USC Has Another Top 5 Class

Was anyone surprised USC had another top recruiting class (No. 3 by Rivals, No. 4 by 247 Sports)? Clay Helton said all 18 recruits could challenge for starting spots. But, again, how much better will these players be under the current coaching atmosphere?

Have you seen development from the cornerbacks, especially Iman Marshall and Jack Jones, the past two seasons? USC has signed two more big-time cornerbacks (Isaac Taylor-Stuart, Olaijah Griffin) who can play next season. But they will need to be finished products. Because it is highly debatable if they will develop. Look at Adoree Jackson: A lot of athletic ability but never seemed to get the technique-coaching necessary.

So we will have to wait-and-see how this class really impacts the team.

3 thoughts on “USC Has Another Top 5 Class

  1. I think your reasoning on this is quite logical. I don’t recall the corners getting themselves into positions to intercept even though they were near,except maybe 3 times? Something was lacking in finishing the play,called coaching.

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