History Repeats Itself

One year ago, I wrote this in Lindy’s college football preseason magazine:

“It will be up to new defensive coordinator Alex Grinch to get the (defense) to unite and perform. Grinch was a polarizing figure at Oklahoma. If the Trojans struggle, Grinch is likely to be a convenient target for USC fans who won’t dare criticize Lincoln Riley.”



31 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself

  1. I couldn’t agree more
    Great blog post! I found the excerpt about Alex Grinch and his potential impact on USC’s defense really interesting. Do you think his past at Oklahoma will be a concern for Trojan fans, or do you believe he has what it takes to turn things around for their defense?


    1. Grinch doesn’t make excuses. He’s really frank and honest, which is refreshing. I lile him.

      With that being said as a coach, he hasn’t been able to get it together. Hopefully he will this year with some new players.

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  2. hi john, you is the best wyth yur sports insite, cood you start to gyve us yur prognusticashuns aginst the bettin lyne so me ‘n ed can mayke sum munny frum those vegus guys?

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    1. No problem dumb Fuc Ed, but you’ll probably have to eat nugget out of my ass hole first, because nothing’s free in this world . Ok ? 😀


  3. What a post! Mr. and Missus Ed together again, AND we have a troll from “befitandhealthy.net” using ChatGPT. All that is needed now is a few dozen posts from a few dozen gabbys.

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      1. In the spirit of Peter Graves (“Airplane!) , Booker not only likes gladiator movies – he fantasizes about being in one.He’s gay. #NotThat There’sAnythingWrong withThat

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  4. Why is it whenever I see that picture of Grinch it reminds me of the song,
    “It takes a worried man, to sing a worried song…”

    Oh Ed and Ms. Ed, I have advice that will put you ahead of any compulsive gambler in Vegas or who buys lottery tickets– don’t indulge so you break even and you will end up ahead of all those gamblers.

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  5. They really should have fired him and gone in another direction. I don’t know how he can fail with all of the great players that we now have on this defense. But he will have to adjust that defense. We now have a big defensive line and that isn’t the type of defense that Grinch likes. He likes a smaller more quick defense or that is the way I understand it.


    1. parcelman007,

      This is the year that he has to prove himself. If the defense fails, then the luster on Riley will fade very quickly. He then will have to get a dcordinator that can stop the Big 10 as well as PAC 12 offenses.

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      1. Michael, when the Lake was 14-points ahead I thought I was a genius,
        when the Griz pulled even all through the second half, I realized I wasn’t,
        then when toward the end Memphis up by 9 I felt like a stupid monkey,
        finally, when L.A. won I let out a big sigh, ‘better lucky than smart’

        P.S.– and why I don’t bet!

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  6. I think Grinch wearing the “Strain” t-shirt might become the Blogger’s go to picture like with the Fat Helton With Mouth Open photo.

    If the defense struggles this year, “Strain” might be to polite a word for the DC.



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  7. Let me see…the team scores touchdowns easily but gives up equally on defense. They couldn’t tackle my grandma even when she was above ground. Players on defense are lost as the ball goes by, so we should…gnarfle the garthok!
    Of course were unhappy with Grinch. Who else was responsible for losing games we could have won. It’s football, not ping pong pickleball tennis. When the defense sucks blame the defense.
    So congratulations platitude Scott for proving even a has been writer can be write (see what I did there?) once in a while.


  8. Grinch doesn’t deflect and sugarcoat and he takes responsibility unlike Helton. He’s got to deliver in 2023. And if he doesn’t, it’s a reflection on Riley.


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