USC Makes Final Four For Former 5-Star

Tunmise Adeleye, a defensive end at Texas A&M, has narrowed his college choices to four schools: USC, Michigan State, Miami and Cal.

Adeleye was a five-star prospect from the Class of 2020 and rated the 25th-best player in the nation by Rivals. He played in only three games last season and made six tackles.


23 thoughts on “USC Makes Final Four For Former 5-Star

      1. I will defend Scott to the death on this one, George!


    1. 5-7 again and he’s gone!…. USC would let him go 5-7 and give him a raise before they finally saw the light and hired Riley. Best move in all of college football …#2 move, Caleb to USC!


  1. Tennessee, Miami, and LSU are throwing offers out to linemen like Middle Class Tax Relief checks. The problem is so many linemen left those programs. Who do they think is fooled by that? If Adeleye picks, USC then I would be impressed but it sounds like Spartans for that player. Kyon Barrs is from Murrietta, has suffered 4 years of losing and has a chance to play for a hometown team that wants to pay him AND play in front of the parents? USC, don’t screw that up, please.

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  2. Bohn and Co better be breaking the bank with an nil deal for this kid. Wasn’t he originally recruited by USC out of highschool.? Name sounds familiar.

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  3. Nelson Agholor stops game to help injured/concussed(?) DeVante Parker off the field after a major hit. Agholor, an outstanding teammate and NE Pats hero.

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      1. It must be the Christmas spirit getting to the ol Scrooge. Bah humbug! Glad we can see a human side of, owns instead of the, snark and satire. Merry Christmas to everyone on here including the trolls.

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      2. What Owns did falls in the same category as what Nelson did — on British television it’s referred to as “Being Human”……

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  4. Bottom line, USC needs to stop harrassing outside collectives. They should give the NCAA a deadline to start enforcing NIL rules, or USC will allow an outside collective that uses dirty money the same way as Miami, etc. USC has plenty of donors they can hit up. An outside collective can target the money at needs much better and Blvd can focus on overall NIL for everyone on the team.


      1. Dude….you have comprehension issues….please define the correlation between a player’s right to unionize, BLVD, and a so-called dirty money collective….I’m waiting….make it good.


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