Morning Buzz: USC Caught Break To Start Season

The USC coaches are happy about one aspect of the schedule: The first two games are against pro-style offenses.

Rice coach Mike Bloomgren spent seven seasons at Stanford and now the Cardinal will play the Trojans.

Defensive coordinators much prefer facing a pro-style offense than the spread. And Alex “Scotty” Grinch is no exception. He took heat last season at Oklahoma dealing with all those crazy spread offenses.

“Going through the films is a lot less stressful the first two games (than later in the season),” a USC coach said.

I refer to Grinch as Scotty because he’s down in the Star Trek engine room dealing with all the problems while Capt. Kirk (Lincoln Riley) planet hops and flirts with the aliens.

  • Stanford safety Pat Fields was a three-year starter at Oklahoma and MVP of last year’s Alamo Bowl.

“One of the all-time favorites,” Grinch said. “He is elite at all things on the field, off the field. I couldn’t say enough positive. He’s an elite player, an elite communicator.

“I’m going to start crying thinking about Pat. Anyways, I wish he was here.”

  • Stanford cornerback Kyu Blu Kelly is the son of the former USC cornerback Brian Kelly. He is a preseason All-American.

48 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Caught Break To Start Season

    1. Check USC defensive line coach Shaun Nua’s resume, it’s a joke.

      ‘Ol Mule Shoe threw this guy Nua a bone for whatever reason. Twlls me ‘Ol Mule Shoe isn’t serious about the defense.

      Nua and Grinch are mediocre, no less than mediocre. USC is never going to be able to compete with the elites like Alabama, Georgia and Ohio St. if they’re not going to get serious about defense.

      Can’t be throwing bones to these guys just because tbey’re your friend.


      1. Nua don’t play dumbass. Who cares! Stop bitching and whining about nonsense Tebowobama. Grow a fucin pair for once.


      2. Nua didn’t play in the NFL either, he was on the practice squad for 3 years on two teams because he sucked.

        Herm Edwards canned Nua after 1 year at Arizona St. If Nua wasn’t good enough for Arizona St. why would USC want him?



    2. Other than Stanford, I think everyone has run a type of spread, air raid, or west coast offense. USC is one of the latter teams when they hired Mr. Air Raid Graham Harrell.. Clay Helton should’ve hired me to run the offense, because nobody is a bigger Ass lick USC fanboy then me. I guarantee!! Helton would still be employed by SC if he wouldn’t parked his Balls in my mouth as I suggested 🙄


      1. Keep your gay fantasies to your self nobody gives a fuc about your sex life. Fake steveg49! Get a Life. Already your posts are not funny and suck. Wannabe comedian with your 12 years old stick.

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      2. Yeah, kind of reminds me of someone else who used the same dumb jokes over & over & over again. Gotta wonder what kind of sick mind thinks they’ll get funnier, when they weren’t even funny the first time.

        Hmmmm, who was that? 😛

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      3. This is so much fun, I am living rent free in his mind, even though it is a very sparse one to begin with.


      4. Keep my gay fantasies to your self nobody gives a fuc about my sex life. steveg49! Get a Life. Already your posts are very funny and please continue. I’m a Wannabe comedian with 12 years old stick. 😄👍🏼


      5. This is so much fun, I am living rent free in his mind, although I do have to suck his balls most mornings. And dig this, he checks my throat for free with his HUGE peenus to make sure I’m happy and healthy 😉. I’m proud to be a Dumb Fuck USC fanboy


      6. This obviously is not the real steveg49

        Come on the blog as yourself, Hackers, and say your crass stuff under your name,
        and do not imitate honest posters with your profane language.


      1. CarolHeight=E.T.Height=FrodoHeight=MinnieMouseHeight


    1. Other than Stanford, I think everyone has run a type of spread, air raid, or west coast offense. USC is one of the latter teams when they hired Mr. Air Raid Graham Harrell.

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      1. If “spread” means the QB is in the shotgun and there are at least 3 WRs, then everybody runs some version.

        The spread as refined by Leach was different. It featured really big gaps in the offensive line. I don’t think anybody in the Pac 12 now is running that.

        Leach’s offense back in the day featured 60 percent or more passing plays, with lots of those passes being very short. We saw an offense like that with Harrell at USC, as he was Leach’s QB at Texas Tech.

