Is Offensive Line Depth Misleading?

With Roy Hemsley transferring, a lot of analysis centered on the fact USC’s offensive line depth is unaffected because it has around 15 linemen on scholarship.

My response to that is how many of them can actually play? I count only six: Toa Lobendahn, Chuma Edoga, Chris Brown, Austin Jackson, Andrew Vorhees and Clayton Johnston.

Note that I said they can play. I did not say they can all play well. The Ohio State game was only two months ago. That should be fresh in everyone’s minds. So it bugs me a little bit when I read a football analyst say the offensive line is “loaded.” Quantity? Yes. Quality? We shall see.


3 thoughts on “Is Offensive Line Depth Misleading?

  1. Quantity (w/o Quality) plus Callaway = Big Problem. Injured Stephen Carr plus substandard running backs coach = Big Problem. New quarterback plus substandard quarterback coach =Big Problem.


  2. Scooter, I’m gonna hate myself, but I agree with you. They were soft physically and mentally. They were the major reason on why darnold left. They did not protect him. Darnold had two jobs which were scrambling and throwing. The o line has less than six months to get ready

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