Linebacker Becomes Special Teams Specialist

One player you haven’t heard much about this season is linebacker Raesjon Davis.

But Lincoln Riley was asked about him Tuesday.

“We’re really pleased,” Riley said. “He’s been a special teams impact player for a couple of weeks now.

“He’s really progressing defensively. He’s one of those guys who is right on the cusp of playing significant reps and earning time. He’s worked hard. He’s really changed his body, which was a big challenge for us after spring. I think he’s on a very upward trajectory.”

Donte Williams burned Davis’ freshman season by playing him on special teams in every game. That was coaching malpractice. Now his second season is also apparently dedicated to special teams.

One footnote: The participation chart for the Utah game does not list Davis as playing. They have been wrong before. But Riley seems to think he played so maybe he did.

29 thoughts on “Linebacker Becomes Special Teams Specialist

  1. I guess Mr. Wolf has access to the all 22 tapes of every game USC has played this season so he can question the head coach of a Division 1 school. What a piece of work.


  2. Thus Just IN! Lendale “finds” $150,000 in his room and nobody at SC knows anything about it!

    Sanctions? Who’s talking about sanctions?


      1. I can’t argue with you LJ and you would be a fool to do it anyways. Including that Sec honk Paul Finerbaum!


    1. This World,

      If all the other teams and its fans hate SC, then why are they complaining about them leaving? You would think that they would be happy. For ugly, everyone is happy, too bad they don’t leave and just sink in the ocean.


  3. Mr K needs to give Tebow some lessons on how to troll effectively. I wonder just how many people agree, or even believe what he says.


    1. Is this the blog to ask questions about the team? Not sure anyone, including the blogger could answer that one. But a great question which should be asked of someone that could possibly answer.


  4. I read that George K is claiming fans are not happy with USC leaving the Pac-12. I cant wait until we leave this corrupt, incompetent conference.

    Curious if anyone else still wants to be in the Pac-12?

    Curious George had his chance but he monkeyed around and lost USC.

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  5. In addition to Raesjon Davis, what about Julien Simon? If our linebacker corp is so good that they cant get on the field, then why dont I see it in the yards they allow, both passing and rushing?

    Isnt Raesjon supposed to be very fast and good in coverage? We could sure use that against good QBs. I just think that Shane Lee has a really low ceiling of talent based on poor speed and doesnt get the job done.

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    1. Game, I have questioned Lee’s ability to cover for several games. Glad to see I am not alone. Seems he is slow to turn and move and is always several yards behind the receiver he supposed to cover.

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    2. And that explains why Alabama did not re-enact the sad refrain of “Don’t cry for me Argentina” when Shane Lee decided he couldn’t cut it at Alabama and so headed to SC

      When will the Trojans realize that the portal is not producing 5-star talent and learn that they cannot overtake Alabama by taking the Crimson Tide’s leftovers?


  6. It’s called poor eye discipline by all of the defenders. Guys get fixated on watching the ball instead of following the rules. That tells you it’s either fatigue, slowness of reaction and a lack of discipline or unfortunately, coaching which goes back to why the coaches are allowing this to happen. Make no mistake, I’ve seen offensive linemen fail to pickup delayed blitzes, or technique failures in protecting the qb and don’t get me started on receivers not knowing how to separate from these mediocre Pac 12 db’s. The great thing is this team improves but consistency is missing.


  7. During her speech in Seattle today, Harris commented on the nostalgia of a “yellow school bus.”

    “Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus, right? Can you raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus? Many of us went to school on the yellow school bus, right? It’s part of our experience growing up. It’s part of a nostalgia, a memory of the excitement and joy of going to school to be with your favorite teacher, to be with your best friends and to learn. The school bus takes us there,” she said.

    These comments were mocked on Twitter as another example of embarrassing moments from the vice president:

    “Okay changed my mind about Fetterman,” The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller joked.

    CNN contributor Mary Katherine Ham also joked, “Please sing Wheels on the Bus, please sing Wheels on the Bus.”

    What was that you were saying about invoking the 25th, Guarino? 😛


    1. On another note, we now have 80 aircraft, 14 ships and about 6,000 troops from 24 NATO allies in the Adriatic, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Also, developing today…Finland has given NATO the green light to put nukes on their border with Russia.

      Gone down that rabbit hole yet, Cal? Take the good stuff with you! Don’t leave it top side!! No sense holding onto those bottles for a special occasion.


    1. Aw, Man. I was just about to suggest singing kumbaya while enjoying some s’mores, Pat.

      Even though you told us to f off, you have yourself a great evening!!


  8. Why do Republicans care about the Vice President? Who gives a crap about her obsession with a stupid bus? Go join Kanye on Parler or that other idiot Musk buying phony companies like Twitter. Your not a victim, just too foolish to enjoy what you have. Don’t worry about the rest of us. Both parties are trash, we still make money. Washington DC doesn’t care about anyone, anymore. No one worships on the Beltway banter altar here.


    1. Why worry about the VP? Because thanks to 81M fools, the VP has never been more likely to have to take over. If anyone who voted for all of this doesn’t enjoy being reminded of how dumb they were, too bad! You asked for it.


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