Thursdays With Lincoln Riley

Lincoln Riley said today he “feels better” about linebacker Shane Lee’s progress from a hand injury but did not say if Lee would play against Utah.

Riley said he “got out in front of it” when he said he expected Lee to play against Washington State.

  • Riley said there was no specific reason for Austin Jones’ limited appearance vs. Washington State: “We left the game saying that we should’ve played Austin more.”
  • Riley on if USC is playing to College Football Playoff level: “Oh I’m way too experienced for that question.”
  • Riley on Caleb Williams this season: “He’s done a lot of good things. I think he can play more consistent.”

43 thoughts on “Thursdays With Lincoln Riley

  1. Lincoln Riley said today he “feels better” about linebacker Shane Lee’s progress from a hand injury but did not say if Lee would play against Utah.

    Dudes play with a broken hand, what’s the matter with these chumps, can’t play because she hurt her hand…what a pussy!


      1. HURRY, PULL THE FINGER!!!!…… it’s been marinating all morning in my own ass hole. And guess what? It stretched out so much, that I didn’t feel a thing 😂😂


    1. Inner Tebowobama: Speaking of hands…I will never forget the time Old Lukey caught me doing certain things with my hands in the attic. Oh, the shame of it.


  2. Thursday’s with Lincoln sure does beat Sunday’s with Clay.

    Unreal how bad Clay was in every aspect (coaching, game adjustments, caliber of assistant coaches and recruiting).

    Happy LR is here and hope he doesn’t bolt to Chargers or bucks to the Rams!

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  3. SCOTUS just gave the orange cheeto the middle finger, AGAIN!…..laughing my ass off

    The twice-impeached grifter is like 2 for 22 in dealing with SCOTUS… EMBARRASSING!

    I see this sack of shit getting indicted right before Christmas…..he earned it

    And the dipshit slo cal would vote for him again, pathetic!


    1. I must think about this more deeply. I wonder how one laughs one’s ass off. Does that mean you laugh with your ass. Oh, well, maybe it will disguise the other blather I put out.

      I will be glad when Biden is out office, then I can take this dunce cap off. I mean, I cannot admit it to anyone else, but, man, have to have been a super low-grade moron to have voted for Biden. If there is such a thing as a negative IQ, I must confess to it to have voted for Biden. Maybe if I own up to it they will all forgive me and have a group hug. Tired of thinking about it, time to get back to my Archie and Jughead comics.

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      1. Gabby is not a moron — anything but — he is, however, more committed to a particular party [the one which happens to currently be in a death spiral] than he is to logic or good sense…

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      2. No. She’s a moron. And a hypocrite.

        Claims I’m obsessed with Biden, when I’ve merely refer to the most recent dose of comedic material given to us by our CURRENT President. Even the Saudis are calling him out right now about his desperate attempts to get them to delay production cuts until after the midterms. His pleas weren’t about relieving the pocketbooks of Americans. It was all about getting those who have been complicit with him re-elected.

        Meanwhile, she IS completely obsessed with Trump.

        She’ll cry about this and attempt to deny it. But 80% of the readers of this blog know my comments are spot on.

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      3. No. slo cal’s moron. And a hypocrite.

        Claims I’m obsessed with trump , when I’ve merely referred to the most recent dose of comedic material given to us by the twice-impeached ex-President. Even Republicans are calling him out right now about his desperate attempts to get them to delay the DOJ investigation. His pleas weren’t about seeking justice. It was all about getting those that have been suckered into doubling down with more donations to pay his legal bills

        Meanwhile, slo troll is completely obsessed with Biden .

        He’ll cry about this and attempt to deny it. But 80% of the readers of this blog know slo cal is a dunce!


      4. As a party-first, ultra loyal dem, life must be hard for Gabby these days. He’s blowing his considerable talents defending an illusion. One sign Trump can’t be THAT bad: The crazy left [and their media pals] is/are doing everything they can to dismantle the country —they’re attacking freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, religious liberty, voter integrity, the right to bear arms, American history, sane elementary school curriculum etc., etc., 24/7. The fact they’re throwing Trump into that mix means there must be something good about the guy.

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      5. MG….you are correct regarding there must be “something good” about trump. I look at him as the gift that keeps on giving!

        First off, his gift of “incompetence” during the last year of his presidency helped propel Biden to a win and claim the most votes ever for a Presidential election…..Thank you, Donald!

        Second, his total lack of character judgment has placed the Democratic candidates in OH, PA, and GA in a strong position to win the seat.

        Third, and my favorite, the lies, and misinformation he continues spewing to the public and more pointed toward his base, related to the theft of Government documents. This rhetoric amounts to softballs for the media to hit out of the ballpark…..Quite the gift!



