Morning Buzz: USC Takes Package Deal

Lincoln Riley showed he can be creative with his mastery of the transfer portal.

Sunday, he showed another way to somehow improve the USC defense. Within hours, safety Anquon Fegans and his brother, cornerback Tre’Quon Fegans, committed to USC.

Can you say package deal? And a little on the imbalanced side. How? Anquon Fegans is rated the No. 1 safety in the country for the Class of 2025. We can argue another day about these recruiting services ranking someone who is just a sophomore No. 1 in their class but Fegans appears to be a top prospect.

Tre’Quon Fagans, who redshirted last year at Alabama, had four finalists as transfer destinations: Arizona, Central Florida, Georgia Tech and USC. Which school doesn’t fit in this picture?

How have Alabama transfers worked out at USC? Defensive tackle Ishmael Sopsher lasted one game and eight snaps before he transferred. Linebacker Shane Lee started last season but became a liability on pass defense. So it’s been mixed, which I’m guessing Nick Saban could have predicted.

No, this looks like a definite play to get the highly touted recruit to come in a couple years. It’s worth it for Riley to take a creative approach. Will it pan out? We’ll see.


29 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Takes Package Deal

  1. Personally, I think Coach Riley needs to take a really, really “creative approach on recruiting when it comes to defense”….

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      1. He has a lot better t00ls in the drawer. The added depth along the D-line was much needed. Not just numbers, but the guys with the right-size bodies!

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      2. Yeah, just like he ‘got’er done at Oklahoma.

        ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s boyfriend Alex Grinch’s resume as a defensive coordinator speaks for itself, it shows he can’t coach worth a shit, his defenses getting spanked by decent teams during the regular season and torched in bowl games.

        If ‘Ol Mule Shoe thinks some NFL team is going to come calling after seeing his unwillingness to establish a dominate defense for the simple fact he can’t bring himself to part with his lover Alex Grinch, he’s very much mistsken.

        Keeping his boyfriend Alex Grinch around knowing Grinch doesn’t have a clue when it comes to coaching brings into question ‘Ol Mule Shoe’s terrible judgment, no NFL team is going to take a package deal, bringing in that clown Grinch just because ‘Ol Mule Shoe is in love with him.


  2. i aint nevr hird of theese poeple ore scene them play the futbol but thay probaly aint gud cuz uthur poeples frum al-lubamma wuznt the bessed playurs,smdh

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      1. exactly what…soft4sure came to SC injured and that is SC fault for giving him a scholarship …Shane Lee plays his position well…and it was never to be a DB,covering wide receivers,or running backs down field…that part of the grinch defense needs to be sh…t canned permanently,along with DL covering any receivers,they need to get the q/b and running backs…period


    1. Of course you never heard of them Ed, learn how to spell first you Dumb Azzz, Fucc-Tard. I’ll come over later to fixx the spellcheck on your phone. Tell MissusEdG that I challenge her to a Peenus sword fight after dinner 😂


  3. Well I guess Scott was dissing Georgia Tech- “ Which school doesn’t fit in this picture?”
    The elder brother was recruited by Alabama and was accepted by Alabama, are we saying Saban and his staff goofed in judgment of talent?
    Oh I get it, it’s the snarky angle.
    And so what if Georgia Tech doesn’t have a beach volleyball squad, neither does Ucla and they’re closer to the beach.

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  4. The younger brother is 6′ 1″ and 180 lbs as a sophomore in high school. Probably playing at a high level. 4 more months of this “reporting”? Jesus, I’m going to have to read the news if this is the best you can put out, Wolf.

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      1. Ha! Thanks for scaring everybody off, Gabby!


      2. Speaking of mocking…..The cripple from Texas, Abbott, said mental illness is the issue, not the weapons. He forgot to mention Texas spends the least amount of money per capita on mental health services.

        I guess it explains why Texas has had the most mass shooting over the last 12 months.
        The hypocrisy drum keeps beating on and on.

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      3. I’ve been through Texas and you’d think that somebody would have a gun just in case something horrible like that would happen, oh wait. Normal people don’t like having a gun on them, especially teenagers shopping at H&M. Well, Elon fits right in with the corrupt leaders of Texas, too bad he’s getting sued by the fine folks of Texas.


      4. Great points. …… Everything Elon touches is turning into shit. Tesla has yet to produce a new model since 2019. Twitter is worth less than half of what he paid for it and his last rocket was a major failure.


      5. Listen up penis breath, since when is an illegal allowed to join the military… truly are a half-wit……go service your goats


      6. I love flooding the country with tens of millions of illegal aliens!


      7. I love to speak in the Royal “we” since it includes my multiple personalities.


  5. I personally think that Tre’Quon has a better chance of getting on the field and contributing at a high level than either of those past Alabama transfers. But will he be elite? He isnt a proven entity.

    But he is worth a spot on the roster and we are building depth. This is a decent step forward.

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    1. soft4sure is not a fair comparison, and few linebackers should be going after pass catchers unless a tight end or a tackle being eligible…


  6. THOSE BROTHERS ARE 4 STARS wolfie…you always state the recruit must be a 4-5 star or SC is recruiting a loser…so these must be winners

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