The Friday USC Column Supplement

Here’s another TV appearance from former USC football player Phil Hoover from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Phil Hoover (left) with Gil Gerard in a 1980 episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.
  • And here are some footballs that belong to former player Ron Heller. The first is a signed football with signatures from the 1962 national championship team. And the second is a game ball from the USC-Iowa contest where Heller scored the only TD in USC’s 7-0 upset of the No. 6-ranked Hawkeyes.

45 thoughts on “The Friday USC Column Supplement

  1. hi john,i wunna giv the yung hi scool gurls sum candey,u think thay wud like that,may be i can ware a klown khaschoom that i keap in the bais mint,evry wun likes a klown,

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  2. Memo to Scott–

    Slow down a bit, old buddy, you post as if you are late to catch a jet-plane.

    Let us absorb the comments for another minute or 2 before changing the subject once again.


  3. That acting job by Heller wasn’t anything compared to OJ’s here!

    When Hal Holbrook threatens their families, he genuinely seems like a guy about to whack someone who was…let’s say, messing with his ex wife!

    THAT’S acting! Cuz we all know OJ wouldn’t hurt a fly. Not like me & Tirebiter who kill flies without giving it a second thought.

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    1. Oh, I don’t know about that So Cal.

      I know you are a God-guy, and since the only definition of God that makes sense is that God is The All, is everything and in everything, that means God is also the flies.

      Now, flies are one of my least favorite things in life, but I recognize that they too wish to live and that they are made up of some of the same materials I am.

      Still, in all honesty, I do kill them too

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      1. You must’ve missed the post by Tirebiter a couple of weeks ago where he expressed some regret about it. I assured him we all do it and try to make it as quick as possible.

        Heck, if they’re at the back patio door trying to get out, I try my best to slide it open for them without scaring them before they exit. Because yes, they too, are God’s creatures.

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    2. So Cal,

      I come form a military fmaily background. My dad was with SAC and he worked on the Apollo missions. This struck a nerve knowing that men died in the Apollo Capusle and burned to death and that my dad actually saw the laucnhing of Apollo 11 with the crew. This movie does not settle with me too well.

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      1. Sorry to hear that. All I can suggest is looking at it from the perspective of “what is our government capable of, in its most evil form?”, without any regard for what it is they’re trying cover up.

        Take World War Z. I think that’s an incredible movie and have always watched it while almost ignoring the zombie aspect of it. My thoughts are more about how quickly our society would collapse with a ridiculously contagious & deadly virus, without the mutation.

        But still, I’d never have mentioned it had I known.

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    1. Sorry guys (i. e., pantheists and deists). When I see any of our 10 inch to one foot long Maui centipedes I stomp them —one foot on the head, one foot simultaneously on the tail. I’ve seen 3 kids bitten by these motherfuckers since I got here…and I don’t wanna see any more…. I keep stomping until they are in at least 3 separate pieces…. just like MOST of my neighbors do…. there’s one guy who said “leave them alone –they just do what they do” —and I told him “well, this is what I do.”

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      1. Thank you, John —makes me happy to hear that….

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    1. …and he almost always comes through….be it recalling a restaurant, a memory of this or that building on campus, a poignant tale of a former great now hitting upon hard times, a cheap shot at one of coaches or administrators…..

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  4. Michael Guardino- The way he destroys and kills those giant centipedes in Hawaii there is no question he could still today in his 70’s be the physical middle linebacker we need on this USC football team. If Marv Goux were still alive today he would be on the 1st plane to Maui to grab this guy because he’s a real Trojan, and nothing gets in his way even a centipede.

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    1. Tommyd,
      A centipede got me…once… but I bounced back like a Trojan…


      1. Michael: You took a hit from that centipede, but then you destroyed the opposition. Marv Goux would be proud of you!! Clay Helton, would have told sat you down for next week’s game because you were too physical to play on his football team. I hear the aggressive Tiger Sharks in the waters bordering the island of Maui pack their bags and head for Molokai when you enter the water for your daily swim in Kihei, Wailea, and Kaanapali. You must have been just as intimidating in the court room.

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      2. Once, when I first got here, I went for a swim and, when I got pretty far out, I felt something big & slimy under my foot …… I swam back to shore saying my prayers the whole way…


      3. Michael: Wow That big shiny thing was a tiger shark. Once he swam up under you he realized this is “one bad dude” so he retreated back to Molokai. Tiger Sharks usually have no fear, but not this time apparently. Man we need you as a middle linebacker like I told you, and most if not all defense lawyers hated to compete against you in court.

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      4. I have to print your stuff out and show it to my wife, Tommyd —she could learn a lot from your wise words…



        I am worried what happened to that other stud OWNS. It’s almost as if he turned into a California Condor like the rest of the so called faithful Bruin fans.

        Michael……….I am worried about the Trojans vs. Fresno St. tomorrow night. This QB at Fresno St. is another stud just in a small body, and the coach Jeff Tedford is a brilliant play caller.

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      6. We’ll win —but it ain’t gonna be easy. I think we’re in for a fight.


    1. He looks at some stuff, John —but you’re probably right: when he sees our names he knows better than to read what comes next…

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    1. Like I said the best media deal for PAC 12 is to keep Oregon Washington together, the reality is the BIG, doesn’t want either school. If the SEC adds 4 teams from ACC, then they will have to raid the PAC12 along with Cal, Stanford. If they are million dollars apart like the reports states. If, I was commissioner, I would sell 49% of the PAC 12 Network to ESPN, give them the right to televise the best games on Friday nights, so it would be the only game on besides HS football in Southern California. And give them the second best game on Pac 12 after dark on Saturday’s nights. That would increase the conference footprint after USC & SUCLA leave in 2024. The last alternative is to sell the entire PAC 12 Network to ESPN or Amazon, Peacock or anybody who wants this trash conference anyway. Even with CFP, will any PAC12 champion ever reach the title game? Hell naw JESSIE!!!!!!#Pac12WillAlwaysBeTheMost5thWatchedGameOf theWeekUnlessTrojansAreOn#HeyGeorgeHireMeAsAConsultantI’mExperiencedInHoodMediaRelations


      1. And don’t you get a kick out of how people will simplify their descriptions of other persons– “Oh, he is so smart,” or “She is so ditzy,” when in fact each one of us is made up of 100-or-so different parts.

        I mean, I can put together a Summons and Complaint, but ask me to put together your car, I will probably end up dismantling it

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    1. Corso just picked Cal to upset the Irish in South Bend! Maybe at Memorial Stadium, but in front of Touchdown Jesus?! I don’t know.

      I usually root for ND when they’re not playing us, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Cal win.

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