USC Monday Buzz: Transfers Make Impact

So how did the transfers shape USC?

11 of USC’s 22 starters vs. Rice made their first start as Trojans. Eight of the new starters were transfers.

The transfers who started: Mekhi Blackmon, Romello Height, Shane Lee, Caleb Williams, Travis Dye, Brenden Rice, Jordan Addison and Mario Williams.

  • One word about special teams. USC needed to punt just once vs. Rice. Aadyn Sleep-Dalton’s first career punt went 26 yards. This will be worth monitoring Saturday at Stanford.
  • In early August, USC tight ends coach Zach Hanson said tight end Malcolm Epps ran nearly 22 mph. Epps got in the field Saturday but did not catch a pass.

36 thoughts on “USC Monday Buzz: Transfers Make Impact

  1. Romello Height got tossed for a cheap shot targeting maybe now he’ll learn his lesson, can’t be doing that.

    Although I don’t see him as a difference maker.

    Kourtney Foreman, not a transfer I know, well she pulled another Houdini act.

    Kourtney keeps getting tossed all over the field like a rag doll the way she does, she ain’t going to have many…


    1. So we know that with Kourtney Foreman coaching wasn’t the problem, she’s just not good.

      Watch her play and you will notice that she never tries to bull rush the guy blocking her, she always tries to go around the offensive linemen or TE blocking her. It’s like she already knows she has no shot of driving the guy in front of her back towards the QB…sad

      Probably time for her to hit the portal, she’ pretty much useless


    2. That was a horrible targeting call. The contact was incidental and he didnt lower his head, he actually raised it. Pac 12 referees are incompetent. Nice to see Riley challenge the call successfully.


  2. I hope we held some players and plays in check until next week’s game against Stanford. If we can have a dominant win then, people will take notice.


    1. Tuli Tuilupoopoo is going to need help because last game the only thing she looked like she could tackle was a ham sandwich.

      Going to have to bring up Lee or Goeforth to help Tuilupoopoo out, that’s the only way they’re going to slow down the Cardinal rushing attack.

      If Tuilupoopoo is left on an island to stop the run you migjt as well forget about it, Stanford will rack up a 400+ yard rushing day


      1. I don’t think Stanford will gain 400 yards rushing against SC. Like I have said before, they gained 169 against Colgate and 87 of those yards came on one play where, obviously, the Colgate defense broke down for one play. Take that one play away and they would have gained 82 yards rushing against the toothpaste kids. That would have been on 27 carries….about 3 YPC. If they gained only 169 against Colgate, I don’t think that they will gain 400 against SC. But we’ll see. I still say that it still too early in the season to know that much about this defense. All we know is that the Offense will be explosive.


    2. USC ran about 3 running plays and about 4 different formations in passing downs. I am sure they have plenty of stuff to show. But why show more than they need. If they can beat Stanford with the same amount of plays, sit on them till needed.


      1. The same thing could be said about Stanford. I don’t think that they ran their whole offense against Colgate.


  3. Has anyone taken a look at the Rice Owls 🦉 schedule last year? They had to have been the worst team in college football. And that’s the USC fanboys measuring stick for greatness 😂😂


    1. How, when, where, and why would a “schedule” draw a conclusion of being the “worst team in college football”…..details, please…..I’m all ears!


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    2. True but they did score 66 on them and were on the verge of scoring against right at the end. From the fact that Rice was bad, it doesn’t logically follow that SC wasn’t good. A lot of people said that Johnny Wooden had all the talent in the world during his tenure. But he still won 10 national championships. Hard to argue with success.


  4. USC graduate that makes me proud.

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      1. That’s what they used to do at the company I worked for. Nobody was allowed to smoke inside the office. I wonder why D.T. backed Dr. Oz. Maybe Pennsylvania wasn’t offering a real good conservative. I’m not an authority on Oz but I’m suspicious that he’s just another RINO.
        I’m not a smoker but if people are willing to destroy their health smoking, that’s their choice. If you’re going to ban people from smoking, let’s ban them from drinking and from eating too many hamburgers(which many health experts say are bad for you).
        Then again, Bill Gates has publicly stated that they will soon ban eating meat(hamburgers, steak….whatever). But he said “don’t worry, we’ll have a meat substitute and you’ll all get used to it sooner or later”. Do you really think that Gavin Newsome and Joe Biden and Bill Gates and all of their filthy rich friends will no longer be eating their T-Bones?

