USC Morning Buzz: Pro Day Arrives

Rain or shine, today is Pro Day at USC.

It’s important for wide receiver Jordan Addison, who had a lackluster NFL Combine.

Why lackluster? Addison’s weight (173 pounds) was considered light. His hands were just under the nine-inch threshold NFL teams prefer. His 40 time (4.49) was only the 21st-best for wide receivers and his vertical leap (34 inches) was the seventh-worst. His 10-foot-2-inch broad jump was the eighth-worst mark.

This is one of those cases where NFL teams can go by the film or worry over the measureables. Just what they hate.


54 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Pro Day Arrives

      1. What do you mean “about to get”?

        Didn’t you see that they were bloodied up as they were being escorted away?

        Ine of those clowns said, “I didn’t come here to have the shit kicked out of me”, but that’s exactly what he got.



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!


      2. I love it when tebow apologizes for a typo……

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  1. –You know Ed.G, funny you would mention how “uggleeyist” women
    and men appear when ‘getting too serious about stuff’- ‘politics’ being the worst followed closely by ‘religion’– but it does make for great fodder for comedians, Carson being the best, such as:
    “Rumor has it that today after the Equinox
    the republicans and democrats will debate over who is the

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      1. …nice story…..unfortunately, the Iranian pilots probably didn’t understand the warning ….which was in English…..


    1. Well LJ: Russia at war with Ukraine. Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons. UN declares Putin a war criminal who needs to be arrested and advocates regime change. Xi gives 4 speeches last week on the need to prepare for war. A desperate Putin meets with Xi to form an alliance. An air force 3 star general states that he believes world war 3 is inevitable. Iran in its final stages of producing a nuclear weapon and North Korea testing intercontinental ballistic missiles. Our national debt continues to rise and 3 banks collapse with a brief run on banks last week. Open borders. Nothing to stop terrorists from entering the country.

      Yes. I take politics seriously at this time. And your relationship with God and where you spend eternity is always very serious. I try not to take sports seriously but struggle with that one.

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      1. Yeah, message received….but I’d put it a little differently, Plow Horse: ” A President, a Congress [made up of equal parts dem and repub] and a Supreme Court that won’t stop potential terrorists from entering the country….”
        I guess you’re right: it’s probably a good time to get straight with whatever you consider the Divine to be.
        P. S.
        Know what’s hilarious? Congress will soon extend [and expand] the domestic spying bill… while at the same time allowing unvetted millions into our country via the southern border.


      2. It’s not going to happen, Plow Horse, because “Biden’s diplomacy and resolve is going to prevent WWIII.” LMAO!

        They’re not going admit how wrong they were until it’s too late, just as
        San Francisco district supervisor Hillary Ronen did.

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      3. I think Biden will officially be proved “corrupt” at some point — but, in the meantime, I have to say he’s not as precipitous as Lindsay Graham & about 10 other repubs [who want to send offensive, long range weapons to Ukraine thereby sparking a hot war between the US and Russia]…..

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      4. plow: Xi gives 4 speeches last week on the need to prepare for war.

        O’ wait, Xi said he was in Moscow in hopes of earning his first “Nobel Peace Prize” how ironic!

        I think you would fit right in as a guest on “Infowars”. It’s absolutely comical to mention WWIII. The last thing Xi wants to do is go toe to toe against the US military. Go read up on how fragile the Chinese military is. They basically have technology from the ’80s. Iran is a joke and Putin’s army has been reduced by 60% of its pre-Ukraine firepower. North Korea will get one chance to shoot its load. We have eye’s in the sky all over the little fat kid from North Korea.

        Speaking of the financial landscape. The banks in question need to take full responsibility for the mismanagement of assets. Let me remind you, your king trump rolled back banking regulations(we don’t need a stress test).I have no problem indicting them for negligence. Where was your outrage when the orange cheeto raised the national debt by 25%(11 trillion) in four years?

        Once again you sound lost with respect to “open borders”. Under the “Title 42” expulsions policy, asylum seekers are never given the opportunity for safe haven because they are rapidly expelled back across the border, or directly to the home country from which they fled, with no screening of the risks they face and no opportunity to ask for asylum.

        Under the “Migrant Protection Protocols” turn-back policy, also known as “Remain in Mexico,” asylum seekers are pushed back across the border and made to wait in Mexico, often in extremely dangerous conditions and for many months or even years, until their asylum hearing date comes up.

        Dekunked AGAIN!


      5. Gabby – The world you paint seems naively optimistic to me.

        Our economy is only held up by the massive debt we pile on each year and the massive stimulus from 7 trillion of monetary policy dumped on the balance sheet. We run a massive trade deficit because we consume far more than we produce. It would take years to effectively remove China from our supply lines. Inflation has moved into the area of services, where it is the most sticky and will take prolonged higher rates to get it back down to 2%. Meanwhile, the global debt bubble has created a real estate bubble and the downside from dropping real estate prices will crush consumer demand, as a reverse wealth effect takes place over the coming years. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can claim they have been fiscally responsible over the past couple decades.

