O.J. Simpson Jersey Being Auctioned

A USC jersey reportedly worn by O.J. Simpson in 1967 is being auctioned Sunday.

Grey Flannel Auctions of Scottsdale, Ariz., says the jersey “is the first fully documented and photo-matched Simpson USC jersey. Our consignor was gifted this jersey directly by USC and it has been in his possession for almost 50 years. The jersey is matched to multiple non in-game images which are included in this lot as they switched styles at the beginning of the season.”

The current high bid for the jersey is $14,461.

You can check the jersey out here.

24 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson Jersey Being Auctioned

      1. I hope Amber is pooped out, especially when makes the bed. Johnny literally just told her to keep the change ( as a tip) because you don’t go batshit crazy without losing your credibility. Sorry Amber you needed Gloria Allred on your team, “repeat after me ; his tongue went down my throat”

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    1. Michael,

      the wicked witch of SC will never die. she is a like a cock roach, you could have a nucular blast right on it, and it would live. So does the wicked witch. Throw Holy Water on her. That might help.

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    2. No, Hot Lips just does that time to time when the layers of make-up start to build up. Winston Crisp knows exactly what to do with a hammer and chisel from their UNC days. Frank Burns Bohn standing by with the fire extinguisher.

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  1. This comment may get me in trouble, but it would be interesting if OJ could come up with $ 32,000,000 for this jersey himself, then hand it to Fred Goldman and say “Paid in Full”.


    1. I’m glad Fred will never see a dime.

      If you’re found guilty, I’d be fine with people being able to sue civilly. But an NG verdict in the criminal case should be the end of it.

      It’s an End Around double jeopardy. Don’t give me this shit about there being a different threshold.

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    1. There’s a lot of memorabilia of former Trojans being sold out there. Of course a Heisman winner’s stuff will go for more.


      1. I bought a 1979 replica #12 Charles White white road jersey on ebay for $20. Great condition, not autographed, not a collector’s item. Works for me. Still waiting to find a 1979 #12 Cardinal home jersey. They’re on there, just not in my size yet.

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  2. Greetings fans ,well lets look at boston have one player ready the rest are odds and ends !/ smart ,slow, over weight cant jump !!!! white stands at the 3 point line most of the time, brown ,lack of defense stands at 3 point line !!!!??/ Regards , E


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