USC Sunday Buzz: QB Recruiting Tour Continues

Five-star QB Dylan Raiola is visiting Nebraska this weekend. Also on the trip is four-star offensive lineman Brandon Baker of Mater Dei.

  • USC baseball is going for a sweep of Washington State today at Dedeaux Field. The Trojans are 6-2 in the Pac-12.

14 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: QB Recruiting Tour Continues

  1. So a kid from Phoenix is visiting Nebraska? Some days I think I’m not on InsideUSC, but you go SC baseball! (Snuck that in when we weren’t looking)


  2. SC baseball is going to be great again. This guy is a great coach. They had a chance to get him before when he was at Grand Canyon and they passed him up.


  3. I think that they will get Raiola. Nebraska is a long way from Arizona. He is very family oriented. Look at Nebraskas’ schedule. That family would have to travel all over the country to go to Nebraskas’ games including home games. Rhule doesn’t sound like he is a great developer of QB’s. Look what he has done far with Sam Darnold. SC is a much better academic school than Nebraska and I think that this is important to this kid. Georgia is also too far away and going to Georgias’ games would also be a nightmare. You can drive to SC from Phoenix. It’s a 5 1/2 hour drive. I don’t think that he is going to Oregon. This kid doesn’t care that much about the money. That puts Oregon at a disadvantage. The biggest problem is the competition. LR will always have great QB’s on his teams. I don’t think that this kid is afraid of the competition. LR said it himself that if he thinks that a kid is afraid of the competition, he won’t go after him. I could be wrong but I think that he coming to SC.


  4. His uncle coaches at Nebraska. His dad is a legend there. NIL and total control of the program at Nebraska. At SC? Drama but the best QB coach in the game. USC or Nebraska is the best choice.


  5. greetings sports fans, pro basketball this guy mark quban moved a lot of furniture in the pgh. area and not all his by the way ? Dallas should pick if it has a pick in the upcoming draft ! m.Nowell 58 of k st. he is dynamic as a player ! Regards , E.


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