Blocking Not A Problem For One USC Player

It seems like more USC players want to be involved since Lincoln Riley got hired. Such a surprise.

The latest is Cody Kessler, who is part of the 2-hour pre-game show on the radio and also does a USC podcast previewing the week’s game.

The problem is Kessler undermines himself from a promotional standpoint because of his well-known penchant for blocking throngs of people on twitter. He blocked USC fans. He blocked USC media. He blocked NFL draft analysts when he turned pro and then fans in Cleveland when he was with the Browns.

The other question is whether Kessler will say anything interesting. He was guarded in interviews at USC, something that doesn’t translate well to being a good analyst.

But hey, maybe he will be like Bill Walton, who didn’t really do media in college and then became an entertaining analyst. Sure.

42 thoughts on “Blocking Not A Problem For One USC Player

    1. Want football news? Bama will easily cover that 20 point spread.

      Gameday generally goes to good matchups. Not this time. They’re going to Austin for one reason and one reason alone…the BBQ!

      Ever since 2006 I’m not terribly fond of Texans. But they do know how to tailgate! 🥩 🍗🍻

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      1. The food/BBQ is great and they have excellent traditions in honoring the meal spread. The ’06 defeat was a tough one. Pete and the staff couldn’t figure out how to contain Young, and there were two key blown ref calls (Young’s first half TD pass, he was obviously down before throwing the pass, and Reggie’s lateral attempt was clearly forward, no fumble, therefore no TX recovery).

        This game might be a blowout.

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      2. It’ll be over by halftime.

        Other than our game, the one I’m really looking forward to is Baylor-BYU. I hope Sitaki’s boys bring it to them!!

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  1. Trojan fans wish they could block out the years Cody Kessler sucked at USC

    You never saw two QB’s who were competing for the starting job suck so bad as Cody Kessler and Max Wittek did vs WAZZU.

    Kessler stunk it up to the tune 8 of 13 for 41 yards.

    Wittek was 3 of 8 for 13 yards

    USC passed for 54 yards the entire game losing to WAZZU 10-7 at the Coliseum

    A worse performance you probably will never see again in your lifetime, the both of them stunk

    That game marked the beginning of the end for Lane Kiffin


    1. Trojan 1967
      It just wasn’t SC’s day. When you are ahead 38-26 with a little over 6 minutes left….you should win the game. They had one of the great offenses in college football that year but it wasn’t a typical Pete Carroll defense. We saw that in the Fresno State Game.


  2. Here’s what ESPN had to say…

    LOS ANGELES — The boos rained down on the field as the final seconds ticked off the clock and the Washington State Cougars defeated the USC Trojans 10-7. It was an embarrassing performance that elicited “Fire Kiffin!” chants in the fourth quarter and could indeed lead to the early dismissal of USC’s head coach if things don’t turn around soon:


  3. Scooter,

    No comment about the Queen passing away? She was the queen since 1951. This is what she saw, she saw the rise of Elvis Presely and rock n roll, the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Buckinghams, The Who, Chad and Jermey, The Kinks, Dave Clark 5, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and other become rock n roll legends. She saw the first landing on the moon, She saw the terrioist attacks on 9/11, met 14 US presidents, Gilligan’s Island, Eye Spy, Man From Uncle, saw the invention of the internet, SAW USC WIN 7 HEISMANS, 6 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR USC FOOBALL, 10 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR USC BASEBALL, saw rap crap come into play, saw the British Empire decline with the loss of Hong Kong and others, and other stuff. She saw a lot of stuff. Wowee.

    God Bless her.

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    1. Gotta play Victoria tonight by the Kinks tonight. Reminds me of the British Empire and the queen. Also gotta play, London is Calling by the Clash. Maybe even Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side. No Elton John though. LOLOL

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      1. We just spent 3 days in Westminster area of London. The queen rocks, and we had a great time. I texted her I was coming but she had an unavoidable appointment and wasn’t able to greet me.

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      2. We just spent 3 days in Westminster area of London. The queen rocks, she allowed me to play with her Cliterous like a electronic guitar 🎸. Man… you should’ve seen me, people thought I sounded like Hendricks, dude.


    2. This is America…fuck that queen. She was a Nazi anyway, German bloodlines.

      You fascist rightwing nutjobs are always pandering to the dregs of society


      1. And I’ve told you clowns, none of you like hearing the truth. It’s like you all want to live in a fantasy world of kittens and rainbows singing kumbaya


      2. Someone needs to look up the definition of “whine”. That or just keep his or her trap shut

        Well in other news…the Rams are getting taken to the woodshed by the Bills. Getting ugly


  4. Stanford switched to a 4 down linemen scheme. They’ve lost 5 STRAIGHT to Washington State… and Lane Kiffen lost to these schools? HELTON LOST TO THESE COACHES? Only the zebras can prevent a Stanford loss at this point.

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  5. One thing about Lincoln Riley: he does not try to hide his play scheme to the upcoming opponents. Instead what he does is scatter the passes and runs around so much that the upcoming opposing coach does not know who SC is going to throw at him and whether it will be run or pass or long or short passes. Helton was always worried about tipping his schemes but then in games even the fans in the stands could call out the next play. And Riley has a one man advantage on offense against Stanford because he has a running QB and Stanford does not.

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    1. Why do you keep trying to prove you are such an asshole, you have already proven it time after time. And if you don’t stop, I’m gonna give you a treat, and let you penetrate my posterior cavity. So hopefully you don’t stop.. wink wink 😉


  6. Cal goes segregated by race. Whites cannot go in common areas in housing. Does that mean the football team cannot associate with each other? What are the progressives going to do next?


    1. I’m telling you, we’ll all be wearing the same thing all the time, soon! Same way the future is always portrayed in the movies.

      I’m sure Nancy is already trying to get the inside scoop on who will be awarded the contract, so Paul can buy some stock. 😛

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    2. Cal goes segregated by race. Whites cannot go in common areas in housing. Does that mean I can’t get a black guy to penetrate me they way I really want it ? 😡


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