USC Safety Transfers To ASU

USC safety Xavion Alford has transferred to Arizona State.

Alford appeared to be in the doghouse in 2022 after having a team-high three interceptions in 2021.

Arizona State added four transfers this weekend: Alford, WR Troy Omeire (Texas), DT Dashaun Mallory (Michigan State) and K Dario Longhetto (Cal).

  • Incoming USC linebacker Tackett Curtis was named Mr. Football for the state of Louisiana. Again, do the returning reserve linebackers expect to play when players like Curtis and Mason Cobb of Oklahoma State join the team?

9 thoughts on “USC Safety Transfers To ASU

    1. I saw some film of him when he was a junior in high school and he was unimpressive…..slow, wasn’t strong enough to bull rush anyone and didn’t get much penetration. The best I could say was that he protected his gap pretty well. Then I watched his film as a senior in HS and the improvement was unbelieveable. It look like 2 different players. He was much faster and he was bull rushing people and constantly in the other teams backfield. Hopefully this guy is a late bloomer and is ready to have a breakout year. We’ll see.

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  1. Hopefully they will wait for their chance. It’s football not golf. People have a tendency to get hurt and then it’s…..”the next man up”.

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  2. Well ,college football playoffs results ! michigan chokes, tcu paying the refs for calls ?michigan cheated by refs veruses tcu but also harbaugh choked in the playoffs ! now tcu ugly helmits look like dog crap on top ? and had no business in the playoffs other than bribery got them there ! and the game with ga. horrible ? playing on monday bad tv rating s very low ! Regards , E


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