Drew Peterson Will Return To USC

USC guard Drew Peterson is withdrawing from the NBA Draft and returning to USC for his senior season.

That’s good news for USC basketball but how good is it really?

USC isn’t ranked in any top 25 polls. It’s not going to be better than UCLA. It will probably be picked to finish third in the Pac-12 poll.

But it might help Peterson if he can get bigger and stronger.

23 thoughts on “Drew Peterson Will Return To USC

  1. Scottie, nice photo. A big moment for Drew, and a downer for the bruins.

    Drew’s height at point guard suggests the possibility of getting drafted next year if he can improve his shooting and ball handling. Lots of stuff for him to work on this summer.

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    1. I’m OK with some guys having a productive college career at a great school, dabbling with the professionals ranks, figuring out that it is a very different level of competition, and getting on with life outside their sport.

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  2. What you talking about Wolfie? Peterson is a good player and with
    experience. He beat ucla almost single handily at home. Who gives
    a crap about the ‘ruins anyways!


  3. I will win on appeal. Just wait and see. Big shooting in Tulsa. America needs gun reform and needs it now.


  4. Good point by Wolf. Who cares if one of your best players returns if another team is probably better than you anyway?


  5. Drew Peterson made the right decision……he has huge potential if he can get stronger, and be a little more consistent with his outside shot.
    Issiah Mobley made the wrong decision to go pro- he is not athletic enough with poor lateral movement. D-League for him probably unless the Cavaliers draft him in the last round to keep Evan happy. Issiah, was a good college player but his talent level is not quite there to play in the NBA long term. He would be a good fit for the Euro leagues.

    In order to contend next year USC needs an explosive/fast guard at the point. Boggie Ellis is not the answer in my opinion.

    Great recruiting class coming in led by Tre White who is a top talent. 4 really good players, but the class lacks an explosive point guard which is a key ingredient for success in the NCAA tournament.

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  6. The weak, senile, cowardly old man in the White House is costing far more lives than all gun shootings combined. They didn’t care about lives when they voted for him.

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    1. I’ll take a shitass who other world leaders dared not mess with any time!

      All because whiny bitches like you got their feelings hurt by the mean orange guy, thousands of Ukrainians & Russians have died, including many children. But Dims don’t care about those children. They got the mean guy out.

      I also enjoyed paying $2 a gallon for gas and 99 cents for boneless chicken breasts, $4.99 for steaks, etc. Could get a decent to-go dinner already prepared for about $10.

      We’re fortunate. We can easily afford the same meal at $12-15. But many families can’t, especially those buying for 3-5 people. So many restaurants will not make it, thanks to Bidenflation.

      Yeah, I’ll take a guy who makes the world a safer, more affordable place no matter what you crybabies want to call him, over a weak, cowardly, failure who is ruining this country. At least under Trump you didn’t have to pay too much for your facial tissue, to wipe your tears every time he made you cry.

      Speaking of crying…at least under Trump babies were being fed. If the plant that supplied 1/3 of the country’s baby formula, he wouldn’t have waited until almost June to address it! Even Xavier Becerra has admitted they knew about the coming baby formula shortages, even though Lyin’ Biden claims they barely found out about it a few weeks ago.

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      1. BTW, I didn’t even mention the thousands of young people dying from the fentanyl (& other drugs) coming up through the now non-existent southern border. The cartels are loving it!!!!

        The Dims don’t care about THOSE kids, which greatly outnumber the number killed in shootings.

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      2. Yup, PT. If it helps them with their agenda, they care about kids. If not, they don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

        If the left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.


  7. true that it is really good news, but I do not see SC finishing 3rd; I do see top half of Pac12…they picked up zero big players for the middle,and no true point guard; the top 10 class entering could surprise,and heavily contribute as freshmen,but I doubt it.

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  8. I guess Peterson didn’t feel like competing. He could have probably made decent D. League coin with better pro coaching.


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