USC Still Needs To Trim Two Players To Reach Scholarship Limit

With offensive lineman Roy Hemsley transferring to Arizona State, USC currently has scholarships allotted to 87 players. I addressed roster changes last week, but USC still needs two players to depart. And it could lose more.

Wide receiver Joseph Lewis still has a lot of obstacles ahead. Even though the district attorney is not filing felony domestic violence charges against him, the case now goes to the city attorney’s office. And perhaps more ominous, USC’s student conduct office will have its say eventually.

There is still no official word whether offensive lineman Nathan Smith will retire after a knee injury. Linebacker Olajuwon Tucker has always been a transfer candidate. And cornerback Jamel Cook’s status is always under scrutiny.

So the bottom line is USC get to 85 players on scholarship, one way or another.


9 thoughts on “USC Still Needs To Trim Two Players To Reach Scholarship Limit

  1. Getting down to the magic # of 85 is the least of USC’s problems —– if, as rumored, Coach Callaway’s duties have been EXPANDED —-oh baby, do we have problems.


    1. MG, the problems may seem dormant at the moment because there’s no action going on in the team, but unfortunately, we’ll see more than a few of them come September.


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      1. SO true, RT! With questions at running back, quarterback and O-Line AND away games at Stanford and Texas, September is going to be fricking brutal.


      1. I wish I knew the answer to that one, RT! [I honestly haven’t spent enough time here to know what I’m doing yet……]


      1. Hi Gabby! The rumor I heard is that Drevno and Callaway are gonna be sharing responsibilities for each other’s units during spring and fall camp. If that sounds crazy to you, it’s because it is. I hope Scott attends post practice pressers so that he can pin down who is gonna be doing what come September…….


  2. Scooter, this won’t be a problem. Kids will transfer or flunk out. More importantly, who is committed to the USC basketball team.


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