It’s Been A Dizzying Day In The Transfer Portal

Is there ever a dull moment at Colorado? Fifteen players have entered the transfer portal TODAY.

Wide receiver Montana Lemonious-Craig left Sunday. He caught a 98-yard TD pass in Saturday’s scrimmage and had six catches for 169 yards.

Deion Sanders is clearing out the roster. It’s going to be an interesting experiment to see how many players he adds in the spring/summer and whether they can blend together as a team by the fall.

Is all this transferring (including below) good for college sports? Athletes should get to move freely but the current system seems out of control.

  • Silas Demary, who asked for his release from his letter of intent with USC, has committed to Georgia.
  • Kayla Padilla, a three-time All-Ivy League guard at Penn, has transferred to USC. She averaged (17.7) points, (4.7) rebounds, and (3.5) assists last season. She is a graduate of Bishop Montgomery.

USC has also added guard McKenzie Forbes from Harvard. She averaged (13.7) points, (3.9) rebounds, and (2.3) assists last season.

  • USC baseball rebounded to take 2 of 3 games from UCLA over the weekend. USC (24-14-1, 11-7) is currently tied with Oregon for third place in the Pac-12, 2.5 games behind first-place Arizona State.


45 thoughts on “It’s Been A Dizzying Day In The Transfer Portal

      I WAS BEGINNING TO FEEL LEFT OUT !!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

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    2. Yes Ed, we have enny loop holes, but only because youโ€™re a no spellcheck Dumb Fuc. ๐Ÿ˜‚. Howโ€™s the Peenus, we miss youโ€™re constant talk about it? Are you still eating MissusEdG ass hole at night?


  1. Answer to Scott’s question:
    Being how the country is out of control it’s probably okay if college football goes along….

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  2. โ€œAthletes should get to move freely but the current system seems out of control.โ€

    That is quite the inconsistency. Athletes should get to transfer but not really? Or is it more important to complain about something?


  3. F**ker Carlson, #1, Trump butt lick and monumental POS, CANNED at Fox F**k News. Pigs are flying.

    Are Shana Handjob and Laura Ingraswine next?…Let hope so.

    #Let us pray.


      1. The only ones responsible for the settlement are Fox’s attorneys –who lacked the balls to walk into court and put on a ‘truth’ or ‘lack of malice’ defense….


      2. That’s the spirit, Michael! Never, ever admit that anyone on our side might possibly be wrong about something, especially someone with as much credibility as Tucker.


    1. Cue: Cry Me A River

      I am sure it hit Tucker like a brick wall. As of Friday night, he had no forewarning


      1. NewsNation is already interested in both Carlson and Lemon. They’ll be unemployed only as long as they want to.

        Carlson will get twice whatever Lemon gets.


      2. Absolutely! There’s a large army of us who don’t miss tuning into Tucker for our daily dose of fear and worry.
        He is a great news man and deserves to be rewarded.


      1. White Male Land ‘Owner’ obviously doesn’t “own” land or he’d know how little control any ‘landowner’ has over his property ……


    2. Hey BruinRob, didn’t your butt buddy Don Lemonhead get the pink slip as well? By the way, ucla is just not that good of a baseball program.


  4. “I would have myself at No. 1,” Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker told USA Today when asked about where he ranks himself among the quarterbacks in this year’s class.

    “I wonโ€™t give you a ranking, but I will say I give myself No. 1.” Hendon believes he’s, without question, better than Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson and Will Levis!

    Gee, sounds an awful lot like some QB who was drafted a few years ago at #10 and claimed the other 9 teams made a huge mistake. He said he was going to prove what a big mistake it was. What was his name again? ๐Ÿค”


    1. So Cal quote- Gee, sounds an awful lot like some QB who was drafted a few years ago at #10 and claimed the other 9 teams made a huge mistake. He said he was going to prove what a big mistake it was. What was his name again?

      I will give Gabby some credit. When it comes to football you are absolutely clueless.


    2. That’s OK, Gabby. I saw that your initial reaction was to Like my post.

      But then the inner Gabby came out and you have to hate anything I write, no matter how accurate it is. That’s OK. A leopard can’t change its spots.

      You have a great afternoon!!


      1. So Cal
        you are all confused. This isn’t the real Gabby. Just like Gabby accused you of being an imposter and you went out of your way to mock him for the allegation.

        More than a few of us don’t like you…..You’ll deny it!


      2. So Cal wrote: NewsNation is already interested in both Carlson and Lemon. Theyโ€™ll be unemployed only as long as they want to

        Just like Gabby would say-“post the link or it’s another one of your lies”


      3. Like all fanatical leftists , I always demand proof while making false and baseless claims myself.


  5. Just viewed Sanders’ address to his Colorado team where he undressed them
    and led to a mass exiting by about 20% of the team.
    He might have second thoughts about this “take no prisoners’ approach in dealing with teenagers

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    1. Buddy & Whit walked out of Coach Dale’s first practice, too. He starts winning and players will be begging to play for him.

      Only time will tell. I neither like him nor dislike him. But ever since McCartney was there, I’ve sort of pulled for the Buffaloes!


      1. I see absolutely no correlation between a basketball movie and a Power 5 football team. Like Gabby said, “You have the football IQ of a slug”


    1. Tucker was willing to bring voice to “conspiracy” theories that the rich and powerful dont want exposed. I think the final straw was allowing RFK Jr airtime. He is running a campaign that primarily is exposing the issue of regulatory capture, where the federal agencies that regulate industries (EPA, FDA, Pentagon, etc) are puppets of industry. This problem of regulatory capture also extends to Wall Street (SEC, Fed).

      Big pharma and other regulated industries simply cannot allow the RFK Jr campaign to get any oxygen. They need to deprive it of any oxygen (airtime) fast before anyone listens. RFK may not have a chance to win the election, but simply making regulatory agencies (and vaccines) the centerpiece of his campaign could make it part of the overall campaign.

      RFK is going after every federal agency. CIA, Pentagon, SEC, EPA, FDA. I’m pretty sure he thinks both his dad and uncle were murdered by the CIA. He’s probably correct. Can you imagine if we had a President hell-bent on proving his dad was killed by the CIA?

      I dont think they will need to kill RFK. They will just have their media puppets marginalize him.

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      1. When asked by Neil [prick] Cavuto if he was worried about being assassinated, Kennedy replied, “I’m more worried about my country.”
        [You’re 100% correct: Mainstream Media has to stop Kennedy before his campaign builds steam —- or they ….& everything they stand for… are royally fucked]….


  6. Robert Kennedy is the king of the tin foil posse. Tucker Carlson put his company in jeopardy by continuing to put non-factual guests on his shows without any disclaimer. He also interjects himself into situations that compromise the credibility of the organization with advertisers. Finally, this is a man who thanked Hunter Biden for his efforts in getting his son into college and yet he turns around and lies about his relationship with the Hunter Biden. He is beyond a liability. He is Rosanne Barr on testosterone.

    God bless Colorado, but they are as small as prairie dogs.


    1. Never thought I’d see words to the effect of “Journalist [insert name] was a liability …cuz… he compromised his organization WITH ADVERTISERS.”


      1. Carlson took a $787 million dollar bite out of the hand that created his wealth. Good luck getting that money back. Glen Beck already begging him to join him in obscurity. Alex Jones will try to buy him as well probably. Talk about a company of fools. . . .


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