USC Basketball Ranked Higher Than USC Football?

Is someone going to rank USC basketball higher than football in a preseason poll?

We’re getting close. Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports now has USC ranked 10th in his preseason rankings.

Naturally, I find this ranking ludicrous. He also has Bronny James starting over DJ Rodman and Vince Iwuchukwu. This happens if LeBron James makes a phone call, I suppose.

But I think USC has a much better chance of making the College Football Playoff than Final Four.

Now a caveat with Rothstein: He seems to suck up endlessly to the USC coaches, who like to leak schedule details to him. Keep that in mind. His priority is to curry favor with coaches. And that affects his rankings.

Caveat II: The guy sells T-shirts like this so it’s in his interest to rank USC high.


33 thoughts on “USC Basketball Ranked Higher Than USC Football?

    1. Now I’ve heard everything.
      There is nothing trivial about pre-season rankings….

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  1. Personally I hope both football and basketball end up #1 in all the pre-season rankings….

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  2. Pissley you half wit, the only thing bozo BB is Top 10 rated in are the number of humiliating, One & Done, punch outs from the NCAA Tournament.

    #Player: “Coach, what’s plan B?”

    #Andyain’twinning: “There is no Plan B, just keep hoisting the 50′ three point BRICKS.”


    1. Trump’s lawyers told Congress last month that the classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago compound got there by accident. But when questioned about the issue at a CNN town hall, Trump said he had “every right” to take them from the White House.

      The guy was back playing his best hit, one lie after another.


      1. My President Joe Biden persecuted Trump about classified documents knowing that he had taken classified documents also and had them strewn all over Hunter’s garage.

        The guy is the biggest liar and hypocrite in American history.


      1. You were crying the other night about election fraud…..where is the evidence?

        Claim: Trump started off the night falsely claiming that “millions” of votes were stolen in the 2020 race, and that the election was rigged.

        Fact check: There’s no evidence of widespread fraud, and election officials across the US, including Republican leaders, have repeatedly reaffirmed this over the last two years.

        The Trump campaign’s own efforts to show that thousands of ballots cast under the names of deceased people in Georgia came up empty, with findings that contradicted the former president’s claims, a recent report revealed. There is no evidence in any state of fraud or irregularities that affected any election outcomes.


      2. Fact check: Everyone knows My President cheated to win with hundreds of thousands of ballots appearing at all the Battleground States where Trump was cruising to victory around midnight November 3rd 2020. We Democrats are proud cheaters and will never relinquish power peacefully again.


    1. Hey FUCC-TARD Ed.G, did you want me to come by and fix the spellcheck on your cellphone? I’m willing to play Peenus swords with you and MissusEdG if you’d like, I’ll even let my balls bounce off your chin . Anyway, call me if you can.

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      1. How does a gay person like you, tebowobama, decide which profile to use? You are gay by the way. Everyone knows it.


  3. Owns would be “Stylin'” in one of those T – shirts. Wonder if he’d consider modeling one of them – I’d love to see it. STYLE ON.

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  4. Poor dried-up wolfman. The fool calls someone out yet he is nothing but a third-rate blogger with a blog that has turned into a shit show riddled with imposters and he allowed it to happen. When someone used his name as an imposter the posts were taken down immediately


    1. I am a manic depressive homeless person who uses the LA public library to get access to a computer to spam here and threaten posters with physical harm.


  5. Why would a fool try to make a correlation between a football ranking and a basketball ranking….it reeks of desperation


    1. Gabby: Because he is a fool. I can’t figure that one either. But people are making a big deal over the Bronny James recruitment. Young people on social media follow him and his recruitment and the thought is USC is now the trending place to go to college because Bronny goes there. The “Bronny effect” may spill over into football recruiting with more stars wanting to go to the same school as Bronny. Again, doesn’t make sense to me but I live outside that world.

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      1. I agree 100% with you. I would also throw in Caleb as a player who attracts others. From a coaching standpoint, Riley has proven to be the QB whisperer, attracting talent that has gone on to NFL careers.

        As fans, we have been through many low years since PC left. But I feel the swagger has returned and the landscape of college football is better when USC is back in the national conversation.



  6. Sounds a lot like the CBS SEC wonks who annually pump everything inside ‘the confederacy’ i.e. all the college football mags were purchased ‘en masse’ by the southerners and if that is your subscription base well fool you’d be a fool to not serve them.

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      1. Yep. 100%. He has his own high school player ratings for every position. And he’s devised a formula that combines every conceivable factor —close wins from previous year, close losses, number of seniors, strength of schedule, etc. —to compile his Top 25. [And buy it directly from him —don’t get it from the company that is now assisting him with distribution…they’ll try to sell you a bunch of crap along with the magazine].


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