USC-Stanford Live Blog

USC has five pass interference penalties overall.

Mekhi Blackmon has three pass interference penalties.

Why is Jordan Addison returning punts? It’s insane.

USC 35, Stanford 14 at halftime. Offense: Very good. Defense: Quite bad.

Does it matter how bad the USC defense is with the offense outstanding?

The USC defense looks atrocious at times.

I’m not a fan of Jordan Addison’s gold tights.

The USC offense isn’t having problems as Jordan Addison takes a short catch and goes 22 yards for the TD. USC 14, Stanford 0.

Mekhi Blackmon with the interception in the end zone, which overcomes a bad offsides penalty by Brandon Pili on fourth down.

Stanford comes right back with a touchdown drive where they ran the ball far too easily against the USC defense.

Romello Height leaves game with right shoulder area injury.

The USC defense looks awful vs. the run. Might not matter today but still . . .

It’s a fast start for USC as another pass comes off the receiver’s hands and is eventually intercepted by Max Williams.

Here we go: USC vs. Stanford at Stanford Stadium.

The game will start at 4:44 p.m. on ESPNews.

As expected, the crowd looks very thin.

71 thoughts on “USC-Stanford Live Blog

      1. I have to agree with Wolf. I thought the very same thing. Why is he returning punts, but also the score is 38-14 so he doesn’t need to take the risk of injury. This is garbage time.

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      2. Hey tebowobama defensive line had 3.5 sacks, they played ok against the run and pass they created some pressure which lead 4 turnovers. Hey Frost I heard your AD wants you to come to his house and get his last paycheck. “You are going to get it” Like Raven Simone said . Would you have told me CH would get a coach fired. Wow

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  1. Did Stanford run the slow mesh in their first game, or is this a surprise?

    For a defense that already seems to have problems, this slow mesh might be really difficult to stop if they weren’t practicing for it.

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  2. Early returns are showing us that the PAC-12 may have been wrongly derided by the pundits or all the other teams just suck as much as the PAC12


  3. 14-0 USC we are playing physical enough 4 of my predictions are coming true Can we get Bryant on play action deep behind the defense now the cardinals start there 3 drive deep in there own need a stop.. Refs trying to help the cardinals . I see we are going to keep giving big run plays and now ralen doesn’t go with back. That is awful like I said offense has to make up for poor run defense.

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  4. Now I see were a bend but dont break D until u get inside the 10 I get it DC won’t win any style points in yardage but in points allowed and winning the turnover margin great strategy. Power running game with physicality nice

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  5. Lol at Graham Harrell and Clay Helton. I feel bad for all the players they did a huge disservice to. I do remember Pudly taking great offense to me saying that Clay Helton had robbed the entire student body of a full USC experience. Max, Rick, Barrak, Pat Haden, Lynn Swan, Carol and Mike Bohn can all go and eat a bucket of dicks.

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  6. We all knew the offense was stellar and the defense had problems from the Rice game. We should have been predicting a 69 – 49 score.

    I am wondering if this mesh is causing alot of the problems, or if the defense is just as bad overall as it looks.


  7. Stanford is running a surprise completely new offense. Let’s see if Coach Grinch can make the necessary adjustments at halftime. The 2nd half will tell us alot about this defense.

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      1. You have a very liberal definition of coasting. Will be interesting to see how Riley responds to the questions of why the 2nd half was entirely different from the first. Even the most incompetent reporter would come with this question straight out of the gate.


    1. But…but…still USC sucks, don’t they? Gold tights! Nua is a moron! Grinch is an idiot! Too many incompletes in the second half!


      1. I have no idea who you are as I don’t recall seeing you on here prior. That said; you’re very bad at watching football.


  8. Hesitate to say this …but…with 9 minutes to go Caleb’s arm looks dead —- last 2 passes had nothing on them —almost like they slipped off his hand —hope he proves differently in the next drive…


  9. Kiffin got beat his first time at Stanford.
    Sark beat them his first time up there.
    Helton of course started Max Brown and got beat at the farm.
    Lincoln Riley doin’ work!

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  10. Well the only thing we are waiting for is the final score: Prediction 7:54 4th qtr our defense will let them score and I will be only 1 pts off the final score. 42-28. And I don’t play any betting games maybe I should. Now watch pollster only move up to 8 instead of 5

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    1. Admittedly USC isn’t playing great 4th quarter ball …but …as expected the refs are gonna make this close to keep the audience till the end….

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      1. USC hasn’t needed to play 4th quarter much at all so far. I would imagine if they had wanted to they could have made 52 points, but why run it up.

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  11. Riley is doing the dumbest fucking thing you can do —let the players know their only goal is nurse the lead…. no attack… just nurse the lead…

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