USC Ranked No. 14 In AP Poll

USC checked in at No. 14, right between North Carolina and Michigan State in the Associated Press Top 25 preseason poll.

Utah is the top Pac-12 team at No. 7. Oregon is No. 11.

The polls manage to agree with themselves as USC was ranked No. 15 in the coaches’ poll.

Here’s the full poll including others receiving votes:

1Alabama (0-0)2SEC1,566 (54)
2Ohio State (0-0)6Big Ten1,506 (6)
3Georgia (0-0)1SEC1,455 (3)
4Clemson (0-0)14ACC1,292
5Notre Dame (0-0)8IA Independents1,242
6Texas A&M (0-0)SEC1,212
7Utah (0-0)12Pac-121,209
8Michigan (0-0)3Big Ten1,203
9Oklahoma (0-0)10Big 12956
10Baylor (0-0)5Big 12884
11Oregon (0-0)22Pac-12831
12Oklahoma State (0-0)7Big 12814
13North Carolina State (0-0)20ACC752
14USC (0-0)Pac-12711
15Michigan State (0-0)9Big Ten631
16Miami (FL) (0-0)ACC476
17Pittsburgh (0-0)13ACC383
18Wisconsin (0-0)Big Ten365
19Arkansas (0-0)21SEC348
20Kentucky (0-0)18SEC332
21Ole Miss (0-0)11SEC324
22Wake Forest (0-0)15ACC303
23Cincinnati (0-0)4American Athletic265
24Houston (0-0)17American Athletic263
25BYU (0-0)19IA Independents234

Others receiving votes:

Tennessee 180, Texas 164, Iowa 163, Penn State 160, LSU 55, Fresno State 32, Minnesota 31, UCF 27, Purdue 17, Mississippi State 15, Auburn 15, Kansas State 14, Florida 14, North Carolina 9, Boise State 5, Air Force 4, Appalachian State 4, UCLA 2, San Diego State 2, South Carolina 2, Utah State 2, Nebraska 1

47 thoughts on “USC Ranked No. 14 In AP Poll

  1. Would have preferred to be a few spots lower. But this should be good enough that our boys feel the need to prove themselves.

    Underestimate no opponent!!!

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  2. Well…putting myself in the USC Publicity Department’s shoes I’ll go with … “we’re closer [in vote total] to the team above us than we were in the Coaches’ Poll… meaning we have a better chance of moving up”….
    […Or…Owns’ favorite: “At least we’re not a joke …like UCLA….”]

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    1. It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. I do believe bozo FB had about the pre-season ranking last year and wound up 4 – 8 (LOL) – zero excuses, excuses, excuses accepted.

      SUCC FB has consistently underachieved with overrated talent.


      1. You love talking about a man’s anatomy, don’t ya? Because you mention it in most of your posts 😂😂. If you’d like da Dick up your Azz, please see Pudly76. 😂😂😂

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    1. Wife must have slipped some Beam into my coffee.

      I thought Rent’s post got deleted from THIS thread. But the post to which I was referring was on the Morning Buzz story.

      As Homer would say, “Duh-oh!”


    2. I’m glad Scott was thicker skinned than I gave him credit for, when Rents posted about him having Jim Beam for breakfast.


  3. Apologies for stealing your thunder, Lee Corso,
    “But not so fast”

    College teams have about a 25% yearly turnover rate, pretty high, so each year the influx of new players creates a different team, one distinct and unique from last year’s team

    Now SC is on a different plane, having gone through a thorough
    re-do. If SC were a physical woman we’d say SC just got a Beverly Hills-rated face-lift, resulting in half the team being changed. Probably over 50%.

    So who knows what we have here until the games are played?–
    Except Lee thinks he knows

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  4. Notre Dame at #5 with a brand new head coach is way, way too high.

    And, Texas A&M is always overrated wherever they are.


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      1. Even if an upgrade, Freeman is still unknown.


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  5. What’s remarkable are the teams who don’t get enough attention paid to them. LSU will come 2nd the West Division of the SEC. Brian Kelly is a disgusting individual but he now has championship talent to work with and they will ruin the SEC along with South Carolina. We won’t have to worry about two teams from the SEC in the BCS this year.

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  6. And in further proof of the complete failure crosstown.. ruins own beat writer is embarrassed by turnout..

    He is the ruins beat writer, eh owns? Just wanna make sure.

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      1. The only sure strategy is to hijack the crispy cream truck before it arrives at the brubabies 80 yard practice field where it sets up shop for the day.

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  7. “Appalachian State 4, UCLA 2, San Diego State 2, South Carolina 2, Utah State 2, Nebraska 1”

    Appalachian St! Turns out UCLA’s non-conference schedule of Bowling Green, Alabama St. and Southeastern part of Southeastern Alabama is quite a challenge for them.

    Ding, Ding!

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  8. How far does Utah drop in poll if they lose opener to Florida?
    Not as much as USC dropping in week #2 poll if they lose to Stanford.


      1. MG – Only 2 if’s. Must have missed my freshman writing class when they said only use 1 if in a blog post.

        Please answer question, it is good one.


    1. With Stanford having its usual pretty good-to great quarterback, I can foresee the Trojans’ defensive backs running all over themselves trying to keep up with the Stanford passing attack.

      However, I also foresee SC being stronger in the trenches than the Cardinal-Indians, so victory seems relatively secure, but never a sure thing in football, because this is Stanford’s ‘Super Bowl,’ and their guys will put out like it is the game of the year.


  9. Where’s the ding/ding OWNS or should I day ding dong. Interest in UCLA football is dying time to stick with Ping Ping, and for OWNS lawn bowling. No one cares about UCLA football anymore it is irrelevant I guess that is why OWNS is spending so much of the limited time he has left on a USC site. Beating a broken USC football team once every 10 years obviously is not generating enough interest because the whole program is a fraud.

    Ben Bolch
    Just two reporters at UCLA football practice today in this “major media market.”

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    1. tommyd, your post smells like typical Chicken Shit, bozo FB whining.

      Whine, excuse, whine, excuse, whine, excuse Ad Infinium


      1. Dear Friend Owns…
        2nd line kinda nails where Chip will be coming from this year….

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  10. Must be something wrong. I don’t see Georgia Southern on the list. I think they’re in love with their new coach. A late quote from practice at Georgia Southern, ” Men all we need is to play like warriors. The other out their cleats on one leg at a time. If we don’t beat ourselves, no one can beat us. The football isn’t round, it bounces funny so be ready to act funny, Toa is the great love of my life. “


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