The Nick Saban Method

It is always worth watching Nick Saban hire assistant coaches. Saban lost his top-notch defensive line coach, Karl Dunbar, to the Pittsburgh Steelers. So he goes and hires Miami defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski. Now there is a connection of sorts: Kuligowski played at Toledo in 1990 when Saban was the head coach for one season.

But more importantly, Kuligowski coached five first-round picks at Missouri and was the first coach Miami coach Mark Richt hired when he got the Hurricanes’ job. Richt even hired Kuligowski before hiring a defensive coordinator, that’s how much he valued the defensive line coach.

The point is Saban goes out and hires high-quality coaches. How often does USC do this anymore? It’s not like it doesn’t work out when it happens. Running backs coach Deland McCullough was a huge success. But then the quarterbacks coach opened up and Clay Helton simply promoted Bryan Ellis. That is the current USC way.

5 thoughts on “The Nick Saban Method

  1. ….I wanted to make a joke about this…but…in reality this is the way corporate america works today…Helton clearly exhibits the skill set of a mid level manager…listen to Shaw, Saban or Herman- clearly Helton is not in that league….AND has anyone listened to Chip Kelly recently…he clearly is a bright guy WHO DOES NOT SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY…LOL…so I have a question- WHAT academic department would a professor be hired with the background Helton has…hmmm…yes you would be laughed out of the room…

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  2. That will be Helton’s implode, his hiring of coaches. He hires coaches that either is familiar with or he owes them a favor due to ties to the family. I hope I am wrong.

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