for the best players in the portal?

That is something that doesn’t concern a USC or Oregon but it should concern the majority of the Pac-12.

32 thoughts on “A Jordan Addision Update

    1. Whatever we call “it’ , John, “it” sucked —and we were the runaway #1…

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      1. Yes, Michael, the WHOLE country will be happy for SC if Ohio and Alabama secede from the Union.


  1. The NIL needs some parameters but , as of now, it is what it is. LR, himself, has said that it needs some parameters but until they fix it, LR and SC must use it. They keep accusing LR of tampering but they are always vague accusations with no specifics.

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    1. Narduzzi has been whining to get attention and attention he got because the jealousy of USC is legion and Lincoln Riley has struck fear in the hearts of the ACC, SEC, BIG10 fan boys which includes the majority of the media. Narduzzi helped propel Addison’s popularity and helped diffuse Addison’s interest in USC. Narduzzi is a big fish in a small pond.
      He’s over his head trying to compete with the big programs. I’m interested to see how he keeps his team together after his foolishness.

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      1. Dear Carra,
        “I’m interested in how he plans to keep his QB together” …..


    2. Th only rule that I can see is that there is no tampering allowed, or coaches contacting potential recruits before they enter the Portal. Players may do so. I cannot believe Wiley would have violated this one rule inasmuch as he is pretty savvy.


    1. Charles,
      No one needs to tell Jordan that…. or that there’s a sense of panic at Texas —–
      USC’s players are excited & USC is on the rise —Texas players are nervous about their program and their coach….

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  2. Well lads, CAL did just fine in the portal. Three 4* and DL & OL no problem. And #4 out of 125 d1 schools for NFL salaries and our rent is paid on the stadium. Offense and defense coordinators who each spent 10yrs playing in the NFL.

    We’ll be just fine.

    Now you’re up to date Mr Wolff.

    Or St, Wash St, Col, AZ,ASU, on the other hand 🙄


  3. The majority of the SEC Backwater Outposts are not very appealing either. I’m going to Eugene Oregon for the first time in July (World Athletic/Track Championships). I’m guessing I will be equally underwhelmed.

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    1. Oregon has much natural beauty. If you are an outdoorsman and you love nature, it’s a beautiful place. I think it’s a great place to visit, but I would not like to live there…….like Seattle, too much rain, fewer sunny days.

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      1. You can still get the equivalent of a ten cent cup of coffee in Marzara del Vallo, Sicily….. of course you’ll have to step over a few dead bodies on way to and back from the cafe…..

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    2. Yesterday U, listen to Carra below and maybe to JustOwns. I have only been in Eugene in the Fall and it is a knockout. As for Owns getting a 10-cent cup of coffee I am not sure which year he is talking about, perhaps 1960 or something.

      By the way, Yesterday U, your moniker is a knock on SC. Are you for us or against us?

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      1. Oops, their comments are “above.” Just like Wolf to twist up, above, and below.


  4. Sark is a great QB coach and a fairly good OC play caller, but I don’t think he is a good CEO just review the Huskies. I don’t think he’ll survive Texas. Texans are quick on the draw and ready to fire.

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    1. I heard Sark at a presser after 3 losses in a row last season….he seemed within a quarter of an inch of going into an hysterical pregnancy….

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      1. If it is true that Sark came close to “an hysterical pregnancy” he had better start marching with the ladies to keep afloat Roe v Wade.

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  5. I love the Jordan Addison hook. Who knew? I’m thinking Scott has a scoop… blah blah portal blah blah portal Jordan Addison blah blah blah portal.


  6. I really cant see addison heading to Texas, when they have an unproven QB and an unproven coach. Could Texas write a big check? Maybe, but the exposure Addison will get at USC is miles beyond Texas, so his value as a player is higher here. Caleb got a deal with Beats, which is better than just a check, it will get him lots of exposure.

    Addison is doing the dance with everyone, but will end up a Trojan (and everyone else will be pissed).

    I think that other programs are starting to wake up to the fact that their best players can be lured to USC after this season. Just wait until USC wins the Pac-12 this year and is a top 10 (at least) program. USC will be able to grab many of the best players out of other programs and the best high school players will all want to play here.

    Who wants to go to Ohio State or Michigan or Clemson? Maybe Alabama is still serious competition as long as Saban is alive.


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