Let’s Look At Pac-12 Coaching Rankings

The Sporting News put out its ranking of all 131 college football coaches.

Here’s the Pac-12:

7. Riley, USC

10. Whittingham, Utah

31. Shaw, Stanford

34. Edwards, ASU

38. Kelly, UCLA

48. Lanning, Oregon

54. Smith, OSU

60. Wilcox, Cal

61. DeBoer, UW

68. Dorrell, Colorado

69. Fisch, Arizona

77. Dickert, WSU

REACTION: I don’t know what Herm Edwards did at ASU to be so high. Dan Lanning has not coached a game yet and is No. 48? Jonathan Smith should be higher.

Kalen DeBoer went 9-3 at Fresno State, so that sounds better than Justin Wilcox. But he is ranked lower.

Jedd the Fisch won one game but is No. 69. But Jake Dickert who got to a bowl after inheriting a mess at Washington State is only No. 77?

Rankings, baby!


38 thoughts on “Let’s Look At Pac-12 Coaching Rankings

    1. I can’t stop laughing, because Karl Dorrell made the list.. are you kidding me? Why not add Bozo Helton too ? Both are the dumbest individuals to ever hold the title of head coach 😂😂

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    1. Lots of inertia in these rankings. Saban could go 9-4 for several years in a row and still be in the top 10. Then there is Kiffin, who has one good year at ol miss, and he is ranked #16. Go figure…

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      1. Chip is the stock that hasn’t paid a dividend in more than 10 years, and yet ucla was happy to invest in him whole hog, and then double down on him with that extension. 2-22 against teams with a winning record. And they are now committed to paying him $5 million or more per year for the next 4 or 5 years…it is almost as if “Chianti Dan” hasn’t left the AD’s office.

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  1. It gets clicks. Thats how they stay in business. It doesn’t have to make sense, just the headline is all most people need to go read it. click click

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      1. In most parts of the country, but here? I’ll believe it when I see it.

        Their supporters actually claim no one is suffering or dying! They are completely blind.


      1. Hoping that Caruso wins and puts his plan to action about the homeless, crime, and ramping up the police. Bass will continue down the Tony Villar and Garcetti road, which is acting concerned and not caring about a thin.gg


      2. That’s a tough one, ‘007…
        With satan you at least know what you’re getting. Predictable.


  2. The ballots are so messed up ten Democrats and seven Republicans. Open primaries are a joke. Still I voted. Someone had to cancel my dead mom’s vote.

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    1. People are leaving the state of California like rats leaving a sinking ship. California has the highest gas prices in the country and Gavin Newsome just recently raised the gas tax 3 cents. He obviously doesn’t care about the people. Yet he continues to win elections by landslides. Can Californians be that stupid? That’s why I still think there is cheating going on in the voting. Can I prove that…..NO! Yet that is the only way to explain how these dems can destroy a whole state and yet continue to get elected.

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      1. Can they be that stupid? Of course. They’re Dimocrats.

        What’s really funny is when their voting patterns make it unaffordable to live here, they relocate to Arizona, let’s say, and keep voting blue! LMAO

        Native Arizonans are pissed!

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      2. It’s impossible to steal the sheer number of votes Gavin got in the recall —Californians (the majority) actually LIKE things the way they are.


    2. Pasadena Trojan
      Very easy to get rid of the homeless. Just stop all the money the government is giving them. They’ll pack their tents and move to another state.


      1. …and Michael already picks the score of the first big test for Riles!!!!
        Utah at Rice-Eccles is gonna be a fun game. Game 7 in 7 weeks for USC.
        I like your style, MG!

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      2. I was gonna go with USC34Utah31 –but, then, I realized I wasn’t taking into account officiating and atmospheric conditions…..


    1. Disagree.
      When it comes down to crunch time in a close game, requiring some creativity and “huevos,” Whit will always choke. Hell, how many times did he lose to Helton, Sark, Kiff?

      He will always have a sturdy D and a good run game. He is slowly building up some talented offensive skill players and coaches. Still, fundamentally, he is a Woody Hayes kind of coach–Win when he should win, but lose some when he should have won. That lose in the Rose Bowl this year is on him.

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      1. Prediction: In the coming clash between a great “old style” coach and a great “new style” coach, the new style guy will take the brass ring….


    2. SoCal
      You’re right. Libs never start think that maybe their socialistic system isn’t all that good. They destroy one beautiful area and turn it into a wart zone and then they just move to another area with the idea that “if we tweek our system a little it will bring us to the Garden of Eden”.


  3. Scooter,

    Idea, if a coach leaves a school and goes to another school, I think the coach should be ranked at the bottom unitl he has proven that he has won at the new school. Riley is based on his oklahoma record. Right now, he is 0-0 for SC. Let him build up his ranking at the current school. Then you can seperate his past history from his current one. Same thing for Chocalte Chip Kelly.


    1. But if a coach leaves a school in an area where there is less talent and is in a fairly touch conference and has great success there and then moves to a school that is sitting on the biggest talent market in the country and into a much weaker league, you would expect him to have much greater success at his new position.


  4. Riley has made accountability more resonant at USC. Bringing in professional grade players will allow marginal talent to play at a higher level which will also help USC compete at the highest levels of college football. Helton’s issues (along with the staff) was the inability to develop depth. Riley’s Oklahoma teams also suffered from a competitive depth capacity. Oklahoma State had no right to be able to compete with Oklahoma but Gundy had his team able to beat both Riley and a new coach at Notre Dame last season. The item that will support a successful season at USC will be the consistency of the top end players (as well as health) plus the contributions of the 2nd and 3rd string players. Getting Covington for the secondary and Gentry to cover tight ends will probably make the difference for USC this year.

    Unless they get caught cheating again.


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