USC Notes: Do Not Disturb At McDonald’s Game

Bronny James has opted out of all interviews this week at the McDonald’s All-American game.

James did not do a single interview in four years at Sierra Canyon.

Will he speak to the media if he goes to USC? It won’t be good to have a set of rules for one player and a set of rules for everyone else if James refuses to speak to the media.

UPDATED: Point guard Isaiah Collier, the No. 1-ranked player in the nation, did speak to the media today. So USC will enjoy him.

  • TMZ reports Willie McGinest allegedly attacked a man at an L.A. restaurant after he asked McGinest about USC’s loss to Utah in the Pac-12 championship game.

According to a lawsuit filed by Blake Adams, McGinest bristled when asked about the game.

“Why the f*** are you talking to me?!” Adams alleged McGinest told him.

According to the suit, McGinest walked away . . . but then “suddenly reappeared” moments later, and approached Adams.

“McGinest leaned down,” the suit states, “and stated in (Adams’) ear, ‘Now what did you say bitch-ass n****.”

Adams claims he was startled and afraid . . . and told the former NFL star “he was just a fan trying to say hello.”

“McGinest suddenly, unprovoked and without reason punched [Adams] in the face,” the suit states.

Adams claims several other men jumped in to assist in the attack — punching him repeatedly.

McGinest, was arrested and has been charged with two felonies over the incident. He issued a statement shortly after it happened, saying he was sorry for his actions.


38 thoughts on “USC Notes: Do Not Disturb At McDonald’s Game

  1. Scott Wolf: I don’t know why I mentioned Brony and his desire not to speak to the media. He said I would be the last person he would open up to. I wonder why he would think that way of me.

    Hey Scott, the Willie incident is old news. I know gives you a boner when an ex-player is in the news for the wrong reasons…..pathetic!


      1. Ed is singlehandedly turning that “you can’t flog a dead horse” thing on its ear…..

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  2. He should know better…really disappointing for a USC football star exhibiting that kind of behavior …he should be treated legally just like anybody else.

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      1. So Cal:
        Not a strictly accurate description of the Gascon approach: More like fine victim a couple hundred thousand for wasting D. A. time….and pay defendant a million out of the County’s litigation Fund…

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  3. I think we can eliminate the “allegedly” part of McGinest allegedly attacking another man when we just saw the tape where McGinest just walks up to the guy and sucker punches him in the face after calling the restaurant patron the “N” word.

    And then McGinest has his “gang” continue the assault in the crowded restaurant while McGinest hits the guy with a bottle.

    And all this is taking place in a packed public restaurant.
    Is anybody safe anywhere anymore?

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    1. McGinest defense team: “That’s only your myopic interpretation of the video. A fair minded viewer would see our client exercising his right to self defense ….lots & lots & lots of it.”

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    2. I guess McGinest isn’t big enough to take care of business hisself. So he rounds up some extra thugs to make his point. I’m guessing Willie was still pissed SUCC choka, choka, choka, choka CHOKED vs Utah.

      WTF, why can’t McGinest keep his pants up? Just wondering for the bozo rah-rah’s.

      BTW, didn’t McGinest recently get busted for assault in a family beef?

      #How ’bout them Clown U former players.


      1. Yeah, Owns, because Matt Barnes driving 95 miles to beat up Derek Fisher for going out with his ex-wife is so normal, huh? SUCLA has their share of nutjobs, so don’t go acting as if they don’t.


      2. Nothing wrong with going out of your way to give someone a good ass whipping when they earned it. I guess it’s more acceptable when you have a pair.


    3. Really disappointing to hear this about McGinest. I always thought he was a blue chip guy. He had a great appearance on the NFL network and his father was I believe chief of police of signal Hill or Long Beach PD


  4. Hey MG, I’m thinking a hybrid “Twinkie Defense” might be the way to go in the possible trial for Mr. McGinest and his Posse.

    #Too much sugar, you must acquit.


      1. Yeah Crabs, but it still took a Gonzaga 35′ prayer, with seconds to go, to defeat UCLA.

        SUCC, on the other hand, ONE&DONE…Some things don’t change.

        #No. of bozo BB NC’s: OOOOOOOOOOOOO ferever and loving it.


  5. Thing is So Cal, Barnes didn’t need a thug posse to help to kick Fisher’s ass.

    Just wondering for a friend So Cal, but has OJ located the person(s) who did Ron and Nicole?


    1. Posse or not, only a mental defective would think there’s nothing wrong with it.

      As for OJ, he’s still looking. But since it’s probably Jason, he won’t say anything.


      1. so cal, …..dudes without balls need not apply…..go do something productive. I am sure that the old house needs lots of repairs


      2. More than familiar, Owns. Had assaulted both an ex boss and an ex gf with knives. He was on probation for that assault against the former employer at the time of the murders. He was on meds for his rage and went off them two months (?) before the murders. His gf’s timeline of the evening did not match his.

        Nicole was supposed to go to Jason’s restaurant that night and flaked out without any notice, going to Mezzaluna instead. He was pissed.

        OJ hired an attorney for Jason, even though he was never seriously investigated.


      3. Your close, but Jason was getting drunk at the restaurant. She opened the door so the painter can come in. That’s why the dog didn’t bark. Akita dogs are extremely protective.


    2. owns…..So cal’s boi Mitch is now crying to the GOP, “if we don’t get on board with gun reform we will lose voters in 2024” … But you have the idiots in congress wearing pins of an AR15 on their clothing. So cal’s idiot buddy Santos was one of them. MTG said I need a few of those

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  6. FYI So Cal, males have been fighting over females since the dawn of life on earth.

    I invite you to get between a horny Stallion and Mare in heat.


      1. So Cal, I don’t remember condoning mugging your ex’s boyfriend. I merely stated that Barnes didn’t need a thug posse to confront D. Fisher.

        Now on the other hand, I was standing in line behind Jim Everett at Walmart and I was sorely tempted to call him Christy Evert, but I pussed. I didn’t have my posse with me.


  7. Willie McGinest is the major Dbag. I remember on school campus when he was a student he would walk around with other defensive players causing trouble with other students. Prison time will allow him to think about his actions. Well, he gonna be running around in prison but you know what I mean.

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    1. That behavior you described is not unique to USC but yeah it is also pretty common – bullying thuggery i.e. I remember John Papadakis taunting those whose opinions he disagreed with sitting on the south side of VKC with another player seated next to him.


    2. McGinest is 6’5″ and 268 lbs. And your measurements are?

      Willie was an ass at USC but at the same time you had UCLA players using handicap placards like valet tickets to park anywhere and everywhere. And last I checked as horrible as what McGinest did, Hundley broke his wife’s ankle. I mean there are silly bastards at every school. And blog!

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