What I Hear On Monday Morning

Here’s what I’m hearing as the week begins:

USC gave Clay Helton a five-year contract for stability but also wishes he would instill more discipline within the program. There has been an on-going feeling the players wield too much power and are not held accountable.

  • For example, during the USC-UCLA game, I’m told an assistant coach wanted to remove a star player from the game for not performing an assignment but was overruled by Helton. Will it change this year? Who knows?
  • I hear USC basketball assistant coach Jason Hart is interested in the Pepperdine job. Lorenzo Romar, currently an assistant at Arizona and head coach for last Saturday’s job vs. Oregon, was presumed to get the job. But last week’s Yahoo story alleged an agent recorded a $10,000 payment to his former Washington guard, Markelle Fultz. Would that scare Pepperdine off?

10 thoughts on “What I Hear On Monday Morning

  1. Oh my God Little Scottie — Helton overruled an assistant coach. Who does Clay think he is, the head coach? The nerve of some people.


  2. It really depends on the outcome of the play and whether the star missed an assignment or fluffed a job before they should be pulled.
    I wonder, if asked, would Helton prefer a first down or a touchdown on every play run to perfection. That’s the difference between Pac12 champs and national champs.


  3. Helton is our very own Steve Lavin. Player-friendly coach, recruits well, way out of his weight class as a coach at SC, will be successful enough to be difficult to fire; will never learn.


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