        It is far from comical to mention war with China. There are many forms that conflict with China could take (full out war, blockades, isolated acts of aggression, cold war) and it is very likely that Xi understands that it is in his best interest to pursue a reunification (through force if necessary) with Taiwan during the Biden presidency. The US military is very advanced in some respects, but very fragile in our ability to sustain a prolonged war. Our military procurement process is a joke and stockpiles will quickly be consumed if we were in an intense all-out war. Fighting a war across the Pacific Ocean is far more difficult than fighting a war across a small span of ocean with all the military bases that China has dredged up out of the sea bottom.

        Wars often come down to willpower and ability of a population to sustain the burden of war. We already see that the American public grows tired of supporting the Ukraine war with Russia. A war over Taiwan would entail 100 times the amount of sacrifice.

        I would love to live in the optimistic world you paint. It just isnt the reality of where we find ourselves.

        It is time to stop fighting these ridiculous culture wars and focus on the big stuff. The southern border should be fully secured because drugs and crime and poverty come streaming across the border. We need to stop allowing military contractors and procurement to be so inefficient. Our military spending is more than all other nations combined, yet we are even lagging behind in key areas like supersonic missiles. Most of all, we need a corporate taxation policy and regulatory environment that forces/encourages US companies (the best in the world), to bring production and jobs and technologies back to the US shores. (for example Tesla is planning to build a new factory in Mexico, right across the border and ship vehicles into the US. Why do we allow this crap? Answer: Because we allow billionaires to make all the decisions and cheap labor is always good for them.)

        I’m not against people getting rich, but in a competitive economic environment that best serves the interests of consumers, it should be really tough to accumulate enough wealth to become a billionaire. Thousands of millionaires is a much more stable and productive world than more greedy billionaire assholes.

        Just my opinion.

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      6. gametv,
        Bingo. “Both the repubs and the dems are fiscally irresponsible.” This will become clearer when many people find their banks putting “temporary” holds on withdrawals —but, of course, by then it’ll be too late for “I guess you were right” apologies to feel like much of a victory. This isn’t about are so called political parties — neither party is worth defending. Our problem is the present Communist Chinese government is so much more focused than ours: they know exactly where they want to be in 2025. Any Chinese official who failed to meet Party expectations in the way and to the degree ours do every hour of every day would be “out” [and I mean in the Apocalypse Now sense].
        It’s time for Americans to stop fighting each other over petty differences and unite. Before it’s too late.


      7. Gabby: You have never debunked me on anything and after reading your reply your record remains intact.

        I mentioned that politics was serious and pointed out the threat of WW3 and/or a nuclear attack. You seemingly disagree. Russia, China, and Iran are not a threat. Xi met with Putin to broker a peace deal in the hopes of winning a Nobel prize. Wow. If I truly believed that it would explain why Biden has used the military as a woke social experiment replete with CRT training, paid transgender surgeries, promotions based on sex and skin color as opposed to merit, and vaccine mandates to healthy 20 year olds with no exceptions including acquired natural immunity and religious objections. Combat readiness is no longer a priority because there is no real threat. The woke culture has decimated recruiting which is down 20% but who cares, we now have flight jackets for pregnant females (or males/birthing people). Never mind that pulling 4 Gs in a fighter jet will likely cause a miscarriage. Biden had a press conference about it and the faculty at Brown University was impressed with our handling of women and sexual perverts in the military. And why have a CIA/FBI if there is no legitimate foreign threat. Turn these organizations against parents who protest at school board meetings or our real threat – white supremacy. White people in our country still want to lynch blacks. Ask Biden, “that’s what all the generals tell me. ” Except maybe the air force general who is predicting WW3.

        And what about Iran, regarded as the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world. If they are not a threat, why did Obama/Biden give them 1.7 billion in cash to slow down their development of nuclear weapons and withdraw sanctions. I guess this wasn’t necessary.

        Do you believe that the border is operationally secure Gabby. You and Mayorkas may be the only two people in the world who say that. Biden is directly responsible for this mess. He promised to decriminalize illegal immigration during his campaign. Once elected he stopped construction of the wall, and opted out of the Trump “stay in Mexico” policy by executive order which has led to 4.5 million illegals entering the country including repeat felons, rapist, drug dealers and terrorists. Your response suggests that Biden implemented “stay in Mexico” and title 42 which is not the case. In fact, Biden announced that he was going to let title 42 expire because the pandemic was over. Again, you factual assertions have been debunked.

