Lincoln Riley Believes USC Can Have Best Roster

Lincoln Riley did an interview with Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports and said he can turn USC into the best team in the nation . . . eventually.

“I’ve walked into four playoffs, and I’ve never had better than maybe the third-best roster [of the four teams],” Riley said. “Every other year, we were four of four. We had really good rosters, but they weren’t the same. … I can’t imagine that there could be a setting that we could build a better roster than we can here.”

A couple other points from the story:

  • Defensive coordinator Alex Grinch admitted Oklahoma’s defense was “very average” last season.

“When we’ve gotten it right, we’ve been a very good defense,” Grinch said. “We got it wrong too much last year, and we were very average defensively. It makes me want to jump off of this [porch].”

  • Riley was unhappy that it became public knowledge he purchased a $17.2 million house in Palos Verdes. This is strange because in Oklahoma (or virtually every other big-time college program), it usually becomes public knowledge when a coach buys a big house. Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian went through it at USC before Riley.

The full story can be found here.

39 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Believes USC Can Have Best Roster

    1. Why didn’t you tell us justowns “rents” a single-wide in your trailer park?

      Senior bingo at the clubhouse tonight?


  1. ugh,thats cuz he usin the loops holes john,it like he dont think we now wut he doin,but heers the thing john,he bizzy usin the loops holes that he aint bothur to git the lines man,itz like we all reddy got the bessed preznint to but no one evin remeber that we all so got the bessedist vise preznint to,thats y u got to keap gettin the loop holes,smdh

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    1. Got it, Eddie Boy…..John needs to use the loop hole and but don’t concentrate too much on the loop holes or it might cause you might not git the lines man. Thank you Einstein for that brilliant little bit of advise. It has opened my eyes to a whole world of new things. I’ve been enlightened. My future is now awesome.


  2. Anyone can find out how much the house went for through Parcel, am appraisal service that sells comparables to appraisers and real estate people. You could even go through Zillow, which sucks, and get an idea. If you have access to a Title Company you could ask.

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      1. Gabby,

        the assessor used to show the sales history and amount that it sold. I just was looking at the LA County Assessor’s web site at a property and it did not show the price it sold for or when it was last transferred.


  3. Scooter,

    So does that mean the def cordinator is looking for an excuse now in case his defense sucks this year? Also, Riley might have talent, but can he run the ball with authority, determination, and with will? We all know Helton’s teams did not run the ball when needed or they were not sucessful. SC vs Texas on the goal line at the Colisuem shows you that. he did not score a td. Had to settle for a field goal. That is embarassing to the heritage of USC football.

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      1. The question is, where have you been?

        my guess is, you were so far up trump’s ass that you ran into peter navarro, and when the twice impeached con man farted you popped out.

        PS… Your goats missed you?

        (it’s tough getting down to your level)


      1. Parcelman007,

        Caruso will run as a democrap, but if he wants to get rid of the homeless, ramp up the police dept, and get LA back on it’s feet, then he is a Republican in my eyes.

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  4. There is no comparison between the recruiting opportunities in L.A. and in Norman. Oklahoma is just not a bastion of high school football talent.

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  5. We already have the best roster in the PAC 12. He did it in one off season. There are better position groups on other teams, but no better overall talent.


      1. No, T Bruins —we have o-linemen for the offensive line….and d-linemen for the defensive line…


  6. In order for USC to win at the national level, they must control the LOS from the defensive side of the ball. For example, when Alabama lost big games it was the opponent’s defensive line that controlled the LOS. Riley has always had the offensive guns, but never the defensive front to win the big games.

    Build the defense from the trenches out. It’s easier said than done. Utah has been competitive due to its ability to control the LOS. They beat us only rushing 3.


    1. Yet the whackoo liberal californians keep voting for them. Lenin had a name for these californians. He called them useful idiots. You use them to bring yourself into power and then once you have power you put them up against the wall and shoot them. That’s what Lenin did in 1917 and that’s what Mao did in 1949.

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    1. That case with the douche who drove into that woman and her baby was beyond belief. Had it not been for public pressure, the loser would have gotten a slap on the wrist.

      Almost as bad as that pedophile who after being arrested, suddenly identified as a woman and demanded to be housed accordingly. Only after hearing the recording of the guy mocking the system, did Gascon express any regret. They’re all mocking his actions!!! Just not being caught on tape doing it.

      He’s gotta go.

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    2. Sixty percent of the voters in the Haight-Asbury and the Mission voted TO RETAIN Boudin. I guess they don’t mind having boarded-up store fronts and heroin addicts lining their streets?

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    3. Take my word for it……he won’t be replaced by a american loving conservative. They’ll just put someone in there who is a little less whacko than Boudin but still whacko. San Franciscans get what they deserve.

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      1. I thought of that, but Boudin and Gascon are so far out of the mainstream, the difference will be significant. Now, we also need to get the police staffing levels up after all this defunding and they need to be allowed to do their jobs.


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