Raleek Brown Injury Update

USC coach Lincoln Riley addressed Raleek Brown’s sprained ankle today.

“I wouldn’t be close to ruling anybody out at this point,” Riley said. “Any of our guys that got dinged up, have a chance to play in the game.”

Now there’s a backstory on injuries: USC sent out a reminder Wednesday that tweeting or writing about injured players or players seen at practice is not permitted.

“This includes but is not limited to: injured players walking into practice, players not dressed out, players in non-contact jerseys, injured players seen after practice.”

This will cramp those who like to film players walking from the McKay Center to Howard Jones Field for practice.

Brown actually deleted a tweet he sent out earlier this week with an emoji that signaled he was OK.

22 thoughts on “Raleek Brown Injury Update

  1. Raleek had a calf cramp during the run, which may have contributed to the ankle sprain. Not just explosive, he is a very strong runner for a kid who goes about 175. Broke some tackles and moved the pile.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more, 67—-However, if he’s not 100% [and we don’t need him cuz we get off to a great start], let him take Saturday off…

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      1. Eric,
        Yes. He’ll get all the attention he needs if he stays healthy and scores big against UCLA and Notre Dame at the end of the year [the way Adoree did]…
        #RushingT.D., 40YdReceptionForT.D&KickOffReturnT.D…


  2. I’m more worried about what’s between his ears than what’s below his knees. Unique physical talent, for sure. But I got a little wary of the antics shown on his high school highlight reels. Little too much focus on drawing attention to himself and the silly Heisman pose didn’t help alleviate my concerns. I hope he develops some maturity and self control before he does something irreparably stupid. Leaders focus on others, not themselves. Caleb can hopefully provide an example.

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    1. I’m a USC football historian, and I know everything about the program, and coaches. It makes no difference what the players do pose.. etc etc, they will beat anyone on the planet. I wish we played Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Texas all in one day, because the Trojans would kick their ass. Take it from me, the #1 USC Trojans Ass Lick 👅 Fanboy !! 😄👍🏼


      1. steveg49,

        You forgot Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and FSU. If it takes 3 hours to play each game, then you have 8 teams, that would be winning all 8 games in 24 hours. Not bad, for the first day. LOLOL

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      1. The young fella is just 18, he had a great game, and it was his first TD. Good on him.

        Plus, the “Heisman pose” image was in pretty much every media source in the country. Great free advertising for USC recruiting.

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      2. I’m still living in your head, and jiggling your balls for food. You are so genius the way you don’t use a avatar, because it identifies me as a Trojans Ass Suck , Fuck Boy . 😄👍🏼 Hahaha


    2. Jeffry, it is more than likely his youth and exuberance. But as far as I go, I’m the Trojans know it all. So feel free to direct all football questions to me. Do you know why? It’s because I’m the ultimate Trojans fan boy , Ass lick 👅


  3. That’s a great story to read about. Some folks appreciate and take advantage of the opportunity. Great find by this staff. I expect Rice and Bynum and Bryant to have huge games against Stanford. Hopefully, the TE group takes the Stanford D to task. I just don’t see how the Stanford offense scores enough without turning the ball over. If Shaw gets off schedule then he becomes more stubborn and runs instead of getting aggressive. It’s too easy to keep him off schedule with this 2015 offense.


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