Hospitality, Galen Center Style!

The USC baseball alumni game was Saturday at Dedeaux Field.

Among those in attendance were Don Buford, Jeff Cirillo, Bret Boone, Morgan Ensberg and Seth Etherton, who is also USC’s pitching coach.

Here’s a funny aside: The alumni had food and refreshments in the dugout during the game and then were invited to a reception at the Galen Center, where USC played Washington in basketball.

But during the reception, a beverage cart was brought out and had $9 bud lights and $7 soda and waters. Any time you walk into the Galen Center, hold on to your wallet.

27 thoughts on “Hospitality, Galen Center Style!

      1. Think is MG, you don’t know if or how far in the red SUCC is; ’cause as a private University SUCC doesn’t have to report their financial losses or gross fiscal mismanagement.

        It’s similar to Clown U’s ability to ignore gross felony allegations committed on campus. The campus Keystone Cops are beholden to Clown U’s blind mole Administration instead of LA/CA public law enforcement.

        UCLA, by law, is fiscally transparent; SUCC, on the other hand, lies, cheats and conceals…painting it black as it were.

        Cue: Ronstadt’s “It’s So Easy”


      2. From the Daily Bruin (2019) :”UCLA has lost integrity failing to hold officials involved in bribery accountable”

        Owns just keeps on giving.

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      3. I’m sorry I came late to the game. In a post above someone was babbling about his public school having to be “fiscally transparent. “ Is that why said school has to pay reparations to its big brother? The switch to a bigger pay check (Big10 money) was so transparent, the whining Governor intervened and it cost the public school $10mil.
        I’m a music guy but I haven’t figured out the reference to “Yellow Submarine “ I guess it’s under water.


    1. But zero outright Pac-12 BB titles or Championships or Final Fours. In addition, Andyain’twinning has guided bozo BB to multiple one-and-done tournament failures and most recently, crowning his SUCC coaching career, his humiliating Elite Eight 19 point loss.

      Impressive huh?

      Ricky auld stick, at a minimum, 130 of Andyain’twinning’s 200 wins are against cupcakes and cream puffs. I pity the poor fool when bozo BB joins the Big Ten Conf.

      Cue: “The Yellow Submarine”


      1. Leave it to bruin guy to try to shift the discussion away from football. Basketball is nice and all that, it makes for a few pleasant outings, but everyone knows (except the bruin guy) it is all about football in college sports.

        And of course somewhat funny the bruin guy brought up corruption earlier– funny in that the UCLA BB championships are largely due to Sam “Big Daddy” Gilbert—perhaps the greatest sports scandal unpunished (Wooden: I know nothing, I know nothing)Considering how transparent UCLA is supposed to be, isn’t about time for them to come clean and set the historical record straight?

        Cue: “It’s So Easy”

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  1. “But during the reception, a beverage cart was brought out and had $9 bud lights and $7 soda and waters. Any time you walk into the Galen Center, hold on to your wallet”
    Oh wow, outrageous! Crazy! A private school actually charging for something! This should be free (like UCLA where they charge tax payers instead)!! Scott you are a regular David Horowitz!

    Next up, Scott does an undercover investigation of price gouging for candy bars at USC vending machines. Look for a guy wearing a trench coat, sun glasses, and a wide brimmed hat.

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    1. What a load of Clown U Bullshit. SSSSUCC you horse’s ass, you wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped in the face and kicked you in the balls.

      The stench of your blog BS qualifies you to work for Donald J. Trump. Trump can always use a another stupid, bald face liar on his Mickey Mouse “Make America the laughing stock of the world” staff.


  2. I’ve said this before…what Scott posts here would make more sense if it appeared on a blog called “Inside ucla with Scott Wolf”. This is getting worse by the day.


  3. Memo to: SSSSUCC

    From the Daily Bruin (2019) :”UCLA has lost integrity failing to hold officials involved in bribery accountable”

    Owns just keeps on giving. ~ SSSSUCC

    At a public University, a student newspaper can hold the University accountable.

    At Clown U they would call a student reporter’s daddy and threaten to withhold/revoke his SUCC FB season tickets if his S or D publishes a story detrimental to SUCC, the Methodist University’s non-existent integrity. Voila! True, ugly story quashed.

    #Paging Osa “Pepsi Bottle” Messina; Dr. Geo. Tyndall on line 1.


  4. Memo to: SSSSUCC

    So that’s the reason only 1839 fans (39 paid) show up for a bozo BB game at the leaky roofed, chicken coop.

    I’ve said many times SSSSUCC, but I’ll say it again, Sam Gilbert never suited up for a UCLA BB game.

    #”Fanaticism consists of redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim. “~ Geo. Santayana


    1. 1839! Wow that is better than UCLA football attendance.

      “Sam Gilbert” never suited up for a UCLA…” That’s it? Is that all you got, are really that thick to not understand his role in getting the players.. I guess you are.

      Thanks for the hanging curve ball, JO, he never learns. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – ~Geo.Santayana


      1. Thanks for the Slo-Pitch SSSSUCC

        “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.” ~Geo. Santayana

        That shoe fits you perfectly, SSSSUCC.

        #Walk off grand slam.

        #SUCC men’s BB: OOOOOOOOOO ferever and proud of it.


      2. Apt description of JOns and UCLA fans.“Life is a succession of second bests” ~Geo. Santanyana

        Jows strikes out again! You are in over you head JOwns, time to go down to the minors.


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