Morning Buzz: USC Should Be Healthier This Week

I’m hearing USC cornerback Christian Roland-Wallace, who has been out since the first practice with a sprained ankle, should be back this week.

  • Arizona got a lot of mileage out of a visit from Pete Carroll on Saturday. But it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Arizona coach Jedd the Fisch tries to model himself after Carroll, except he is basically an empty suit in comparison. Fisch would have fit right in at USC during the glory days as one of those assistants who spent their time sucking up to Carroll (Steve Sarkisian was a perfect example). And then they cling tight because they want a coveted recommendation when coaching jobs open up.

Fisch did spend the 2010 season with the Seahawks and he hired Carroll’s son, Brennan, as an assistant. So I’m not sure it was much of a coup to get Pete Carroll to a practice.
  • USC baseball has won 5 straight games and 9 of its last 10. The Trojans (7-2) are just percentage points behind Arizona State (4-1) for first-place in the Pac-12 standings.

New coach Andy Stankiewicz would be the first to tell you the talent level at USC is no where near the elite teams in the Pac-12. But so far, the Trojans are holding their own in the Pac-12. Below are the current standings:


27 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Should Be Healthier This Week

  1. Pete looks as if he has spent too much time in the Sothern California sun
    No wonder he moved to Seattle

    And I guess we can comfortably say that “Jedd the empty suit” as Wolf anoints him, is another Pac-12 coach Wolfie won’t be sharing a beer with

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    1. Jedd is SO lucky to have Brennan around.

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      1. C’mon SC Grad, use the more appropriate and modern term for Brennan Carroll.





  2. hi john,can u fockus on the too looses and rite abowt how u wudda wun thoose gaims,no wun wunts to now abowt winns wen thare iz looses to bee ecksplaned,thanx alot

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    1. Well, Ed, no one asked me, but thanks for asking about ‘splainin’ 2 losses and not the 3 SC lost.
      You see, if the Trojans beat the Utes in the Utah 1 game there would be no Utah 2 game or Tulane game to splain away. And SC could have won Utah 1 if they had been a bit nicer to the referees

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      1. Would “nicer” have included hundred dollar bills?
        [Remember when Zero Mostel is TRYING to insult the critics in “The Producers” by handing out fifties in the lobby]?

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    1. Outside of Scott’s Friday notes collumn, the majority of the stuff he posts is very subjective dick-ism. How can you call this blog “InsideUSC” when the coaches and players avoid you.

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      1. Gabby,
        What’s strange and wonderful is Scott ends up pointing out coaching & player vulnerabilities before the sites with all the access. Maybe Scott’s site is MORE “inside” than they are……


      2. We all know Scott is late to post relevant information related to the football program because he’s often getting info from the 3 guys you mentioned.

        Many of us on here post info that Scott is slow to post on the blog. The guy is lazy! His favorite move is taking quotes from interviews, not originally done by him, and twisting the quotes to fit his biased agenda.


      3. that is the problem with this site. dont most of just just show up for the message boards? i sure dont come to the site for the in-depth coverage.

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      4. You nailed it! Ever since The Daily News canned him, he’s evolved to a third-rate blogger with the true value being the message board.

        Back in the day, Scott was the main source for USC info. He was even doing National radio interviews related to his reporting. Instead of being “fair, balanced, and subjective, he’s negative, biased, and very subjective. But hey, some on his blog think his word is golden!


    2. Let’s rate Scott’s views on things–
      At worst, he hates on you
      Next, he only mildly hates on you
      Then there is the neurtal category where he does not know you exist
      Finally, there is the “backhanded compliment” category, or
      “I hate to say anything nice, so this is all you’re going to get from me”

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  3. Jedd Fisch is an offensive specialist. He was hired by Carroll in Seattle as their quarterback’s coach as well as Bill Belichick in New England. Also coached for Harbaugh at Michigan and Sean McVay of the Rams. He has a very impressive resume and absolutely torched the Trojan defense last year with clearly inferior talent. But to Scott he is an empty suit. I guess Carrol, Belichick, Harbaugh, and McVay didn’t think so. But hey, when you want a reliable opinion on coaching go with Scott over these other guys. Admittedly, not to impressed with some of his assistant coaches.


  4. As you can see the overall records of all the Pac 12 baseball teams are not very good. Maybe the conference is just bad this year. But as the brother of a former Trojan baseball player, I hope that do find this year.

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    1. M M,

      At the begigning of the season, the pitching for SC was struggling. They were giving up a lot of runs. However, recently, the runs have dropped for the opposing team. However, the bats for SC are the best in the conference in terms of scoring runs, so far. I have been to a few games and they are playing better baseball than last year. Scooter is right, the talent might not be there, but a scout for the Rangers believes that next year’s class will be an improvement. I am cautious but optimistic. If you have a chance, watch Tuesday’s and this weekend series on live stream and see what you think. Enjoy.


  5. Sark was a suck-up and I still don’t think he is a very good HC. But Fisch is a good coach. He’s has turned Arizona into a pretty competitive team. As far as Stankiewicz is concerned, if instead of passing him up a few years ago, they would have hired him, they would be challenging for the national championship right now. He was a 4 time WAC coach of the year (2017,2018,2021,2022).He was the Rod Dedeaux USA baseball coach of the year(2014). An outstanding coach. They should have hired him a long time ago. He wanted the job


  6. Scooter,

    I saw Bohn at the SC baseball game on Sunday. He has been to many sporting events for SC, whereas, Mr. Swann was a no show. I think he is finally understanding that SC wants to win at all sports and it is showing with the new hire in the baseball coach.


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