Can JT Daniels Win Starting Job In Fall Camp?

If Mater Dei quarterback JT Daniels arrives for fall camp, he will have around 15 practices to win the starting job before the Sept. 1 opener against UNLV. More importantly, USC plays at Stanford on Sept. 8.

Is it realistic for Daniels to start in such a short time? I hear the Daniels camp think it is. I have my doubts. Daniels could win the starting job but I suspect it won’t be for the first game. USC plays UNLV, Stanford and Texas to open the season. Does Clay Helton want Daniels to start his career at Stanford or at Texas?

This is why Matt Fink is the frontrunner and Jack Sears will need to have a big spring to overcome Fink’s advantage.

9 thoughts on “Can JT Daniels Win Starting Job In Fall Camp?

  1. Daniels is the best shot of the 3 contenders. His extensive leadership in winning, over MD’s upscale competition, calls his own plays, and his extensive learning/knowledge factor heavily. Sears and Fink are/will be career backups. I also predict Amon-Ra St. Brown will be in the rotation sooner than later. His familiarity with Daniels will be huge and extremely successful.

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  2. Well, it would be exactly how Darnold was ushered into the starting lineup 2 years ago. Shield the young stud from the early season hazzards and bring him in when the smoke clears.

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  3. I like Fink for as much as I’ve seen, but I think Daniels has a good shot. After watching the all star game in which Daniels played I saw a lot to like in a situation of a short prep and unknown teammates. Unfortunately I also liked Max Browne when I saw his all star play. So play the best and prep the rest.


  4. A high school junior is stepping in against 2 SC qb’s that are going through 2nd and 3rd spring practices and into summer throwing and then fall,while this will be Daniels first ? If that were true ,they should fire entire SC staff and hire Mater Dei staff for being able to prepare ,coach,etc…better than SC can. Darnold stepped in because SC did prepare him and he was a gamer…a natural…Matt and Jack are like that and will deliver.


  5. If Helton is smart, JT won’t start unless the Trojans lose 1 of the games verse Stanford or Texas. If JT wins the starting job, Sears and/or Fink will transfer. Plus if JT loses both games to Texas and Stanford, Helton will be gone and JT could lose his confidence. JT is probably the bestQB of the 3 but he will not start game one if Helton is smart. Hopefully UNLV is a blowout so JT can get some reps.


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