Monday Notes: USC-UCLA Taunting

Xavier Jordan, a Class of 2024 wide receiver who is attending Sierra Canyon, has committed to USC.

Jordan previously attended Carson and Cathedral. He is a four-star prospect per Rivals.

  • The USC-UCLA dual track meet had an incident yesterday. Runners from USC and UCLA were disqualified in the 4 x 400 men’s relay and neither team was awarded any points.

It started during the third leg when a UCLA runner taunted a USC runner by waving the baton at him after he took the lead. USC runner Johnnie Blockburger then slowed down and waved to the crowd as he came down the stretch.

The track officials decided to disqualify both runners for the incidents for unsportsmanlike conduct.

This is actually pretty tame by dual meet standards. One year, a UCLA team member body slammed a USC assistant coach in the infield during a relay, resulting in a lawsuit. There have also been physical altercations during the relays.


5 thoughts on “Monday Notes: USC-UCLA Taunting

  1. “Xavier Jordan, a Class of 2024 wide receiver who is attending Sierra Canyon, has committed to USC.”

    She’s too small.

    What’s that make now about 30 WR commits for ‘Ol Mule Shoe?

    How about focusing on the trenches, huh!


    1. hi john, kan u help meee fixx da spellcheck on mi sell fone? Da people keeep kalling me a Fuc-Tard, and a Dumb Azz. Da Missus peenus say hello 2 u


    2. Because it’s May? Big guys know they’re popular and make sure they find the right school, just like you found this blog while staying at home from elementary school.


  2. ucla track has always been a pile of shit. How could the officials penalize USC when they won legitimately ? One year there again
    screwed up the long or triple jump costing the Trojans a win under
    Coach Ron Allice.


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