USC Ranked No. 4 In Too Early Top 25

Athlon has USC ranked No. 4 in it’s way-too-early Top 25.

If you think I will mock this ranking, remember I previously predicted USC would make the College Football Playoff next season. And get manhandled by its opponent.

I feel a little less confident now that I’ve actually seen the USC schedule. But USC can still talent it’s way to the College Football Playoff.


45 thoughts on “USC Ranked No. 4 In Too Early Top 25

  1. Thanks to King George(Kliavekov), it will be tough to make the playoffs. They better do some real fixing on the defense. King George went out of his way to insure that USC’s last season in the Pac-12 would be an unsuccessful one with the brutal schedule that he gave us. SC should have just said “screw you….we’re going independent for the 2023 season.

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    1. I have no idea what you’re alluding to – just what did George Kliavkoff have to do with the USC 2023 football schedule?

      Home – 26th Aug San Jose St., 2nd Sept NV, 9th Sept Stanford, 7th Oct AZ, 27th Oct UT, 4th Nov WA & 18th Nov ‘Bel-Air Tech’

      It’s who were set to play in odd number years – away @ 23rd Sept AZ St., 30th Sept CO, 14th Oct ‘the Princess’, 28 Oct Cal, 11th Nov OR

      That’s 7 home and 5 road

      I’m sorry we’re leaving the Pac-12 and I agree with Bill Walton we shall rue the day we agreed to leave we truly shall.

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      1. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. But all the football pundants(and I don’t just mean fans, I mean people who have well known you tube websites….J.D. Pickell, Josh Pate, Mark Kulker and many others) are saying that King George deliberately made our last 6 games a nightmare just to get back at SC for leaving.

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      2. “cupcake schedule”…I JOwls is confusing Chip Kelly’s daily itinerary with a football schedule.

        JO just keeps lining them up.


      3. How is USC gonna ” run the day?” I’m the Big 10 the ONLY threat is Ohio state, and if you bothered to look historically USC has handled them quite well. Ditto in games against Michigan- the only team to really beat up USC historically is Michigan State.

        USC will no longer dummy down to competition and we return to Pete Carroll era style of WINNING


    2. Lincoln Riley will get exposed as a fraud next season, and the Trojans Ass lick Fanboys will have their barrels of excuses on deck 😂😂


  2. Based on past performance at another team, I believe we are seeing a make or break season for Alex Grinch. If it is a break season, Grinch is gone and we start saying,”wait until next year.” It it is a make it season then maybe this is a good ranking.
    Reporting from Captain Obvious headquarters: the Ghost

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  3. A 2023, at best, an 8 – 4 bozo FB team, rated #4?…what crock of chit.

    #Same 2022 song; 2nd verse.

    #Vegas is salivating for the usual, large, SUCC fat cat, loser, bozo bets.


    1. Speaking of second verses as repeats of the first: 8-4 is the same record my friend Owns predicted for 2022 [the year we broke UCLA’s heart]….


      1. True MG, but the bozo FB 44 – 7, 2nd half Vegas debacle warmed the cockles of my heart.

        Clown U FB schadenfreude is soooooo delicious, hot or cold.


      2. UCLA fan reaction to USC loss: “Clown U FB schadenfreude is soooooo delicious, hot or cold.”

        USC fan reaction to UCLA loss: “(Yawn), oh, yeah, ho hum….you mean the guys in sissy blue still play football? ”

        JO just keeps serving them up, hot or cold.


  4. SHIT
    WE GO 13-0


    1. Tirebiter, I promise not to whine and cry, but I will be totally surprised should Clown U go 13 – 0 (Ha, Ha). This year SUCC must play @ Oregon and host Washington, not the weaker 2022 St. cup cake versions. And still SUCC gets 7 game at the Crumbling Mausoleum and a measly 5 games away.

      I’m sticking with my original 2023 bozo FB 8-4 W/L record prognostication.


      1. Ha! Whine and cry is all JO does! ooo, those big bad USC meanies are always picking on me….boo hoo. He cries more than DTR (I don’t suppose UCLA can get another year out of this guy? )


      2. Is he world coming to an end? It must be….I’m agreeing with ‘Owns’. The only thing that I disagree with him on is 8-4. I think that SC will go 9-3 or maybe 10-2. Their offense will be much better and hopefully so will the defense. But that schedule is brutal especially the last 6 games. That’s with only 1 idle week in the first 12 game and 9 straight games in a row. And if they happen to get to the Pac-12 conference game then we are talking a brutal last 7 games(not to mention the bowl games that will come after that). Thank you King George.

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  5. As Willie Mays liked to say, “Say-Hey”
    -what is going on, I don’t know,
    I stopped reading the papers years ago
    But I heard about a balloon from China
    electronically taking pictures of US sites
    arousing Shakespearean words,
    “Too much to do over nothing,”
    or something like that-


  6. How can I put this gently?

    Belly aching about refs, time of day, strength of schedule, Carol Folt, loser money split with PAC 12, et al are going to seem minor when you have to come into Penn St, Michigan, tOSU, Notre Dame, and more in November in an ice storm.

    That’s when you’ll face some tough love.

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    1. 1 game a year at most will be played in the snow or poor weather. No different than WSU, Colorado, or Utah. Those places get just as much weather as any big 10 school.

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    2. Notre Dame? Ohio State? Michigan? All a bunch of pansy schools.
      Only one team is in our league: Cal….


  7. Scooter,

    With SC’s defense sucking the way it does, SC should have been ranked around 20th. Hoping that things improve but I don’t think they will. SC will lose a game or two and get into the Pac 12 playoffs and lose. Just like last year.


  8. I grew up in a USC family, we never worried about the schedule. When we were the PAC 8 we thought of the northern teams as the pansies on the schedule. We could have had four homecoming games a year. The challenge games were all California teams. Then a shoe guy threw a shiton of money into his school and they got a little better, the conference coaxed a couple of Arizona teams into the mix and the schedule grew more challenging. Finally the NCAA tried to drive a stake through the Trojans heart taking 30 scholarships away, which thinned the mix a little. The league coaxed two more teams into the group.
    Now competition for players is higher than ever with shoeguy tech and others competing with cash, doing what USC has been accused of for years, but USC is staying away from that trap (for now). USC still sees the schedule as challenging, not brutal. Of all the big 10 teams mentioned above, USC has handled them well in the past. I see no reason to fear them now.

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  9. The formula to enter the CFP next year is pretty clear. The offense needs to average in the low 50’s in scoring and score no less than 45 points in any game. How could this happen? Offensive line is better than last year (more depth). This is possible but not guaranteed. The key is better pass blocking from the left tackle and better short yardage run blocking to extend drives on key downs. Plus the receiver corp is going to be even better than last year. Branch will be incredible, Singer too and I think Rice had his break-through in the bowl game and will be at a different level this year. The competition for targets will be intense. Better running back too.

    Defense just needs to become a top 50 defense. This is possible. Linebackers were the key problem last year. Defensive line also needs alot of improvement. We need two more d-line transfers of high quality. Branch and Domani and Raesjon all are ready to play this year, along with the transfers, there might only be 2, 3 or 4 starting players from last year that are starting games this year.

    As hard as it is to imagine with those last two games, USC could be pretty amazing this year.


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