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      2. Wait, you sound confused here!…. All trump endorsed candidates must sign a “contract of allegiance” to trump only, not party, constitution, or country


      1. PS…. Walker is another fine pick!….. The guy who can’t debate himself out of a paper bag…..laughable!


      2. Forgot this gem!….. JD Vance thinks parents should stay in violent marriages “for the sake of their kids.” That’s not just wrong, it’s unbelievably dangerous


      3. Gabby —Obviously I store up my contempt for a president other than Trump …but I have to agree with you: The Donald picks more than his share of losers…

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      4. MG… I appreciate the honesty!

        I can’t imagine the thoughts going through Mitch’s head.

        You’re a good mind reader…. give us a few!

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      5. Gabby,
        I’m only guessing, mind you, but here’s my take on the thoughts going thru Mitch’s mind as of this moment: “When I get home I sure hope my CCP selected wife beats me with a stick and makes me moo like a cow…”


  5. Scooter,

    This is game one. You can’t take too much from this game. Defense was pushed around in the first half but they shut down the run to force Rice to throw the ball more than they had wanted to. Offense looked good. You did not mention how the smoothness of the offense. There was no 5 yard gain and then a 6 yard loss with a holding penalty. SC ahd 4 penalties, two of them from the second string oline. I will take that for the first game.

    I am waiting for your Report Card for Rice. This is what I think you will write,
    QB: B+ Williams had three incompletions, no sacks and 68 yardds rushing, Moss was 6-7 or 7-8 with 68 yards passing and some yards rushing.

    Receivers: B+ Dropped one pass and two were none catchable

    OL: C-, you will grill them for the four penalities, but will not give them credit for opening holes and having the running game look alot smooter and no sacks. But you will give credit to the qbs for no sacks.

    Rb: B- minus, not enought touches or scoring

    Receivers: Missed four catches combined with over 28 passes thrown. Only one was dropped.

    Dline: C–, could not stop the run in the first half, but made adjustments and stopped the run in the second half and forced them to throw.

    Lbers: B, three interceptions is okay, but couldnt stop the run in the first half

    DBs; C——, First drive for Rice looked like a Helton coached team. Giving up a td by not stopping the passes.

    Special Teams: C: Made a field goal but a 26 yd punt will force the coaches to find a new punter

    Coaching: C: Could not stop the run or pass in the first half. Offense was bland and it was all Williams who did all the work with his legs.

    Overall performance: C-, defense needs work and oline had four penalities. BTW Scooter, last year SC’s oline would have four penalities in a row in the first quarter.

    That is about correct on what you will or would write.

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  6. Gabby
    I voted twice for Trump. If he runs again, I’ll vote for him again. That doesn’t mean that I think that he is the Messiah. There are things that I don’t like about him. He has a tendency to make enemies needlessly. I know a lot of people who have told me that they think Trump was a wonderful president and did a marvelous job in his 4 years in office. Yet they said they would never vote for him. You know why? They just don’t like him. He has a tendency to make enemies of people who are not necessarily against him.
    If he had a heart attack and couldn’t run and instead the republicans ran Ron
    Desantis or Christi Noem, I wouldn’t be upset at all. They may even be some others out there who are great candidates. But if D.T. runs again, I will vote for him again. What choice do I have……Uncle Joe, Kamala, Gavin Newsome, Eric Swallwell….how about AOC?
    If I lived back in the early 1940’s, I would have been a democrat as my father and both my older brothers were. It’s the dems that started trying to brainwashing us with things like a man can have a baby and there are not 2 genders but 50-100 and a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man and we should give free handouts to everyone and open our borders while at the same time spending billions to maintain the Ukranian borders.
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