USC Morning Buzz: Pac-12 Poll Is Out!

USC was picked to finish fourth in the Pac-12 preseason men’s basketball poll, which is exactly what the oddsmakers listed earlier in the week.

Have the Trojans ever been picked to win the conference by the poll, which started in 1984-85? No. Of course that was the season USC last won the Pac-12.

 Team (First Place Votes)Points
1. UCLA (26)386
2. ARIZONA (3)352
3. OREGON (3)336
4. USC300
5. STANFORD (1)239
10. UTAH102

13 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Pac-12 Poll Is Out!

  1. Damn, so 37 years since bozo BB was the PAC conf. champion.

    #Cue: “Yesterday”

    The greatest ex-bozo BB player is female, Cheryl Miller.

    Just asking for a friend; is old man Mobley still employed by Andyain’twinning?


    1. So…my friend Owns is also “Yesterday U”…… I shoulda known. [Hey!
      That gives me an idea! Since everyone here knows you you so well, why not drop “JustOwns” and go with “YourFriendOwns”? It would make all your biting remarks seem that much nastier]….
      P. S.
      Wasn’t the guy [Hunter Echols] who was bragging about how he left USC so he could “play more football!” the same guy who cost us the game at Cal by slow walking off the field and getting us a 12 men on the field penalty that changed a Cal field goal into a Cal TD?


      1. He was (Way to go Hunter), and don’t forget MG SUCC flipped him from UCLA. I remember all the Rah-Rah’s LOL and and waving their flags after Echols flipped.

        BTW MG, UCLA doesn’t give out rings for 19 pt. losses in an Elite Eight Tournament game.

        #Cue: “Ain’t It a Shame”


    2. Hey BruinRob, last time I checked, USC was not a basketball school, unlike UCLA which has not won a NCAA title since 1995.; that’s twenty-eight years numb nuts. But since it is football season let’s bring up the fact that UCLA has not won a Rose Bowl since 1986, thirty-seven years, and been to the Rose Bowl since 1999, twenty-four years. All of this begs the question, is the UCLA Rose Bowl drought longer than you’ve been employed under the Golden Arches?

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      1. Yeah Stu, let’s talk about the Wooden years at UCLA with Sam Gilbert, where they were blatantly cheating every day of the week. Yet when Jerry Tarkanian was at Long Beach State at the same time, if he made one phone call too many the NCAA was ready with the Death Penalty. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.


      2. It obvious n4, you’re a Clown U Rah-Rah because you can’t read. This thread is about BB and Clown U’s pathetic failure to win the PAC Conf. title in last 37 years.

        A friend has asked me to remind you SUCC BB is OOOOOOOO fer forever as a NCAA tournament BB champion.

        #Cue: Kid Rock’s “Cold and Empty”


      3. Hey BruinRob, answer the question. Which is longer, UCLA,’s Rose Bowl drought or your tenure at the Golden Arches?


  2. Thank you Lord, for saving baseball with the ABS challenge system. No more shifts, no more nerds. Prove it on the field. Just like basketball, prove it in March. Enfield has no excuses with this joke of a conference, win something finally.

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    1. I ASSUME that top recruit Vince Uwuchuckwu will not get to play MBB competitively any more. Sad for Vince. Hoping his heart condition is “fixable” and he has a long life ahead of him.

      Still, I like this USC MBB team and the recruiting Enfield and staff and Mobley have done. Level of play will need to improve entering the B1G. An annual trip to the Dance is an expectation.


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