USC Transfer Portal Notes

Coastal Carolina defensive end Josaiah Stewart announced his top 3 choices are LSU, Michigan and USC.

  • USC has offered scholarships to University of Arizona defensive lineman Kyon Barrs and Coffeyville Community College offensive lineman Keyshawn Blackstock. Barrs has been offered by Miami, Auburn, Tennessee and LSU. Blackstock is considered by some to be the No. 1 junior-college offensive lineman in the nation. He has 45 offers, including Oregon, Michigan State, Florida State and Auburn
  • Sightings: USC assistant coach Dennis Simmons was at the Arizona state high school football championship games at Sun Devil Stadium over the weekend.


45 thoughts on “USC Transfer Portal Notes

      1. It is futile to talk facts and analysis to someone who is enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance


    1. And what did OSU do with unrated linemen and an entire D all 3* or less? Our line depth really sucked with the injuries this year Williams was constantly having to run for his life. And our D sucked starting with Grinch. I would take all no Stars if they can tackle, play for each other as a TEAM! Together Everyone Achieves More!!


    1. Scottie Season Grades

      QB: B+ “I don’t care if Williams had the best statistical season of any USC QB, ever, he should have sat himself down in the Pac-12 game after getting injured, and he needs to learn how to slide, and he has to stop forcing throws to Addison. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t the holiday season, I’d give him a B”

      RB: B “175 yards per game rushing, with a 5.1 yards per carry average, that is no big deal if you have USCs passing attack. Should have been 200 plus yards per game, and 6 yards per carry.”

      WR: B “They were decent. But not better than that. They need to learn to run better routes and there were too many drops by Rice. Apparently he didn’t inherit his dad’s hands.”

      OL: C+ “Haskins, Ford, and Murphy Mason should have been a lot better.”

      DL: C- “This would have been an “F” if not for Tui.”

      LB: D+ “This would have been an “F” if not for Gentry.”

      D-backs: “I don’t care Blackmon was a third team All American and that Bullock will be an All American next year”, they sucked, because they were coach by Dante. Full stop.”

      Special Teams: F “How can it be anything other than an F with a punter named
      Sleepy, with awful onside kicks, and with a guy throwing a lateral on a kickoff over Raleek’s head.”

      Coaching: D+ “Riley gets a B, Dante an F, Grinch an F, and give those other loser coaches on the staff a C-“

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      1. That’s pretty harsh and stark – good night the record was outstanding no one expected this – hoped for it? Yes! but expected it? No!

        I get your point per Williams being allowed to continue play against UT but not sold on the rest – his stats belie what you inferred.

        Pass Attempts – 448 Completions – 296 against 4 picks
        TDs passing 37
        Rushes attempts 109 ydg gained 373 avg per carry 3.4
        TDs rushing 10

        No other QB came close to those numbers none.

        The rest of your critique is also hard but far closer to the reality but again trojan1967 this has been a remarkable year because the Pac12 itself was so much better than it has been in years and THAT is due to a conference wide awareness that USC was back before we proved we were BACK.

        Take care amigo

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      2. Rusoviet,

        I agree with you 100%. My post was tongue-in-cheek, predicting what Scottie’s grades would have been had he delivered them for the full body of work.

        It was a terrific season, despite what the blogger writes on a daily basis.

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      3. well…hmmm…SC did have an 11-2 year and beat both ucla and ND and both highly rated teams and several Pac12 teams also highly rated,so SC incl defense nearly led nation in various areas,so I do agree there were areas bad also, but fire the DC…not really…DB coach ? probably…I do like you are not looking thru the rose colored glasses which many do


  1. The news coming in on the great Mike Leach is all bad. Reports indicate his brain was without oxygen for 10 to 15 minutes. Nobody come back from that.
    All who loved this unique man should say a prayer for him and his family.

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      1. Not being sarcastic. I’m a big fan of Coach Leach. He revolutionized the game —but more than that he was a hardcore individual who said what was on his mind without running it through the political correctness washing machine.

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      2. I heard the same thing, Gabby. The report I heard was that his family wants to see if a miracle occurs overnight….and, if not, make the hard decision tomorrow [which is why there haven’t been any medical updates]. It’s such a bummer that a man so full of life and good humor has been reduced to this.

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      3. The reporting claims he had no oxygen to the brain for 10 to 15 minutes until the EMTs arrived, and they shocked his heart to recover a pulse

        I just read as few as 5 minutes of no oxygen can lead to severe brain damage. The reporting also said he was experiencing seizures, a sign of starvation of oxygen to the brain…

        Hey Mr. Leach, all of us on Inside USC are praying for you…..We believe in miracles. This season was nothing short of a miracle with some unfinished business!


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  2. Scooter,

    Since Caleb won the Heisman, USC retires the number to honor the player and the number. So my question is this, Does Caleb have to get permission from Caleb in order to wear #13 for USC next year? Will they hang the big jersey at the Coli next year? if he wins it next year will there be two #13′ jersies at the Coli? Get on it. We gots to know.

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    1. Yes. Caleb has to get Caleb’s permission to wear #13 next year.


      1. If you can put a helmet on the actual junk yard dogs and then get them to do what needs to be done, I’d say go for it. It’s a dog world out there.

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      2. We need to bring in some really talented interior D-Linemen. Last year we brought in Earl Barquet from TCU and he hardly ever got on the field. That’s not what we need. We need people that will make an impact. That’s step #1. If we do that and we still don’t have a great defense, then we need to go to step #2…..go out and hire a great DC. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You do things one step at a time.

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      3. I’m not convinced Utah attracts big talent. They develope it. Oregon buys it. That’s something else we need to fix….our NIL. Miami should not be bringing in more talent than us…..we have a better program…..their program is a joke. They were 5-7 last year and they got stomped in a number of those games. But, yeah……I’d go for a great DC right now. That’s because I just don’t think keeping Grench around for another year will change much. I just don’t think that they are going to do that.

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      4. We need that DC that develops players that become draft worthy! I wonder how Orgeron would do as a DC. We all know he coached a team to a Natty and is an outstanding recruiter

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      5. Orgeron as a DC? Who knows? He’s never been a DC in his life. He can certainly coach the D-Line. That’s for sure. He’s also a great recruiter. A great HC? He’s never proven that to me either. His 2019 team won the NC because they had the best QB in the nation(Joe Burrow) and also 2 of the best receivers(JaMarr Chase and Justin Jefferson) and they had one of the best DC’s in the nation(Dave Aranda) and one of the best OC’s in the nation(Joe Brady). With people like that I could have coached them to a NC. Just get out of the way and let them do their thing.
        We’re in a similar situation at SC. We have some of the best receivers in the nation and one of the best OC’s in the nation(LR). All we need is some top notch defensive players and a great DC

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      6. Love it, Gabby. But Carol wouldn’t let Orgeron come back…. cuz …. [wait for it] …..’morals.’


      7. #”ThisManHasNoBusinessAnywhereNearThePathOfRighteousness”

        Good one!……laugh of the day!

        I will say one thing about Orgeron when he talks you can’t mistake that voice!….definitely unique!


  3. We had a terrific season with some things we could improve upon. Gotta love how SC is now the number 1 team to watch. Everyone is going to be watching what we do in the offseason, what we do in recruiting, and what we do on the field.
    Coach Leach is an incredible coach who changed the game. Love him forever!

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