        And of course the banking failures are directly attributable to Biden inflation and woke policies. The SVB only had one person with banking experience on their board. The officer who managed the bank was hired because she was a black lesbian, not because she was competent. The bank gave 73 million to BLM. How does that maximize shareholder value or protect depositors. Inflation killed the bank because they were heavily invested in the bond market and in speculative green energy companies that failed and Biden’s attack on fossil fuel companies resulted in the rise of inflation. If this bank was located in Alabama and had no woke policies and failed, it is likely that the Biden administration would not have bailed out “all depositors” even those with over $250,000 or more which represented over 90% of the depositors.

        And yes Gabby the national debt increased under Trump. Funny how you always omit the Covid pandemic when you mention this fact. States implemented business lock downs and school closures due to the pandemic and people could not work and tax revenues fell. Trump and congress authorized payroll loans/grants to employers who continued to pay their employees, stimulus checks, extended unemployment, ect. All of this contributed to the national debt. Were you opposed to these policies? Biden continued them and even increased them and the debt continued to grow. The rate of growth has only fallen recently because businesses have re-opened and people have returned to work and some of the relief programs have expired. Be honest in your assessments Gabby.


      8. Let’s see here:

        China’s entire economy is based on imports/exports, and Xi knows the US is an expert in bankrupting a country. The Yun would be worthless. Russia’s military has been reduced to a joke. Biden is slapping putin around without a single American boot on the ground. Iran can offer a failed nuclear program and some terrorists, great. I am sure they would be the difference makers in WWIII.

        Our Military should reflect diversity. It should match the demographics of our country.

        The wall was a joke that trump stole money from the military to fund, pathetic. Ten years old kids go right over the wall with rope ladders. I was watching a youtube video of a guy juggling balls while going over the wall, watch it. Tile 42 is still the law of the land. Biden wasn’t in favor of it, but his stance has changed. It’s obvious you failed to stay up to date on Tile 42. In your own words-“Again, your factual assertions have been debunked”

        Please get educated with respect to the banking industry, you should be embarrassed. Go back and review how big lobbyists were able to get trump to sign off on the easing of banking regulations. Pre-2018, the behavior of the banks in question would have been sanctioned, and possible removal of their charter. As I said, I have no problem indicting them for negligence. Alabama?…So, If trump was still President, California banks would get nothing? Love how you turn everything into political bias.

        It’s quite obvious, you “still” can’t get your head around the concept of “net” importer/ exporter with respect to the petroleum industry. Do you understand that oil drilling is a speculative investment and investors ran away from “fracking”. Therefore the oil industry turned into a net importer. It was to their own economic advantage, not the consumer who puts gas in their cars, to import oil, refine and sell it on the open market. You tell me what mechanism Biden had at his disposal to regulate the price gouging the oil companies unleashed on consumers. Oil companies turned their best profit, on record, last year off the backs of everyone who consumes their products. Here’s the kicker, six months ago the Federal government had an auction of Federal oil leases. They sold off less than 20% of that were available. Record profits are made through refining not drilling and exporting.

        Trump opened the cargo door and dropped trillions of dollars into the hands of corporate America, in your own words, for “payroll loans/grants to employers who continued to pay their employees”….really?. The bulk went to the biggest “stock buy-back” in wall street history. Where is your outrage over the biggest money grab in government history, yet you blame Biden for the inflation issues when this took place on trump’s watch. No disrespect, but I must question your intelligence.

        Be honest in your assessments Plow Horse


  2. Doggone if that Scott Wolf didn’t tease my mind again when I should be working my cases, but–
    The NFL “can go by the film or worry over the measurables…”
    It is a crap-shoot either way, if I had that job
    I’d figure I was not too far from the ‘unemployment line’

    I’m the guy who seeing O.J. run the first day on the practice field 1967
    Told any kid who would listen,”This guy will be a flash-in-the-pan”
    When watching closely during practice a ‘Super-Jock’ does not appear to be much different than the average-stock

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    1. I’m the guy who, chatting with Ron Yary and OJ outside of Founders Hall, thought: “What’s so great about OJ? Even I could get ten yards running behind Yary.”

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    2. John,
      When I watched O. J. practice for the first time I told McKay, “this guy will save the UCLA game [& National Championship] for you with a 60 plus yard run…”

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  3. But Mr. Wolf, why state that Addison had “only the 21st best,”
    “he was the seventh-worst,” “he was the eighth-worst”
    Firstly, it might have been helpful to know how many were in the field
    Secondly, why the negative spin?–
    If Scott were assigned to the 55-24 SC win over ND it’d go something like this–
    “True, SC won the game but how do you get behind 24-0 to start the game against an average Irish squad?– And that Davis guy is so
    irritating when he does that little ‘On-my-Knees’ dance
    every time he scores a 100-yard touchdown. And the Trojans also had 2-turnovers!”