        Special Report: Trump told Saudi: Cut oil supply or lose U.S. military …

        Apr 30, 2020 — WASHINGTON/LONDON/DUBAI (Reuters) – As the United States pressed Saudi Arabia to end its oil price war with Russia, President Donald Trump

        Big Oil, along with every other business, tanked when Trump decimated the economy during the pandemic. The idiot didn’t have a clue about anything. He bankrupted the country.

        Trump’s Lock Down sent oil prices plummeting so he had to cut a deal with his Saudi master’s to cut oil production because Big Oil weren’t making billions in profit

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      7. I wonder why anyone would talk about the Biden! I mean, sure, he is the President of the US (or at least nominally). And, yes, he has completely trashed the economy, and he has made us totally dependent on foreign energy. And along with his demo colleagues we have a floodgate at the border and historically high crime rates. And, yes, he does occasionally joke about Repubs being Nazi racists. And okay, our schools are going down the crapper. And he does have trouble clearly thinking (and keeps asking what the big red button is for), and his VP can barely utter a comprehensible sentence. But I hereby declare that is no reason to talk about Biden! I defy anyone to refute me!

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    2. SCOTUS just gave the orange cheeto the middle finger, AGAIN!…..laughing my ass off

      The twice-impeached grifter is like 2 for 22 in dealing with SCOTUS… EMBARRASSING!

      I hope to suck his Orange balls just before Christmas…..he earned it
      Love ❤️ me some Donald ❤️


    3. Gabby, Problems: Crime, Southern Border, Inflation, Quality jobs, DOJ corruption, Gas Prices, Religious Freedom, Quality education, Government Spending, Election integrity, Environmental spending, Which one is all Trumps fault? Just askin for a friend. Best to quit with all the political BS don’t ya think. We are in midseason right now.


      1. Steve…..I wasn’t blaming trump for many of the current problems. I merely called out how fast SCOTUS shut down another one of his stall tactics, with a one-sentence response. And that he has had abysmal luck of late with judges.

        The 11th district court of appeals basically called trump’s little lady judge in Florida a joke. The shit trump pulls is beyond comical. He’s a threat to OUR democracy and needs to go away. …..Like behind bars

        As far as the DOJ goes, you’re right. Billy Barr had trump dead-to-right on obstruction charges but swept it under the rug.

        #FIGHT ON!


      2. Why do people think I am moron?! I just don’t get it. Things are going great! Never better. People need to chill–I recommend Rod McKuen’s book of poetry.


  4. THE LINCOLN and his staff is running fairly smoothly on a good grade of petrol as will this nation post democrat tryanny…have a nice day y’all.

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      1. SoCal,

        Another reason not to care for Biden. I work at LAX and on Tuesday I saw the C-17 land with the presidental car. Yesterday, Pinocclio Biden shows up at 4:30 PM. They shut down the airport 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after he lands. He screws up traffic as normal. he went to brentwood. Tough to get there during those hours, and makes it worse when the puppet shows up. Today I saw the Vice President’s plane. What is she doing here? There shoud be a law that states, any governmental offical that is on a campaign trip only will come to LA on the weekend and leave no later than 11:59 pm Sunday night. They shall not land no earlier than 6:00 A.M. on Satruday morning. How rude of this jerk.

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      2. So in 2033 buy a new gas car. Piss off the democraps. Better yet, have the democraps ride in a covered wagon only on 2035 and let people who want gas cars get them. That will equal out each other’s demand.

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      3. IF CALIF WOULD QUIT VOTING FOR THE COMMUNIST TOTALITARIANS ALL THIS WOULD GO AWAY…guess they like being bossed around and have their money taken and given away to buy votes and keep them enslaved…

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      4. Ha! [MSNBC has been telling them, “you’re lucky—only the beautiful people get to be enslaved” —and a solid majority bought it]…..


      5. Wait wait wait…. by the time 2035 comes around, I have strong doubts you’ll still be breathing…..

        You can barely hit the rim of the toilet when pissing….. I can’t imagine how poor your driving skills must be in 2022, to even think about 2035…..senile!


      6. If Californian’s quit voting for democrats the state would no longer have the 5th largest economy in the world and instead be bankrupt


    1. Is he red shirting after all this year or has he burned up his redshirt already? He will be very valuable next year when Dye and Jones graduate, if he’s able to come back next year.

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  5. Gabby,

    I have seen Bush, Obuma, Obuma, Biden, and Biden fly in on AF1. They all flew in on a weekday. they snarl traffic. If you had read the last paragrpah, there should be a law in which they are campining, then they can only come in on the weekend. I say that for all presidents.

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      1. Enjoy, World!

        Without a Worry in the World

        You all have seen the vagabond
        as he went singing in the dawn
        without a worry in the world
        I’ve never seen a gipsy who
        Could be a gipsy through and through
        and have a worry in the world


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