My USC-Stanford Pick

From the minute USC’s schedule came out, I had this game circled as a victory.

I don’t think Stanford can stop Caleb Williams and the Cardinal have a recent history of not pulling games out.

Now as the game approaches, the slow doubt creeps in. Some of it is fostered by USC’s defense last week. I can imagine Tanner McKee doing a lot more damage than Rice’s quarterbacks.

So it could be a lively game. Unlike last week.

With that said, I’m taking USC, 45-31.

64 thoughts on “My USC-Stanford Pick

  1. Wolfe great prediction. Why is your so close to mines of 42-28, hey I have problems with people trying get into my mind. Hey Caleb in need you! What the name of that mental health clinic. #WhenPeopleRPlayingMindGamesJustIgnoreThemFightOn

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    1. Mr. Wolf is late today with blog #2 as he slept in after tying one on at the Rocket over on Hawthorne & Rosecrans.

      He ended up having breakfast at Weinerschitzel right around the corner

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      1. Cockatoo Inn use to be a good spot, lot of mafia types used to hang out there.

        LaCoco’s in Manhattan Beach on Sepulveda across from Vasek Polak was another nice place to have dinner and drinks, they don’t make ’em like that anymore



      1. T-bone is a closet Trojan fan… He’s here every day signaling his admiration for the program. He may not type it in words, but I sense his envy


  2. I’m taking 45 – 34.

    Texas almost takes down Alabama. USC fans like to bash Sarkisian, but with that Texas money behind him and the richest recruiting grounds in the nation, it is a huge mistake to think he will remain 7 win Sark.

    The key to me is Texas defensive coordinator, Kwiatkowski. He has learned from Peterson, a master of the game. It was a very good hire.

    The question is whether Grinch can build a unit as solid as Texas on defense. Based on results at Oklahoma, I’m not sure. I am concerned that he is trying to run a defense that is too complex and doesnt focus enough on domination of the defensive line. Almost like his time at Washington State forced him to improvise to make up for undersized linemen and then he never adjusted back when he got the bigger players.

    Sarkisian got a top offensive line coach and a top defensive coach. With Lincoln Riley we have the top offensive mind in the game, but does his supporting staff live up to the requirements? Is the defensive side of the ball always going to fall short?

    It took Sark two years to hang with Alabama. So expecting USC to get there this year would be too much.


    1. Texas-Alabama was a surprise. I thought that Bama would kill them. But you’re right….Kwiatkowski is a Pedersen protege. He was a Pedersen assistant for about 14 years at Boise State and Washington.


  3. We may see Caleb for four quarters today, giving him the time to spread the love to lots more guys and run the score up. See what Utah did to little So.Utah? Trying to gain some of their lost face in that last game. I am looking for Caleb to run for a couple to scores today.

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    1. We may see shit head 💩Caleb Williams for four quarters today, giving him the time to spread the love in my posterior, and run his Nutts up in me.


    2. Maybe it’s just me but Caleb looked banged up in the 4th quarter. He just didn’t have that hop in his step like he usually does especially on one of those sacks….he went down too easily….just an ankle tackle…….a play that he would usually have stayed on his feet and made a play


  4. USC 38 STANFORD 34

    Stanford has been well coached by David Shaw and cast. His mentality says Instinct and Accuracy.

    QB Tanner McKee: is a fantastic rhythm passer with the ball placement and vision to work through progressions, horizontally and vertically. —

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    1. Parcelman007 correct amundo! ND, I’m seeing something in my eyes, Alabama, ND, definitely overrated based on the field study after seeing them. What’s brewing is that we will outscore teams, even if we give big plays. I need to see Clemson, Georgia and Miami who are going to get a poll hype each week until they the that shows what kind of team as we go through this long season. Just week 2, can we pump the brakes on all the fuss over who is the best team after week 2. That includes myself.


    1. Oregon and ND may turn out well but the pundants rated them far too highly. Their new coaches have never been HC’s. Just because they were outstanding Co-Ordinators(and they were), that doesn’t mean they will be good HC’s.

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      1. I hear ya with the coordinator to HC transition. I’m a lifelong Raider fan, and we have a similar situation with new HC Josh McDaniels. He went from an OC to HC for the Broncos, lasted two seasons, was fired, and went 11-17.

        After being OC for the next 11 seasons, he’s getting another chance to prove himself.


    1. Cal75
      Marshall is a really good team. I didn’t expect them to beat ND at ND…..ND is 0-2 but they played two really good teams. They have a new coach and are breaking in a new QB so we’ll just have to wait and see about ND.


      1. Appalachian State beats TAM. Maybe USC can poach some of their line recruits. Big12 would be smart to poach App State.


      1. Fresno State, Oregon State, Washington State, Utah, UCLA, ND…..even Arizona and Arizona State are respectable. It may not be the toughest schedule in the world but it’s tougher than we thought it would be before the season started.


    1. OUR defense doesn’t break — but the officials can still break us…

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    1. They are tackling well. I don’t see a lot of missed tackles. They are doing well so far considering that this season really is a rebuilding season. I just don’t think that they have all the pieces yet.

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