Nothing Like Waiting Until The Last Minute

New USC running backs coach Tim Drevno said he was contacted by Trojans coach Clay Helton quite recently about the job.

“It was like the last week or so when it happened,” Drevno said Tuesday.

Deland McCullough left for the Kansas City Chiefs around Jan. 10. That was almost two months ago. And USC just contacted Drevno last week?

One could argue that recruiting took up all the time until the first week of February. But what about the past four weeks? USC is Tailback U. It should be able to hire whoever it wants at running backs coach. Drevno might do a fantastic job. But was anyone else formally interviewed? It kind of smacks of desperation to wait until a week before spring practice. Maybe it’s a great thing for the running backs that Drevno was available. Or there might have been a coach in spring drills.

It’s not surprising. Just interesting how it works.


6 thoughts on “Nothing Like Waiting Until The Last Minute

  1. If they would have hired him a week after McCullough left would you have said that it was too quick and that they did not explore their options? Maybe they were doing their due diligence, went through their options and then got who they felt was the best guy available to them. Let’s not be a negative Nancy. I like the hire.


    1. I agree on the good hire, and I look for solid advancements under his watch. Someone must have been ahead of him though, but if not, I’m puzzled why CH waited until a week or so ago to contact him. We’ll probably never know who decided not to leave their current position.


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