Big Ten TV Deal Becoming Clear

John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reports the Big Ten TV deal looks like it could be shared between Fox, CBS and NBC.

Fox gets a 9 a.m. game plus games on FS1 and the Big Ten Network, which Fox holds a 60 percent stake in.

CBS would get games at 12:30 p.m. and NBC would get prime time games, presumably at 5 p.m.

Some games could be on Peacock.

REACTION: This is what a real conference deal looks like with games at 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., plus the 5 p.m. games.

We still want to know about those late-night games but there are opportunities for early games on major networks.

If USC can avoid Peacock, its games will be easily accessible.


19 thoughts on “Big Ten TV Deal Becoming Clear

    1. Found this little gumball….Tuli Tuipulotu (DL) and Andrew Vorhees (OL) have both found themselves on the watch list for the Rotary Lombardi Award. This award is given to the best lineman in college football. Tuipulotu and Vorhees have played exceptionally well as they are two of the few elite linemen in the entire nation

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  1. They already are accessible, you borderline boomer. Surely you have nephews or nieces in preschool that can show you how to stream games Scott.


  2. USC and Big Ten shouldn’t schedule any out-of-conference away games. USC saddled with Notre Dame. OK fine.


  3. ESPN has pulled out of Big Ten media rights negotiations, ending one of the longest sports media relationships in the business. ESPN said no to the conference’s final offer of a 7-year/$380 million per-year package, sources tell SBJ.


  4. So if the Big Ten deal spans multiple networks that is going to make it even more difficult for the Pac-12, because it reduces the number of potential suitors. If Fox, CBS and NBC are all loading up with Big10 content, there is no need for a Pac-12 contract, or they can just throw them a low-ball number. I wonder how this impacts Notre Dame’s ability to operate as an independent. Will NBC push Notre Dame into the Big10?

    I also wonder if this would lend itself to the Big 10 expanding further, grabbing more Pac-12 teams. I want them to add Stanford and Washington. I want them to leave Oregon swinging in the wind, with only bad options. They should offer a reduced payout to Stanford and Washigton, since they really dont need them. I wish they could grab Texas as well, but I guess that ship has sailed.


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