Why Is USC Tearing Down So Many Dorms?

I’ve written that Fluor Tower has been demolished and mentioned Trojan Hall and Marks Hall are scheduled for demolition over winter break.

So where are students living?

USC has new dorms at the Village across the street from campus such as the infamous Al Cowlings Residential College.

There are also a lot of non-university owned complexes that have been built in the past 15 years ringing the campus, although they hardly provide the experience of a college dorm for a freshman.

The bottom line is you want to live on the actual campus, the options are dwindling. USC actually leases some units at the Gateway apartments on the corner of Jefferson and Figueroa for students.

There are still some traditional dorms like Webb Tower, Pardee Tower, Birnkrandt, EVK, College Hall and Harris.

But options are dwindling, especially because USC can build whatever it wants where the old dorms stand. Eventually, Cardinal Gardens is going to be torn down too.

The bottom line is the traditional experience of living “on campus” is more difficult to obtain now.

27 thoughts on “Why Is USC Tearing Down So Many Dorms?

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    1. Ya know Ed…

      According to a Reddit thread, some of the common signals of swingers are: Pink flamingos on your lawn, Garden gnomes on your lawn, white rocks around your mailbox, and wearing a black ring on your right hand.

      Aug 4, 2021

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      1. Hot off the AP wire…..FBI raids trump’s house!!!!!…get the orange jumpsuits ready….this guy is going to prison

        Trump confirmed that FBI agents were at Mar-a-Lago and said “they even broke into my safe.”
        “My beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents,” he said in a statement Monday evening.



  2. Scooter,

    You asked why SC is tearing down so many apt complex on campus. Do know what the answer to that is, the answer is, because SC can. It is just like asking why a dog licks its balls and the answer is, because it can. Getting rid of residency is getting rid of liablity. Building new buildings for education will bring in more revenue.

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  3. Now, I always thought that law review articles were about, well you know, the law. Interpreting the constitution, that kind of stuff.

    Lawyers out there, what gives with using law review journal space to spout off about k-12 curriculum, which is nothing more than an opinion piece from our favorite law school:


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    1. A sign of the times, ’67, where opinions are being passed off as if they were fact-based journalism. I almost cannot bear to read pro-Liberal or pro-Conservative writings because the pieces are not very fact-driven, and they use up a lot of writing space to attack the other party. Politically-speaking the country has never been more divided. And the recent abortion ruling has driven that national divide a little bit deeper.

      How all this plays out is anybody’s guess, but my guess is that things will get better, that Congress will again be a force for change. Not that the Demos and Repubs are going to become beer-drinking buddies anytime soon, but the realization will soon sink in with congressman that this country and this world need some cooperative governing to help each other out by doing something.

      However, even if suddenly there were perfect world cooperation regarding the rising heat problem, I believe it is too late to make any significant correction to this problem. It will become worse before it becomes better. Along the equator in areas like the Sahara Desert in Africa are already at the threshold of become heat uninhabitable. Temperatures approaching 130 are common, and 140 is “lights out,” time to get the heck out of here. 140 could happen.

      But do not fret, because some areas of earth will always be habitable no matter how long we continue our carbon-assault on the planet. People will continue to survive in the North in Russia, the Scandinavian countries, and Canada, and to the south parts of Argentina, Tasmania and the South Pole will not be scorched by the rising heat temperature. So it will not be the end of all of humanity, just a large chunk of it.

      And Southern California might one day be uninhabitable. Los Angeles lies in a desert with about 12-inches of rain a year. It gets uncomfortably hot here from July into October. Water is also scare, as our lakes and reservoirs rapidly dry up. No water, no life.

      Providing sufficient water to 10-million lives in Los Angeles County is a daunting governmental task, and there is no guarantee that we will always have supply-enough to meet the rising water demand.

      Meanwhile our Washington D.C. congressmen and women continue to carp at each other: ‘Trump sucks.” “No, Biden sucks” And so as so many continue to bathe in petty insults of persons and institutions who disagree with them, “Rome burns.” In other words, the world’s natural order that once was intact is under human assault, because finding enough natural resources to keep 8-billion earthlings comfortable with enough food, heat and air conditioning, and some shelter and clothing has become more than our planet can bear and sustain.

      We are the stewards of this planet. It is our obligation to safeguard it for children to be born in 2100 and beyond. It is too late to correct all of the environmental problems people have created, but we could try to stave off the inevitable mass global heating destruction, at least a little. Future generations will judge us on our ability to overcome our petty differences and to finally start helping out Mother Earth.

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  4. Wolf

    Webb Tower is an apartment building. It is not a dorm and never has been. Of course, you probably wouldn’t know that since you never lived there.


  5. I will shed a tear when they tear down Cardinal Gardens. Such history. There’s nothing like having a National Guard machine gun nest aimed at your apartment from across the street, as was during the LA Riots. Gotta protect the 32nd Street Market!


      1. Only a year and a half into the guy they claimed would bring transparency & integrity back to the White House! Yeah, right!

        That guy is such an incredible failure they’ve got to stoop to gestapo like methods to smear the guy they’re afraid will beat them in 2024. They know that virtually all Biden-voting Independents and enough Dims are realizing what a mistake it was to vote for this complete failure of an administration.

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      2. Thrilled? Not so fast! Not our Gabby. He wants to wait & see the Application in Support of the Search Warrant …and, of course, he also wants to check the warrant itself to see if it reads like a roving commission for the FBI to take anything they felt like —or a well-tailored authorization to seize items bearing some evidentiary relationship to some possible crime.
        Abby believes in due process and the 4th Amendment. He’d never prejudge anybody or presume their guilt without hearing and notice.

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      3. The optics of the raid was viewed by the entire world….PRICELESS!!!…. Trump still thinks he’s above the law. So, the FBI went and slapped him around like a pinata.


      4. The Mueller investigation was a success. I can’t recall how many indictments there were due to Mueller’s efforts, perhaps you could post the number.

        And he seized over 75 million from Manafort, more than enough to pay for the investigation and some left over for the Treasury.

        Barr had trump on obstruction charges but chose party over country. I’m sure it haunts him.


      1. Now hold your horses, JustOwns. Stump Trump set an example for all Americans, especially our children. He showed us how to be a Jackass most of the time, show no respect for anyone, and guess what– that is the personality-style many have slipped into. In all of history, have Americans ever been as rude as they are today– that is a rhetorical question.


  6. They tore down my old dorm Touton – put a plinth where once it once was and then took that out too. On 35th Street and McClintock southeast side. Everything looks more and more like a Cal State ‘wherever’ campus nothing but cheaply mocked up ‘bauhaus’ sterile walled sarcophagi with the rebar just getting ready to ‘rust out’. Man 50 years does go fast


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