O.J. Simpson Jersey Postscript

I did a little research on the O.J. Simpson jersey being auctioned.

It was never worn by Simpson in a game but for the photo shoot in the picture below. There is a game-worn jersey that I saw about five years ago and had wear-and-tear. That jersey is worth around $150,000-$200,000.

This is a game-worn O.J. Simpson jersey
This photoshoot jersey is being auctioned

5 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson Jersey Postscript

  1. I sent over pictures to that auction house, a 100th year USC football. helmet (1969)game used crown by Fred Khasigian. it has the 100yr. sticker and Michigan blue paint from the 1970 Rose Bowl . my kids have no interest even though my daughter is doing her master’s program at SC. Fight On

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  2. Fred Khasigian was a great offensive lineman. Not big even in those days when lineman were not as large, but boy was he quick and tough as nails. A true leader, and great human being. I believe he is now a doctor up in the Sacramento area, and still up to a few years ago was playing rugby which he was quite good at also.


  3. Greetings sports fans , the macho man pat 7 points a game riley knocking his player tyler herro not macho enough well heres the thing tylers a finesse player thin hes there number 2 player after butler !? does riley still put vitalise grease in his hair ? Regards , E.


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