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    1. Well put. With the exception of his evocative Friday columns, Wolfboy appears to be an obsessive, fault finding, glass perpetually half empty kind of guy.

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      1. Says Rushy, a horse-face, cretin. You couldn’t gain 10 yards behind a Panzer Div.

        #Don’t laugh until you see the white of his horsey buck teeth.


      2. Ha! [….an obsessive, fault finding, glass half empty polemicist…. who never feels the urge to say “but we will never know as much as the coaching staff so we probably shouldn’t criticize…”]….


      3. P. S.
        Point of order:
        I fall in love with Rushmore all over again every time I see his picture…


    2. Scott Wolf’s words are so powerful to you that you actually responded with this drawn out nonsense… lol. Man… go get a hobby, Lawyer John… please! 😂😂😂.


      1. “You can win-over some of the people some of the time…”

        And shame on you Dr. Phil, calling yourself a ‘doctor’ with no license

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    1. FYI ‘9er, Jalin Hyatt, toiling for Tennessee, was named the winner of the 2022 Biletnikoff Award.

      Addison might be labeled a mild bust for Clown U in ’22. If he is drafted, he won’t last long in the NFL. Spring FB is more Addison’s speed.


      1. If you look at the nfl, most players don’t last long, but who would want to if you are not the protected player. Guys are quitting sooner before the become disabled. The nfl sucks in that regard, it has destroyed a lot of good players.


  4. Film or measurables? I’ll take film every time. On one play, Addison caught a slant pass and split the defenders to score on a long touchdown. He is fast with pads on during the game. Who cares how fast he runs in track shorts. They don’t play in track shorts.

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  5. Scooter,

    Will Pro Day be held outside or inside today? If it is held outside, you can kiss it goodby. Too many dropped balls, slower time, balls slipping out of the hands of the qb or receiver. Not a good day if so.

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  6. PT, you horse’s ass, remind me, how many former SUCC QB’s have started @ QB, for a team in the SB…that would be a big, fat, ZERO! One or two of the bozo losers, may have mopped up in the odd, last 2 min., SB garbage time.

    #Is it true Traveler tried to mount Rushy O’Cretin?

    #Rushy reminds of Frau Blucher.


    1. Usually, JustOdious, your posts reek of skunk spray, but in this instance the post is clearly horseshit. But the video is hilarious.


      1. Are my friends Rushmore and Owns going down the So Cal/Gabby Road?


  7. “Tyreek Hill”

    Pro Day Date: 3/11/2016
    40 Yard Dash: 4.29 seconds
    40 Yard (MPH): 19.07 (MPH)
    20 Yard Split: 2.51 seconds
    10 Yard Split: 1.50 seconds
    Bench Press: (N/A) reps (225 lb)
    Vertical Leap: 40.5 inches
    Height: 68.13 inches
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Broad Jump: 129 inches
    Hand Size: 8 inches
    Arm Length: 30.5 inches
    20 Yd Shuttle: 4.06 seconds
    Three Cone: 6.53 seconds

    Scott, please indicate which part of the numbers I posted would indicate NFL success. Just another axe to grind…..For what?


  8. MG: “Any Chinese official who failed to meet Party expectations…would be ‘out’ [and I mean in the Apocalypse Now sense].”
    That’s what Xi said.

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  9. “That’s what Xi said”…… he looked the other way while an aged former political opponent was being dragged out of the Party Conference by armed strongmen…..

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      1. ..But…. he’s 10 times smarter and a 100 times stronger willed than the wailing banshee we have in the White House….


      2. Smarter as in, limiting the ability of Chinese citizens to bear children … imprisoning people who speak out against human rights violations. Butchering students who want a better quality of life than the generations that preceded them. Changing election law to all but guarantee he remained dictator until his deathbed.

        That’s the guy I want running my country!

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      3. All good [to great] points, Gabby….

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  10. So the CEO of SVB gets to avoid any moral hazard for ruining that bank:

    Biden tried to stop using Title 42 but a Trump judge made the policy stay. That same judge wants to ban abortion medication use based on FDA policy. . .the only problem is that will affect many non-abortion medication as well.

    Finally, the new Axis of Evil (China, Russia, Iran) want to try and triangulate the US from the rest of the world. . .the only problem is China’s growth has disappeared, Russian no longer has an economy and Iran is just plain stupid. Worrying about Biden’s foreign policy makes as much sense as arguing about the dangers of unlimited debt spending. Things will change. Until someone else shows that there’s a better currency available than the dollar, we can spend our inheritance until our heart’s content. That’s what happens when you have the best return on investment in the world backed by the the most dangerous men on the planet-the American Defense Industrial Complex. Don’t y’all worry about some little green men when we’ve developed F-16’s that use A.I., lasers on boats and planes, a new stealth bomber, tanks and the best deterrent against any confrontation: the U.S. consumer!


    1. Yea!


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