Some Spring Spots To Watch

Spring practice starts today, of course. It’s going to be a good time for younger players to get reps in practice. Just beware the breathless coverage you will likely read for the next five weeks. Remember, spring is when wide receivers often go defensive backs who are walk-ons or will never play. So don’t get too excited if you hear about big touchdown catches in practices.

One of the big keys this spring should be to get quartereback Jack Sears practice snaps now that he doesn’t need to be on a scout team. But I feel this is less important because the coaches expect JT Daniels to be the starter.

I wonder how Sears really feels right now. Does Clay Helton feel any need to delay making Daniels so Sears does not transfer? At the moment, I hear Sears has no plans to transfer. That might be a different matter in August.

Here’s something to keep an eye on: Is Porter Gustin finally healthy? You could make a case Jordan Iosefa was more effective when he took over that spot. But Helton will probably solve that dilemma by flipping Iosefa over to the spot vacated by Uchenna Nwosu. We all know how Helton dislikes it when a veteran gets displaced.

Also, will someone be able to replace Rasheem Green? That is not going to be answered in spring practices, it will be answered during the season. But whoever replaces Green will be less mobile. Christian Rector will probably be placed in Green’s spot. He exceeded expectations last season but it would be unfair to expect him to play better (or pose as many problems) than Green.


2 thoughts on “Some Spring Spots To Watch

  1. The season has yet to begin and you’re already hammering on Helton, degrading players and sounding like the hater we all know, pathetic

    And you wonder why everyone left you…..


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