Mel Kiper On Sam Darnold

Sam DarnoldESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper has Sam Darnold going to the Denver Broncos with the No. 5 pick in the NFL draft. Kiper has Wyoming QB Josh Allen going No. 1. Baker Mayfield is No. 6 and Josh Rosen is No. 11.

“When he’s on his game, he looks like the No. 1 overall pick. Can he show consistency?” Kiper said.


6 thoughts on “Mel Kiper On Sam Darnold

  1. Mel Kiper could work on a little consistency himself. He points out that Sam suffers from inconsistency but then picks a guy (Josh Allen) that was a career 55% passer with very few games over even 250 yards to go first, Trust most of the other Mock drafts if you even care to look at these imaginary things. Mel has not exactly hit the mark over the last few years.


  2. if that is the case, that is the best scenario for Darnold. Broncos are on the verge of playoff. He can learn for a year or two and then take over.

    I hope Rosen goes to Cleveland. That would be a nice place for him.


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