A Wet USC Pro Day Is Completed

The best thing that could be said about USC Pro Day is it got completed.

Also, who expected to see Vavae Malepeai running the 40?

Jordan Addison, Tuli Tuipulotu and Mekhi Blackmon did some drills on the wet turf. Travis Dye ran the 40 on the wet turf.

Not a very eventful day. But it gave the 32 NFL teams some things to watch.


22 thoughts on “A Wet USC Pro Day Is Completed

  1. hi john,u thinck we wil evr walk on the son like musck wunts too do,ore u thinck he shud try to figger owt wye awl thoose angrey poeples iz so ugley,thanx alot

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  2. Scooter,

    Do all the participants get a mulligan for a wet day? Why didn’t they hold this in the McKay Center where they have a field with turf?

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  3. More importantly, being that silly towards an ally that’s keeping China from taking over all trade by helping the US to force the Chinese to observe international trade law shows how ignorant and poverty stricken SoCal is. Clearly your lack of land, wealth and business stature didn’t need to be shared for the rest of us. Ya coulda just said USA all the way then again, sports ain’t your forte.

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    1. Totally agree. Asian racism, or any racism, SUCC’s; that’s a FACT!

      Clown U is loaded with OFAY AH’s in white bucs.


      1. It’s hilarious that you would claim so vehemently that racism sucks, when you’ve repeatedly stated your support of Dementia Joe.


  4. I can’t reduce the words I use to Cro-Magnon comprehension levels so I will make it as simple as possible: If the USA were serious about this tournament, then it would be played at the end of the MLB season or just before the World Series. It was a miracle to get to the championship game with Adam Wainwright (41 years old!!) as your best starting pitcher. Bringing up the President of the United States (an achievement that you couldn’t attempt to gain even in your dreams) is an unhealthy obsession that parlays into a paralysis of schizophrenia trapped into denial of cognitive balance between reality and stream of consciousness. Basically you’ve lost any credibility to claim that Gabby is being obnoxious.

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    1. “Schizophrenia” ….”Obsession”….”Paralysis”…… “Cognitive Balance”….”Stream of Consciousness”…..


    2. This World,

      My opinion, but I think it was best to have the tournament now. That way the US can select any player before they got involved with the season. If you were to play the tournament before the World Series, then the World Series would to into December. If a team like the Yankees got in, it would be too cold or snowy to play baseball in NY.


      1. The games are meant to promote baseball throughout the world. Not to win some meaningless tournament. Otherwise, wet would see the same rules as MLB. They didn’t even check pitchers for foreign substances.


  5. I’m not letting 80 yard practic field off the hook either; can UCLA get some players into the Super Bowl? USC may not have any quarterbacks in the Championship game, but they’ve got players getting rings in 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls, why can’t Camp Kilpatrick get some dudes playing in the last 2 Super Bowl games at least? How’s Chip supposed to recruit when he can’t get any of his guys into the Super Bowl? Is he paid to eat or just lose AND eat?

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    1. Ah This World, how many SUCC former BB players have been on NBA Championship teams…shall we say just 1 or 2. Combined, UCLA BB & FB have more former players part and parcel of championship NBA and NFL teams then SUCC. Don’t for forget TW, the best former Clown U BB player is a women: Cheryl Miller.

      Just saying for a friend.


      1. That is truly the worst argument you could come up with. “Well, historically speaking. . .” Let’s start with the future. Only a snowflake in Riverside could survive that opportunity to make any future Super Bowls before UCLA gets any players-let alone a quarterback-into the Super Bowl in the FUTURE. Stay with me, I can’t write this in crayon! Caleb Williams will have a better chance to make a Super Bowl than any quarterback coached by Chip Kelly in the FUTURE. YOUR SUPPORT FOR A SCHOOL WITH A 81 YARD PRACTIC FIELD GOING INTO THE B1G HAS NO FUTURE!


      2. Just Rent,

        Name me a ugly bball player that coached an nba team to the championship? I will give you SC’s coach that did that, Bill Sharman for the Lakers who happens to have the longest winning record with 33 wins.

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