USC Notes: Gary Bryant Update

Former USC wide receiver Gary Bryant visited Oregon last weekend and is scheduled to visit Texas this weekend.

  • There were no head coaches or general managers at USC Pro Day. Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo was in attendance and Cowboys defensive line coach Aden Durde ran the defensive line drills.
  • USC offensive lineman Andrew Vorhees, who tore his ACL at the NFL Combine, said he will have surgery next week.

45 thoughts on “USC Notes: Gary Bryant Update

    1. I have to be careful here, So Cal, because Dr. Phil has warned me about boring him so, but I don’t believe the Libertarians would take me to their bosoms because although I like the idea of ‘less government is best,’ I don’t mind having some of my “rights” abridged if it is for the common good, and the idea of “Economic Freedom for All’ is a pipe-dream with nearly 90% of Americans financially struggling, although I support government intervention to help out the bottom 30%

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    1. I have so many in-laws I’d love for Ed. G to contact….in fact, I would pay ANY price for Ed to do all my correspondence……


      1. So Cal LOVES starting trouble…..


      2. I don’t enjoy it, but reading ridiculous comments gives me no choice.

        Unless we could reasonably aspire to become the President of the United States, we look silly criticizing anything he does.

        Yes, someone actually suggested that!! Someone better let all the pundits know.


      3. Oh yeah…expelled?! Without question!

        Of course, it would be preceded by a few good whacks on the wrist from Sister Mary Elephant!

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      4. So Cal
        MARCH 21, 2023 AT 9:57 PM
        Well, it’s not about beating the chinks today. It’s all about beating the nips!

        USA!! USA!! USA!!

        Using your own words: Nothing new. But remind the blog of what a racist piece of shit slo troll is and they lose their shit! LOL.

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      5. Shut up and play ball, you are too old for this. Some people grow up and others just grow old!


      6. It’s extremely childish that his ego has to give us the daily “Biden update” . Scott needs a private chat room just for slo troll called “InsideJoe”


      7. Big difference…according to today’s woke standards, I am racist and don’t mind admitting it. Half of the old timers on this board are. We grew up watching Archie Bunker & Fred Sanford and being able to laugh at our differences, but still care about one another.

        But Joe & his supporters try to deny he is racist, even with all of the racist things he’s said & done throughout his career. You know, things that actually affect their lives!

        You have a wonderful day, Buddy!


      8. We all are racist in this country. Some of us just try everyday to get better through selfreflexiveness.It is not a difference in kind but degree. But, to wear it as a flag of honor is not helpful .It is systemic. But, I think you know that already. It would be helpful if you would express it, rather than joking. It is a serious matter. Not good for our survival.


      9. I am sure your point flew right over slo troll’s head. He often struggles to comprehend context. It goes hand-in-hand with his childish name-calling outbursts.

        He’ll respond with the same lame rebuttal about this being Scott’s blog and he can post whatever he wants even thou it’s offensive in nature. I pity the fool!


      10. Says the guy who has thrown out the same outhouse, Depends and several other childish insults for months. Your lame “I feel sorry for your family” is just as childish.

        Plow Horse was spot on when he said you’re always accusing others of what you’re guilty of. I’m trying to take the temperature down a notch for his sake and others.

        You’re proof of the old saying, “It’s hard to win an argument with smart people. It’s impossible to win an argument with stupid people.”


      11. slo troll: “I’m trying to take the temperature down a notch for his sake and others.”

        Dude. you’re too much. You have some mental issues for sure. I just typed a post referencing all your childish insults over the last few days. Triggered again.

        Here’s some friendly advice, go do something productive. I am sure there are a lot of repairs needed around the old house you live in.

        I have no problem with you posting relevant content related to USC, but the childish rants, name-calling, racial slurs, and political grievance need to go. Give it a try and watch how more fluid the blog will run.


      1. The only people who sleep are the weak ones who like separating one day from another….


  2. I wish Willis Reed was not alive the night he hobbled onto the 7th game against the Lakers to steal away L.A.’s championship hopes.

    As mentioned, since sucla is still alive in the Tournament, although on oxygen-support, I am reliving some of my moments at their stadium, such as the year (can’t recall exact years anymore) when SC was rated and sucla wasn’t. I always bought scalper tickets so I would have a good view of the games which meant I was always the lone Trojan among thousands of little suclas

    Anyway, the game was not going our way, as usual, and some tiny sucla about 10 years old gets in my face and yells, “Over-rated,” to which I turned to my crowd and chanted, “Not even rated, Not even rated,” and the snotty sucla sat down.

    I was so close to the floor that at one point I went down and yelled at an SC player guarding a sucla guard, “Defense, Defense,” to which a sucla fan of about 84 using a cane took umbrage, and ‘attacked” me with his cane as I feigned fright and ran back to my seat. That was the only time I ever got a laugh out of a sucla crowd, although I don’t usually play them for laughs

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      1. Scott needs to adopt that one, John: “Mister Defense”
        #…WithCaption:”MisterDefense” …

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  3. You’re right, MG, time to get back to work, it’s almost 8
    But first I must say the worst SC defense was Utah 1
    Tulane was a 1 in 1000 football aberration where the conqueror
    received the only A+ for the entire 2023 year, whereas the vanquished get laughed at but heck Trojans learn to take a joke, it’s the best humor,
    at least the longest lingering

    P.S. I just love it when all the Posters here have already moved onto the next segment and anything written now are ‘words in the wind’

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  4. What happened to the fight on blog? Now not valid for a couple of days. I may of missed something posted on Monday here.


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