        Riley’s offense isn’t close to what Leach did.

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  1. I talked to Brian Kelly last night about why his son signed with Stanford and not USC, and he said that the Trojans program sucked. He kept me on the phone last night picking my brain, because he knows I’m the ultimate USC fanboy ass lick , who doesn’t know shit 😄👍🏼


  2. So your saying scott we will be screwed when we play against the spread. Ditto Charles can you find what Oklahoma did against spread offenses by the numbers. It’s probably 39.0 points a game 459 yd 9.0 per play. 6 plays over 20+ yards a game. Hopefully I’m wrong but anything North of these guesses is horrible. Anything South is deplorable. Somebody find these I am interested to see the numbers. Hopefully I’m way off MG. LAMFAO

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    1. Well, everybody has a tough time covering that offense. Grinch was hired by Urban Meyer as D coordinator at Ohio State before Riley hired him at OK. I suspect the USC D will come together. Grinch has a big job, putting together a unit that was awful last year and that now has so many new guys.

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      1. Grinch was canned after one year at Ohio St. His defense gave up a ton of points during the year.

        Purdue droppsd 59 pts. on Grinch’s Buckeye defense.



  3. Most offensive schemes in CFB (and the NFL), have little trouble moving the ball from the 25 to the 25. The rules favoring the “wide-open” passing game were set up to keep people watching CFB and the NFL on TV. “Virtually” no one enjoyed the 3-0 NFL games way back in the dark ages.

    Once the back of the endzone comes into play, the offensive and defensive schemes/playcalling and the WR/QB/DB/LB talent becomes more relevant.

    So now everyone is hating on Grinch after one game and a few months of preparation and no recruiting class. Next will be the calls for “so-and-so” DC from the NFL to drop their cushy and lucrative DC job and come rescue the USC D. Can’t wait to hear that “Jack Del Rio” is available and would be a great choice….

    Yes, the defense and/or special teams will likely factor into 1 or 2 losses this season. Old muther Hubbard (not the former USC President) left the defensive cupboard bare. The improvements made are incredible since the embarrassing beat-down by UCLA.

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    1. This doesn’t fit the definition of a trap game… especially from a betting viewpoint

      There is a lot of motivation on the USC side due in part to last year’s 42-28 loss at home!

      trap game – A trap game is a game played against an opponent generally deemed to be easy to defeat. As a result, a person or team may not prepare as thoroughly as they would for a formidable opponent. Often this attitude and its attendant lack of preparation lead to a loss.

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      1. I hear ya, Gabby. I guess they’re referring to the fact we’ve got two tough games coming after Stanford — Fresno State and Oregon State —neither of which is a gimme by any stretch of the imagination…


  4. It’s only Thursday and Scott has turned a 66 point game into a loss. Good thing we only play Rice once, they’d be ready for us next time. I wonder if Scott hates Stanford more than he hates the USC counter march routine. It looks as though we might have a hurricane coming in over the weekend, good thing SC is playing up north.

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    1. With any luck, a drunk USC fan will take one for the team and run out onto the field to tackle the tree!!

      I really hate Stanford’s band. Heck, even more than SUCLA’s band.

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      1. Did you register to vote?….. Any good republicans on the ballot?….. I never asked you, are you an election denier?……asking for a friend


      2. I used to feel sorry for the Stanford band because they had purchased new uniforms shortly before they dropped their mascot and became The Cardinal. I have been told the “marching band is just a club not a class” Anyway 30 or so years since they became The Cardinal, so the indignation has given way to just plain smug asshole stupidity.
        As for Ucla at least they have some talented musicians, even though they are a Big 10 wannabe band.B
        TMB is Hollywood ‘s band for a reason.


    1. She was beloved by people from all over the world and lived a long fruitful life until age 96. The longest reigning monarch in the history of the Crown

      RIP Queen Elizabeth II

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    2. May the Queen rest in peace. She was one awesome lady for sure. She let me play with her Cliterous like a electric guitar 🎸. Fans thought I was really a musician 😄


  5. So Stanford pass rush is the freshman from Mater Dei and linebackers to keep Williams in the backfield? LOL, Shaw. Eric gentry should have a field day on Saturday. The Pac 12 plays 2015 football. Only injuries can stop this team in this conference.


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