Spring Practice Loses Importance

USC opens spring practice Tuesday but a lot less is at stake than should be for one big reason: The coaches believe incoming freshman JT Daniels is going to be the starter. So how much does it matter what Matt Fink and Jack Sears are doing?

All the right comments will be made about everyone “competing” for the starting job. But when Daniels is expected to arrive at training camp, Daniels will get an unprecedented amount of snaps in August to win the starting job.

I’ve heard Clay Helton is not worried that Jack Sears will transfer but the only reason he might not name Daniels the starter for the UNLV game is to keep Sears for the year, sort of like how Max Browne started the first game to prevent him from going elsewhere during training camp.

Spring might have some relevance for the offensive line and secondary, but the truth  the offensive line is pretty much set (for better or worse) while the best chance of improvement at corner comes from incoming freshmen who won’t even be at spring practice.




5 thoughts on “Spring Practice Loses Importance

  1. I disagree…not that this staff isn’t dumb enough to think that a junior in high school is going to lead SC to the promise land, but that it will happen. both Matt and Jack have the experience(practices) to make it happen,and they will …if the offensive line ever just even becomes avg SC will do well.


    1. Practices means very little. Max Browne showed that with all the spring and fall practices he participated showing almost nothing in real games.
      Darnold regressed some with the extra snaps last year in spring and fall practices. Matt Fink does not have the passing ability to open up the offense while Sears is an unknown hopefully another Matt Leinart. Barkley started as a true Freshman, and Daniels seems his equal or better.


    1. If Daniels’ physical skill set & football IQ is as off the charts as his high school coach seems to think it is, this might all work out, P.T. Neither Fink nor Sears appears to be a world beater. We may need Daniels to rescue us from a real messed up QB situation.


  2. So if Sears or Fink starts and Daniels does not, then we’ll hear how Helton is pandering to upper classmen and not starting the best person.


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