Sunday Buzz: Remembering Bill Russell Vs. USC

Bill Russell has died at age 88. He led the Boston Celtics to 11 NBA titles and the University of San Francisco to two NCAA championships (1955-56).

The Dons, who received 33 of 34 first-place votes in the United Press preseason poll, opened the 1955-56 season by hosting USC.

Russell had 24 points, 20 rebounds and 10 blocked shots in only 25 minutes as USF won, 58-42. The final score was not indicative of the game.

When the 6-foot-9 Russell came out of the game for good with 15 minutes remaining, USF led, 43-18.

At one point, Russell scored 10 straight points and USF raced out to a 16-2 lead. He made 11 of 16 shots in the game.

Jack Dunne, a 6-3 forward, led the Trojans with 11 points and team captain Tony Psaltis added 10.

Russell’s coach at USF was Phil Woolpert. At the time, he was the youngest coach to win an NCAA title and had a 60-game winning streak at USF. Woolpert went to Manual Arts High School, which is practically across the street from USC.

Do you think USC’s basketball legacy would be different if Woolpert were its coach instead of Forrest Twogood?

38 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Remembering Bill Russell Vs. USC

  1. Rip Bill!. …You were a true ambassador and legend of the game.

    Many may not know, that Bill was the first African-American to head coach any professional North American sports team.

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  2. Russell was a great civil rights leader as well. Loved his wit and wisdom. I recall one interview where he was discussing color barriers in sports and he said something like the following:

    “Most white sports owners treat black athletes much like some men treat pretty girls. They like to look at them, but aren’t particularly interested in what they have to say.”

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        I wish you posted more often, always enjoy your angle and insight


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  3. Phil Woolpert had two more 20-win seasons following Bill Russell and KC Jones leaving in 1956. Then he went 6-20 in 1959 and resigned.

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  4. Bill Russell note to Jerry West:

    “The greatest honor a man can have is the respect and friendship of his peers. You have that more than any man I know. If I could have one wish granted, it would be that you would always be happy. Bill Russell.”

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    1. Bill Russell after the Celtics beat the Lakers in a 7-game Finals in 1969:

      “Los Angeles has not won the championship, but Jerry West is a champion.”

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    2. Thanks for posting this note, Charles.
      On days when I get a little down on the human race it’s nice to remember men like Bill Russell exist.

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    3. West struggled to find happiness and Russell knew it. I saw a you tube interview of West a few weeks ago. He was responding to J.J. Redick’s comment that Cousy played against plumbers. West explained that he played in that era for a few years and said the comments were disrespectful. West also said that in his own prime, mid to late sixties, he was the fastest player in the league and had the highest vertical jump. Never would have guessed that.

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  5. My favorite SNL skit was when Bill Russell played the head coach of a basketball team
    in the skit called The Black Shadow. It mimicked the White Shadow that first aired on tv in 1978. He would always say, “Is it because I’m black?”

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    1. I remember the Bill Russell TV commercial back in the 70’s where he has to sink a paper ball into the wastebasket at the end of the segment. Couldn’t hit it–he was not known for his scoring prowess.

      Anyway, he finally hits the paperball shot and everyone on the commercial crew breaks into a cheer. Great sense of humor.

      Left a great legacy. A great American. RIP.

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      1. I watched an unnamed qb get all panicked on a late night television show when he couldn’t get the ball anywhere near the tire he was throwing at — the neat thing about Russell in that commercial is you could tell he was having a ton of fun and couldn’t give a crap whether he “scored” or not….


  6. Before my time, but much was made of Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain. Russell played on better teams, Wilt put up better stats (sexually off-the-charts). Wilt won a championship with the 76er’s in ‘67 (also Lakers ‘72).

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    1. I was stupid enough to listen to a senior box boy when he asked if I would switch check stands with him so he could box Wilt’s order. Wilt gave him a $100 tip.

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